Smartphone facial recognition touted for offender monitoring program

In light of project delays and changing technology, the UK should abandon ankle-tagging as a method of monitoring dangerous and repeat criminal offenders in favour of check-ins with smartphone facial recognition, according to Digital Barriers chief executive officer Zak Doffman. UK Permanent Secretary Richard Heaton told MPs that a plan to create an offender monitoring program using GPS-enabled ankle tags will be not be introduced until 2019 or later, Police Professional reports. The project budget has already ballooned from £130

Digital Barriers partner to incorporate facial recognition into AV fleet

NEXT Future Transportation and Digital Barriers have launched a joint integration program involving embedded computer vision software. Digital Barriers’ SmartVis live facial recognition and EdgeVis live video streaming capabilities will be incorporated in the modular vehicle solutions developer’s patented autonomous mass-transportation and goods-movement fleets. The partnership will enable the development of a new user experience in mobility where an individual’s face provides them with secure access to various connected services and in-vehicle preferences. At the same time, the deployment of

COBAN, Digital Barriers to provide live facial recognition on police dash cam system

COBAN Technologies has partnered with Digital Barriers to provide live facial recognition and live video streaming technology for the FOCUS H1 police dash cam system. Digital Barriers SmartVis live facial recognition technology captures and compares images against large watch lists in real-world environments, regardless of changing environmental and lighting conditions, or crowded areas. The system was designed initially for defence and counter-terrorism, but has now been expanded to wider law enforcement and specialist police operations. As a result, the technology

Digital Barriers face recognition software provided for free to find missing youth

Digital Barriers will be providing its live facial recognition software, SmartVis Face, for free to all national and local authorities and agencies in the UK involved in the search for missing young people. As featured in a July 20 episode of BBC Newsnight, SmartVis Face is the company’s new automatic facial recognition system that has been built around machine learning. The software was initially designed to track criminals and terror suspects against watch lists of several thousands of people. Last

Digital Barriers releases live facial recognition system for body-worn cameras

Digital Barriers has released SmartVis Identifier, which the company calls the world’s first live facial recognition system for body worn law enforcement cameras. The company integrated its EdgeVis and SmartVis technologies to provide defense, security and law enforcement agencies with real-time facial recognition against multiple watchlists and databases. The SmartVis facial recognition technology, which was previously available for standard smartphones, has now been adapted to run live on Digital Barriers’ body worn cameras designed for frontline law enforcement. Combined with