UIDAI extends deadline for new security key for biometric authentication devices

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the governing agency in charge of Aadhaar, has given a four-month extension to manufacturers and user agencies to comply with the new encryption requirements for biometric authentication devices as well as implemented a strict fine for those organizations that fail to comply by July 31, according to a report by Money Control. The authority originally set a June 1st deadline for manufacturers, banks and telcos to comply with the new requirements, but they will

Synaptics executive discusses importance of encrypted fingerprint sensors

Synaptics executive Godfrey Cheng discussed in a recent blog post the importance of encrypted fingerprint sensors and how using a device that does not have this component could result in the theft of your fingerprint image, which could potentially lead to the breach of all your devices. Cheng, vice president of marketing, writes that using a notebook with an unencrypted sensor makes you more vulnerable to having your fingerprint image and master-key stolen. Would-be thieves can potentially create spoofs or

Aadhaar authentication devices will have to comply with new encryption standards

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the governing agency in charge of Aadhaar, will make it mandatory for all devices using Aadhaar authentication to comply with its new encryption standards, according to a report by The Economic Times. The new rule is intended to provide an extra security layer to the hardware as the country transitions to biometrics-based digital payment system. “We have recently come out with new specifications and asked manufacturers and vendors to go for STQC certification as

SRI wins DARPA contract exploring data privacy technologies

SRI International has been awarded an $8.5 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Brandeis program through the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command to examine how privacy-preserving technologies can be applied to enable information sharing while safeguarding sensitive data across large-scale enterprises. Researchers will explore the best ways to allow the use of information without losing control of that information. For the purposes of this contract, SRI will focus on bringing technologies together to enable sharing,

CISOs say advanced authentication methods must be used with traditional passwords

A group of leading Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISOs) say that days are numbered for the password as the sole authentication method and that advanced authentication methods must be used in tandem with traditional passwords, according to a recent report by Security Current. Security Current is an information and collaboration company by CISOs producing proprietary content and events for CISOs. Ten CISOs from across various industries weighed in on the topic, with most seeing enterprises moving to augment or supplement

Netatmo introduces smart security camera at CES

This week at CES, French connected lifestyle firm Netatmo unveiled Presence, an outdoor security camera featuring advanced face recognition able to detect, in real-time, particular people, pets and even cars. The camera then notifies the home owner through its mobile app if something is detected in the monitored area. Smart-Sight technology is embedded in Presence. Smart-Sight uses a deep learning algorithm to detect the presence of people, animals and cars. The camera features an infrared night vision and integrated floodlight.

BRIVAS patents biometric authentication method using liveness verification

BRIVAS announced it has been granted a US patent for a biometric authentication method called “Authentication Method Using Liveness Verification” which requires receiving an order from a server to perform an act which is then verified by the server for liveness in real time. Initially filed on August 14, 2015 and later published on December 31, 2015, patent No. 13/829,180 attributes the technology to inventors Beau Parry and Yasodekshna Boddeti. In the application, Parry and Boddeti describe the authentication method

Tharon Rankins Enterprises launches biometric transaction processing system

Data protection firm Tharon Rankins Enterprises has launched Beconux, its flagship biometric transaction processing system that provides a secure way for businesses to protect their customers’ personal data, as well as their financial transactions. The Beconux system works similar to an ATM machine in that it combines many biometric features with an encryption algorithm to deliver a secure way for companies to protect their financial transactions and personal information. Using biometric identification, the system offers increased security when it comes

Brivas granted US patent for biometric encryption

Brivas announced it has been granted a US patent for biometric encryption. The background description for patent #8,949,619 B2, entitled “Systems, methods and apparatus for multivariate authentication” reads: “User authentication has become increasingly of interest as Internet and network-based computer usage have become more prevalent and capabilities of these media have grown. The significance of user authentication has also increased as businesses, government departments, medical organizations and individuals have become increasingly reliant on computer networks and on the security of

Alipay, Huawei to introduce biometric security to mobile payments

Chinese online payment company Alipay has partnered with Huawei to use the fingerprint sensor in Huawei’s new Ascend Mate 7 smartphone, enabling a more secured way for users to make mobile purchases. Customers using the new Huawei smartphone with an embedded fingerprint reader will be able to use Alipay’s Wallet app to execute mobile e-payments. Huawei will integrate the biometric security technology from the soon-to-be-launched Mate 7 with the Alipay Wallet app, which already has more than 100 million users