CrucialTec receives new U.S. patent for fingerprint recognition algorithm

CrucialTec has announced that it has received a U.S. patent for its new “Method and Apparatus for Fingerprint Recognition and Authentication.” The patent, number 14/900,498 relates to an algorithm for fingerprint recognition on its Biometric Trackpad (BTP), and improves the accuracy of fingerprint recognition by increasing the available matching information, the company says. The technology is meant to be integrated with BTPs for smartphones, and small embedded solutions such as on smartcards, USB readers, or vehicle locks. Previously reported, the

Google Pixel 2 has integrated CrucialTec fingerprint module, sources say

Google has integrated a fingerprint recognition module exclusively developed by CrucialTec for its upcoming line of Pixel 2 smartphones, according to sources cited in a report by Korea Herald. “CrucialTec is preparing to supply its fingerprint solution Biometric TrackPad for Google’s Pixel 2 series,” a source said. “The Korean company has been a major supplier for past Google phones from the Nexus series to the predecessor Pixel 1.” The company was the first to supply its Biometric TrackPad (BTP) for

CrucialTec in talks with smartphone maker to integrate on-display fingerprint sensor by H1 2018

In an interview with The Korea Herald, CrucialTec chairman and CEO Charles Ahn said that new smartphones will soon be able to authenticate a fingerprint on a display, instead of under it. Since 2012, CrucialTec has been making investments for the development of its patented Display Fingerprint Solution (DFS). Now, Ahn said the technology is “fully ready” and that his company is in talks with the “world’s leading display manufacturers to see the first smartphone with the DFS by the

CrucialTec granted U.S. patent for in-display fingerprint sensor

CrucialTec has been granted a U.S. patent covering an in-display fingerprint solution designed to allow smartphone users to unlock and/or authenticate themselves by placing a finger directly on the device display, according to a new report out of The Investor. The Display Fingerprint Solution’s (DFS) functionality is made possible by the fingerprint sensor being embedded directly in the display, with all components of the sensor being transparent in nature. The US patent approval appears to be a continuation of a

CrucialTec granted patent for transparent fingerprint sensor

According to a recent report in The Investor, CrucialTec has been granted a patent for a transparent sensor that allows smartphone touchscreens to recognize fingerprints. According to the fingerprint module developer, the patented technology can reinforce the touch sensitivity on a specific part of a smartphone display to scan fingerprints. The production process can be shared with an existing touchscreen manufacturing line, making the new sensor highly efficient to produce. “The patented transparent sensor tech is part of CrucialTec’s ongoing

CrucialTec develops fingerprint sensor for IoT devices

CrucialTec has developed a standalone fingerprint module that can be installed in any type of connected, or Internet of Things, devices, according to a report by The Investor. The fingerprint module is unique in that it operates on its own embedded processor, while other fingerprint scanners for smartphones typically require the processing capability of a smartphone application processor chip. With a small footprint and high energy efficiency, the fingerprint scanner can be integrated into any electronics device including PCs, refrigerators,

CrucialTec to release on-screen fingerprint sensor solution this year

Fingerprint module developer CrucialTec said it will begin supplying its on-screen fingerprint sensors that allows for biometric authentication on a smartphone screen, as opposed to the home button, to smartphone vendors around the world later this year, according to a report by The Investor. The move comes a couple years after CrucialTec was granted a patent for new technology to install fingerprint sensors under the display panels of smartphones. Several smartphone vendors have been waiting for the new fingerprint sensors

Biometrics industry insight, ID4Africa and behavioral analytics trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Industry insight Biometric Update had the opportunity recently to speak with MorphoTrust USA CEO Robert Eckel about the future of the biometrics industry as well as the role in which MorphoTrust expects to play in shaping the industry over the next five to ten years. MorphoTrust USA is a provider of large scale identity enrollment services, biometric technologies and secure ID/credentialing solutions.

CrucialTec partners with smart card firm to develop biometric credit card

Fingerprint technology company CrucialTec and smart card firm Kona-I have developed a smart card fitted with a fingerprint module to improve the security of financial transactions, according to a report by The Korea Herald. Cardholders will verify their identity by scanning their fingerprints on the fingerprint module embedded in the 0.84-millimeter plastic card. According to CrucialTec, the card can be used more than 1,000 times with a full charge, but that is expected to increase when it goes into mass

Biometrics for access control, fingerprint technology, payments and facial recognition trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Payments Mastercard reports that Dutch participants of the first worldwide pilot by MasterCard and International Card Services (ICS) embraced the biometrics-based payment technology. 95 percent of the fingerprint users and 80 percent of the facial recognition users indicated that shopping became more convenient using biometric authentication. 75 percent of users were convinced that biometrics-based payments will decrease fraud. Nymi collaborated with NXP