StoneLock introduces biometric credentialing and identity management solution

StoneLock recently introduced a complete biometric-centric credentialing and identity management solution. StoneLock Gateway is a biometrics solution offering enterprises scalability and seamless functionality across multiple simultaneously connected physical access control systems, enterprise resource planning systems and other external system integrations. Enterprises can seamlessly integrate multiple globally distributed systems while clustering numerous StoneLock Gateways to provide an enterprise-ready solution for complete identity management. Each StoneLock Gateway includes a web client capable of managing the solution from either a PC or mobile

Securing Federal Identity 2017 to be held in Washington, D.C. this June

The Secure Technology Alliance revealed that its government-focused event addressing developments and innovations in federal identity credentialing and access security will return to Washington, D.C. for its 15th year this June. Securing Federal Identity 2017 will take place on June 6, 2017 at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. “For the last 15 years, this government-focused event has brought together thought leaders and executives across security, government and technology backgrounds, providing a unique opportunity for cross-industry discussion of

ImageWare to provide biometric identity management and credentialing software to Alaskan airports

ImageWare Systems has been selected to provide its biometric identity management and credentialing software to five Alaskan airports. Delivery will commence in the second quarter of 2017 with final delivery in the third quarter. “Confirming the identity and backgrounds of airport employees is just as critical as knowing the passengers,” said ImageWare Chairman and CEO, Jim Miller. “Our solution allows for multi-modal biometric background checks and authentication of the facility’s employees, vendors, and contractors. As circumstances may change, the system

Intercede mobile ID solution integrates with Centrify credential solution

Intercede has partnered with Centrify to secure and manage mobile access in highly regulated industries who must comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), FIPS 201-2 and NIST 800-157. Interecede’s MyID enables enterprises to replace employee passwords with more secure and convenient digital identities on smart cards. The MyID solution manages the entire lifecycle of credentials, such as revoking them if a user leaves an organization or updating them before the credentials expire. Using the solution, all credential issuance

NXT-ID, Fit Pay, Inc. enter letter of intent to combine businesses

NXT-ID, Inc. and Fit Pay, Inc. have entered into letter of intent to combine their businesses in a deal that includes stock and cash consideration. The press release specifies that NXT-ID will not be raising additional capital to complete this transaction. “This potential transaction with Fit Pay would not only add a critical component to our payment and authentication products, but also a platform which will enable a whole new suite of offerings including payments, credential management, and secure authentication

Acuity report forecasts biometric ID credentials to reach one billion a year by 2022

Acuity Market Intelligence has published new research that predicts that by 2022, annual production of biometric “physical” identity credentials will peak at more than one billion a year. These biometric identity credentials — which include ePassports, national identity cards, and driver’s licenses — will eventually be replaced by next generation “virtual” credentials securely stored in mobile devices and accessed via biometric authentication. The research goes on to state that by 2030, today’s standard identity credentials will be completely obsolete. “The

Identity Ecosystem Steering Group launches registry for trusted identities

The Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) has launched the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) Registry, a tool that enables companies to assess their own identity management processes against industry practices, according to a report by Secure ID News. The IDEF Registry will use the IDESG’s Identity Ecosystem Framework as a reference model so that organizations can improve common criteria for interoperability, privacy, security and usability. The tool will encourage organizations to work towards achieving milestones in these subject areas, ultimately ensuring

Credence ID launches product, partnership at ID4Africa

Credence ID last week announced the launch of its CredenceTAB product at the ID4Africa Forum held in Kigali. CredenceTAB is a full-featured 10-inch mobile biometric and credential reading tablet, that enables rapid registration, verification and authentication of user identities from any location. It combines enrolment-capable biometrics with a complete e-document reading suite for electronic ID verification. CredenceTAB enables police, border control and other authorities to confirm identities on the move, supports highly reliable citizen and voter registration and authentication, and

The future of biometrics: Q&A with MorphoTrust USA CEO Robert Eckel

The biometrics industry continues to grow at a significant rate. A recent research report by Credence Research forecasted that the biometrics technology market will reach $34.5 billion by 2022. Credence analysts attributes this explosive growth to the increasing adoption in both public and private sector, as governments around the world are increasingly adopting biometric technologies for access authorization, identification and verification, e-passport management and national border control projects. As a provider of large scale identity enrollment services, biometric technologies and

HID Global to deploy mobile IDs on citizens’ smartphones in Nigeria

HID Global has partnered with Media Concepts of Lagos, Nigeria to deploy mobile IDs on Nigerian citizens’ smartphones using the new HID goID platform. Mobile IDs will be issued through the Nigerian Police Biometric Central Motor Registry (BCMR) vehicle registration card program, which provides real-time access to vehicle/vehicle owner information via credentials and mobile readers powered by Seos. The BCMR card program is moving from pilot phase to full implementation with the expectation to register all motor vehicles as the