DERMALOG demonstrates biometric solutions for German Chancellor, Japan PM

German biometrics firm DERMALOG demonstrated its fingerprint, face and iris recognition solutions as well as its multi-biometrics system for German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at last week’s CeBIT 2017. Since this year’s CeBIT partner country was Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accompanied Chancellor Merkel to the demonstration, where DERMALOG founder and CEO Günther Mull presented the latest fingerprint scanners and “liveness detection” technology to the state guests. The visitors were also able to see

DERMALOG to demonstrate multi-biometric solutions at CeBIT

German biometrics firm DERMALOG will demonstrate the many application uses and combinations of its line of biometric solutions at CeBIT 2017, to be held later this month in Hanover, Germany. The company reports that it’s scientists are continuously developing biometric identification systems such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition, in an effort to combat identity fraud. By optimizing the accuracy and speed of these algorithms, DERMALOG’s biometric solutions are able to identify individuals in large-scale databases. “Our multimodal

DERMALOG supplies fingerprint scanners for refugee registration in Germany

DERMALOG announced that it is providing its new LF10 fingerprint scanners for refugee registration in Germany, and will be demonstrating the scanners at CeBIT in Hanover from March 16 – 20. The company will be unveiling several biometric products including the new fingerprint scanners, which will be used to produce the new refugee identity cards. Since January 28, 2016, refugees being registered in Germany have been issued with a special refugee identity card or “proof of arrival”. The registration process

Visa looking for partners to integrate biometrics in payment process

Visa is currently scouting for industry partners to research ways in which it can integrate biometrics to authenticate payments, according to a report by Banking Day. George Lawson, Visa Australia and New Zealand’s head of emerging products and innovation, delivered a presentation at the CeBIT Australia conference that highlighted how biometrics, authorized internet connected devices and contactless payment systems could streamline the payment process. Australia currently has the highest adoption rate of contactless payments in the world with 60 percent

Dermalog to present LF1 fingerprint sensor and other offerings at CeBIT 2014

Dermalog Identification Systems GmbH will be presenting its product offerings at CeBIT, taking place in Hanover this week. This includes the LF! Fingerprint scanner, which the company says is the smallest optical fingerprint scanner in the world. According to the company, this is the first time the scanner has been presented to the public. The LF1 has dimensions of 29 mm x 43 mm x 14 mm and weighs 19 grams. The scanner provides a 13x17mm recording window and guarantees that