Smartphone facial recognition touted for offender monitoring program

In light of project delays and changing technology, the UK should abandon ankle-tagging as a method of monitoring dangerous and repeat criminal offenders in favour of check-ins with smartphone facial recognition, according to Digital Barriers chief executive officer Zak Doffman. UK Permanent Secretary Richard Heaton told MPs that a plan to create an offender monitoring program using GPS-enabled ankle tags will be not be introduced until 2019 or later, Police Professional reports. The project budget has already ballooned from £130

Researchers developing AI-powered facial recognition to identify concealed persons

Researchers are developing an AI-powered facial recognition system designed to help identify criminals, political dissidents, protesters, and other individuals who attempt to disguise their identity by hiding their face with masks, hats, sunglasses, or other accessories, according to a report by International Business Times. Disguised Face Identification (DFI) leverages a deep-learning neural network trained on a dataset of images of people using different accessories to conceal their faces with various backgrounds. The technology maps a total of 14 facial points

10th Cyber Defence Summit

10th Cyber Defence Summit September 20th, 2017 Dubai, UAE Critical sectors in the UAE – including but not limited to finance and energy – have increased their dependency on technology and state-of-the-art ICT solutions to deliver high-quality, efficient, and effective services. In 2016, the financial cost of cybercrime totalled $1.4 billion, an increase of 4.9%. Naseba’s 10th Cyber Defence Summit will address the importance of protecting critical infrastructure and sensitive information, help companies procure cybersecurity solutions and services, and create

NY DMV use of facial recognition resulted in more than 4,000 arrests since 2010

The Cuomo administration revealed that the facial recognition technology used by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has resulted in the arrests of more than 4,000 individuals involved in identity theft or fraud since 2010, according to a report by New York Daily News. Since its launch in 2010, the Department of Motor Vehicles Facial Recognition Technology Program has successfully identified more than 21,000 possible cases including more than 7,000 cases over the last 18 months alone. There have been

Report forecasts biometrics market to surpass $50b by 2024

Global Market Insights has published a new research report which forecasts the global biometrics market will surpass $50 billion by 2024. The company’s analysts attribute the growth to the high acceptance among various verticals including mobile banking and financial services owing to increasing security concerns. The report lists government initiatives for biometrics implementation combined with high deployment for criminal identification are also key factors driving industry demand. Analysts state that industry players will focus on technological advancements and new product launches

Special Report: Biometrics in Law Enforcement

This white paper by Biometrics Research Group, Inc. provides an overview of the law enforcement biometrics market (PDF). click to download the report (PDF) Law enforcement biometrics refers to applications of biometric systems which aids policing. Biometrics Research Group Inc. projects that the global law enforcement biometrics market will grow to US$18 billion by 2020 from its 2015 value of US$7.5 billion. The law enforcement market includes the use of biometrics to identify or verify the identity of individuals who

Washington County Sheriff’s Office using Amazon facial recognition to ID suspects

In an Amazon guest blog post, Chris Adzima, a senior Information systems analyst for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, discussed how his team uses AWS for facial recognition as well as Amazon Rekognition as a crime-solving tool to identify persons of interest. In its initial testing of AWS and Amazon Rekognition, Washington County Sheriff’s Office uploaded 300,000 mugshots from as far back as 2001, which were stored on its jail management system (JMS), into Amazon S3. Following this upload, the

New Facewatch CEO to lead retail roll-out of facial recognition-based crime prevention tool

Following the closing of a £1.41 million investment round, Nick Fisher, the newly appointed CEO of Facewatch, is set to lead the company’s roll-out of its facial recognition system in retail and other business locations in the UK. The company has raised £7 million to date. Fisher, who was working as a business consultant to Facewatch prior to taking up the CEO role, is a former senior executive at Phones 4U and Dixons Retail. Facewatch is a secure, cloud-based platform

Turks and Caicos working to introduce biometric surveillance legislation

Earlier this month Turks and Caicos Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson revealed that the government is working to introduce biometric surveillance legislation that will aid the police in solving crimes committed on the islands. According to a report by Turks and Caicos Weekly News, the entire populace will be entered in the biometric database. “We will have legislation in place for that, it would be absolutely nonsensical to just do part of the population, we must fingerprint everyone,” explained Robinson. “The

Scotland police considering handheld fingerprint scanners for forensic work

Police in Scotland are considering implementing new technology that could compare fingerprints left at murder scenes against a national biometrics database using a mobile phone, according to a report by The Scotsman. The police force is looking into the use of the handheld fingerprint scanners in their forensic work as part of its 10-year strategy. The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) said the technology could significantly improve murder investigations where the initial “golden hour” plays a key role in the collection