GSN Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program recognizes achievements in biometrics

Government Security News recently announced the winners and finalists in its 2014 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program, which included achievements by some of the top players in the biometrics field. Iris technology firm IRIS ID took the award for winner of Best Biometric Identification/Authentication Facility in the category for access control and identification. Also under the Access Control/Identification category, identity management security firm Entrust was named winner of the “Best ePassport Solution”. In the category for detection solutions, Global

Entrust integrates 3M Cogent biometric technology into authentication platform

Entrust and 3M Cogent are currently working to integrate biometric fingerprint authentication into Entrust’s IdentityGuard software authentication platform. Specifically, under the new partnership, Entrust will embed 3M Cogent’s fingerprint capture and verification technology into the system. The IdentityGuard authentication platform is Entrust’s flagship product. “Entrust and 3M have complementary offerings in the identity management marketplace — from digital certificate management to identity document issuance solutions,” Teresa Wu, who manages the global biometric portfolio for 3M Cogent said. “We will leverage our respective

Datacard Group finalizes Entrust Inc. acquisition

Datacard Group has announced that it has acquired Entrust Inc., a digital identity management and security company. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. “Today we are pleased to announce the proposed combination of two market pioneers with one ambitious goal – helping out customers and partners reduce complexity while strengthening trust,” Todd Wilkinson, president and CEO of Datacard Group said. “Connectivity is redefining physical and digital boundaries. For our customers and partners, this means opportunity, but also significant complexity.