Face Forensics triples image enrollment speed of its face recognition technology

Face Forensics announced a “substantial” increase in the image enrollment speed of its f2 face and tattoo recognition technology. The latest release of f2 comes with major enhancements that has more than tripled the image enrollment speed. According to a company statement, f2’s use of modular hardware architecture plus its full use of multithreading and multiple cores and processors, results in search speeds of faces and tattoos that can be in the many millions of images per second, and delivers

Actual iD time management solution uses Suprema biometric readers and enrollment devices

Actual iD’s cloud-based time and absence management solution leverages Suprema biometric readers to ensure that employees’ real identity is being used for time tracking and compliance purposes. The company’s time and absence management solution helps its customers adhere to many of the compliance challenges facing employers, including maintaining records for key compliance requirements. These include hours worked for hourly employees, hours worked for salaried employees in excess of a regular work day, and vacation time and pay. “We continue to

FingerCheck launches biometric time tracking and payroll system

Brooklyn-based tech startup FingerCheck has launched FingerCheck360, a new online biometric-enabled tracking and payroll system for businesses. The web-based platform incorporates both time tracking and payroll processing capabilities, translating internal punch data into payroll data used to process employee payroll at the end of each pay period. The centralized system offers a range of automated features, including electronic forms for direct deposit and W-4s, and allowing employees to self-onboard. “This product makes it possible to run all of your essential

Nigerian government issues guidelines for biometric databases

Nigeria’s federal government issued guidelines for the implementation of a presidential directive that criticized the development of multiple biometric databases in the public sector, according to a report by the Nigerian newspaper Leadership. The president at the time ordered all ministries, departments, agencies and security agencies of the federal government that are involved in all stages of the biometric data capture process to complete their registrations and submit it to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) by December 31, 2014. In a federal government circular

UNHCR completes testing of biometric system at Malawi Refugee Camp

The UNHCR has completed the initial testing of a biometric system in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. According to a new report from the UN Refugee Agency, the new system stored fingerprints, iris data and photographs for facial recognition. The UNHCR is working with an unnamed private sector partner to develop this system. “The experience in Malawi will inform our decision on further development and roll-out of the new biometrics tool in our operations around the world,” Steven Corliss, director

MorphoTrust USA nabs TSA contracts for enrollment services

The TSA has contracted MorphoTrust USA to provide enrollment services for the TSA Pre-Check program, including at its most recent location in the Nashville International Airport. Specifically, IdentGO Centers from MorphoTrust – which process biometric information — will be used by the TSA at approximately 300 locations at both on-airport and off-airport enrollment centers. According to the company, MorphoTrust is the authorized enrollment provider for the TSA Pre-Check application program under its Universal Enrollment Services contract with TSA. The UES contract consolidates

Lumidigm to provide fingerprint sensors for Senegal visa enrollment stations

Lumidigm has announced that it will provide fingerprint sensors for Senegalese biometric visa enrollment stations. Specifically, the stations, made by Zetes, will each incorporate two Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint sensors. There are a total of 66 fixed enrollment stations at embassies, consulates and border posts to create the ICAO compliant visas for travel to the country. “Multispectral imaging is a sophisticated technology specifically developed by Lumidigm to overcome the fingerprint capture problems found with conventional imaging systems, by leveraging both surface and

MorphoTrust USA transitions TWIC to Universal Enrollment Services

MorphoTrust USA has announced that it has achieved Final Operational Capability for transition of the TSA’s TWIC enrollment operations to the TSA’s new Universal Enrollment Services. Specifically, MorphoTrust has transitioned 147 centers and is processing enrollments and registrations for the program, which involves the capture of biometric and biographic data. MorphoTrust has been the prime contractor for UES since 2012. The transition of the program began in April and has included new hardware and software, staff training and improved call center support.

Indian student group wants to suspend Aadhaar, NPR enrollment

A student group in Northern India has come out and asked the government to suspend biometric enrollment and to stop the implementation of Aadhaar in Meghalaya. According to a report in the Assam Tribune, The Khasi Students’ Union has asked to suspend enrolment as the state needs more adequate mechanisms in place to control influx. “Our demand from the State government is to stop this biometric enrollment and implementation of Aadhaar,” KSU supremo Daniel Khyriem is quoted to have said