Fingerprint Cards completes Delta ID deal; announces new deployments, collaborations

Fingerprint Cards has finalized the acquisition of California-based Delta ID. The deal for US$106 million in combined cash and debt was first announced in February, subject to regulatory approvals. Delta ID develops and delivers a range of iris recognition solutions, including its ActiveIRIS iris recognition system for mobile phones, PCs, tablets and vehicles. ActiveIRIS system includes a cloud-based solution and is also certified for use with Aadhaar, India’s national biometric identity system. “We are very pleased to have finalized the

Delta ID, Indus OS to release Aadhaar-authenticated OS for Indian consumers

Indus OS has partnered with Delta ID to launch the first-ever Aadhaar-authenticated operating system (OS) that uses iris recognition technology, according to a report by The Economic Times. The OS, which comprised of software and hardware, captures the iris-ID biometric information through a dedicated iris scanning camera built into the smartphone. “We look forward to our partnership with Delta ID, the market leaders in iris-based authentication technology, and expect to release the first Aadhaar-authenticated OS this quarter,” said Rakesh Deshmukh,

Delta ID developing affordable iris sensor units for Aadhaar-enabled smartphones

Delta ID is working on developing more affordable and accurate iris recognition technology for the Indian market to be integrated into smartphones so that they can be used in Aadhaar biometric verification, according to a report by Digit. The company recently held tests at MGNREGA in Telengana, as well as passed the Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) tests by achieving 99 percent accuracy. In January, the Indian government called on local smartphone vendors to develop sub-Rs 2,000 (US$29.36) smartphones

Fingerprint Cards acquires Delta ID for $106M

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has acquired iris recognition firm Delta ID for US$106 million (approximately 938 MSEK) in combined cash and debt, expanding its fingerprint business and technology with a line of iris biometric security solutions. The acquisition is expected to close during the spring, subject to regulatory approvals. Delta ID develops and delivers a range of iris recognition solutions, including its ActiveIRIS iris recognition system for mobile phones, PCs, tablets and vehicles. ActiveIRIS system includes a cloud based solution and

Delta ID brings its iris scanning technology for driver authentication to CES

Delta ID has collaborated with Gentex to develop an iris-based in-car biometrics system that authenticates the driver and delivers customized security and convenience features. This week at CES, the companies are demonstrating a Gentex rearview mirror integrated with Delta ID’s Active IRIS technology. The mirror-integrated biometric system identifies the driver upon vehicle entry, and, if properly authorized, starts the vehicle and personalizes their setup configurations by automatically adjusting mirrors, steering wheel, seat, music favorites, GPS locations, and other options. “We

Fujitsu’s latest smartphone using Delta ID iris recognition technology

Delta ID announced its ActiveIRIS 3.0 technology is powering the iris scanner of Fujitsu’s latest smartphone, the arrows NX F-01J launched by NTT DOCOMO, INC in Japan. The arrows NX F-01J marks the third Fujitsu smartphone to feature iris scanning technology, following last year’s release of the arrows NX F-04G and F-02H. Delta ID’s patent-pending ActiveIRIS iris recognition technology enables users to simply look at their device to unlock it, make a payment or login into an application or service.

Delta ID recognized in the Red Herring Top 100 for North America

Iris recognition company Delta ID recently announced that it has been selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America winner for 2016. Delta ID’s patented ActiveIRIS technology makes the iris in eyes a unique and secret “password” allowing users to just look at their device to unlock it, make payments and log into applications. The technology combines an advanced software algorithm with simple, inexpensive, easy to integrate hardware to make iris recognition fast and reliable in conditions and scenarios

Iris recognition technology from Delta ID in new Fujitsu smartphone

Delta ID announced that Fujitsu has implemented its ActiveIRIS technology to power the iris recognition feature of its new smartphone, ARROWS NX F-02H. Launched by NTT DOCOMO, INC in Japan, the ARROWS NX F-02H is the second smartphone released by Fujitsu that features iris recognition technology. The company previously introduced Delta ID’s iris recognition technology in ARROWS NX F-04G in May, making it the world’s first smartphone to offer this capability. Delta ID’s patent-pending ActiveIRIS iris recognition technology enables users

NTT DOCOMO, Fujitsu smartphone powered by Delta ID iris recognition

Delta ID Inc. announced its ActiveIRIS technology powers the iris recognition system of the ARROWS NX F-04G launched by NTT DOCOMO, INC. in Japan. Developed by Fujitsu Limited, the ARROWS NX F-04G is the world’s first smartphone with iris recognition technology. Delta ID’s patent-pending ActiveIRIS technology enables users to unlock the smartphone, authenticate mobile payments, and access a range of online services by simply looking into the smartphone’s camera. The ActiveIRIS technology combines advanced software algorithm with inexpensive, easy to

Fujitsu demonstrates iris scanner prototype that unlocks smartphones

Fujitsu demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this week a new smartphone with a built-in iris scanner that can authenticate users in less than a second, according to a report by Computer World. The iris scanner prototype, which Fujitsu said is the first of its kind for a smartphone, unlocks a phone by analyzing the unique patterns of the individual’s iris. The prototype weighs less than 1 gram and is grafted onto a regular smartphone. Fujitsu was able to manufacture a