Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center issues RFI for contactless multimodal biometrics identification system

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic has posted a Request for Information (RFI) on commercial off the-shelf (COTS) contactless on the move multimodal biometrics identification system. Once eligible products have been identified, additional information will be requested at a later date. The Gatekeeper On The Move Biometrics Program, which is overseen by the Solutions in Identity Management (SIM) Integrated Product Team (IPT), is seeking information regarding vendors that already have or are currently developing a contactless on the

Civil liberties groups reject IBIA biometric “best practices” recommendations

The International Biometrics and Identification Association (IBIA) recently issued a “best practices” document listing numerous recommendations on how to best deploy biometric technology for commercial situations. The IBIA is participating in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) effort to develop a voluntary code of conduct that specifies how the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights applies to facial recognition technology in a commercial environment. The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights is an initiative of the Obama administration that seeks to

NTIA launches new privacy process for commercial facial recognition

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has announced a new privacy multi-stakeholder process regarding the commercial use of facial recognition technology. The first meeting regarding this new process will be held of February 6, 2014, and subsequent meetings will be held throughout the year. According to the administration, the goal of the new process is to develop a voluntary, enforceable code of conduct that specifies how the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights applies to facial recognition technology. Stakeholders will discuss how

Global market for commercial biometrics to reach $6.15B in 2019: Frost & Sullivan

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan estimates that the global biometrics market will reach $6.15 billion in 2019, thanks in part to increasing awareness across industries. The research, Analysis of the Global Commercial Biometrics Market, is now available from Frost & Sullivan, as a part of its Automatic Identification Growth Partnership Service program. “Better end-user recognition of the unique capabilities of biometric technologies, including enhanced security as well as physical and logical access control in applications, has helped vendors win

Uniqul launches facial recognition payment system

Uniqul, a new company from Finland, has developed what it says is the world’s first facial recognition payment system. According to the company, it’s system uses military-grade algorithms and has put great focus on user experience, boasting 5-second transactions. In order to use the system, users must pre-register with Uniqul, to tie their face information to a credit card. In terms of pricing, the company has set up a monthly subscription system based on geography and proximity to Uniqul terminals in

Diebold, Tracom launch biometric ATMs in Kenya

Diebold, along with Kenya’s Tracom Services, have jointly launched a new line of fingerprint ATMs in Nairobi, in an attempt to curb bank fraud in the country. Fingerprint scanners will be used alongside access cards as a second form of authentication. Reported in Business Daily Africa, the banking industry is currently making a switch from magnetic strip cards to new cards with EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa) embedded microchips and the machines will be used with these new more secure cards. “Card trapping

NEC launches two new facial recognition tools for hospitality industry

NEC is set to introduce a new biometrics-based solution for the hospitality industry, during the Hospitality Industry Technology Expo & Conference, taking place this week in Minneapolis. According to the company, NEC will be demonstrating two systems, both aimed at customer engagement. First, the company will show off its new VIP gues recognition system, which uses the company’s popular NeoFace facial recognition suite to identify VIPs as soon as they walk in the door. “Being able to identify VIP guests immediately

Delhi Police commissioner wants mandatory biometrics for SIM card sales

Biometric registration and verification for SIM card sales is really catching on. Just this week, Delhi Police commissioner Neeraj Kumar said he is looking to make it mandatory. According to a report in the Times of India, Kumar recently urged the home affairs ministry to make the practice mandatory for mobile service providers, arguing that competition in the sector has influenced laxity in carrying out physical verification. Kumar also said that as a result, distributors have been selling SIM cards