ZorroSign secures electronically signed documents using mobile biometrics

Users of the ZorroSign Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform can now secure, validate, and authenticate electronically signed documents using biometrics and their mobile devices.​ This capability is currently available on select Android devices with iOS soon to follow. In a company statement, Shamsh Hadi, ZorroSign co-founder and CEO, said that “Mobile biometrics was a natural evolution for ZorroSign” and that “this integration provides the best user experience with the additional security and safety of high-valued documents of our customers.” ZorroSign

Gemalto to provide secure driver’s license cards for Atlantic provinces of Canada

Gemalto has won four contracts to provide new, highly-secure polycarbonate driver’s licenses to residents of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and help transition the provinces from an over-the-counter issuance process to a secure central issuance. According to a CBC report, the contract is worth $11.5 million. Gemalto will also implement an enrollment solution that includes photo capture, digital signature pad, and a facial biometrics recognition system compliant with ICAO standards, providing a foundation for

Marquis ID Systems to provide Colorado DMV with biometric ID solution

Marquis ID Systems (MIDS), a Gemalto company, has won a six year contract from the Colorado Department of Revenue`s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to provide a biometrics-based turnkey driver license and identification (DL/ID) card production system. Colorado is currently using MIDS’ issuance solution that includes document scanning and authentication, along with photo, signature, and fingerprint capture and verification. In addition, MIDS is providing Colorado with its central issuance and personalization solution of highly secure polycarbonate driver licenses, instruction permits,

Biometrics firm JENETRIC optimizes interaction between LIVETOUCH quattro scanner and user

At next week’s connect:ID conference in Washington, D.C., German biometrics firm JENETRIC will be showcasing the new functions of its ID flat scanner, the LIVETOUCH quattro. In a statement, the company says the interaction between the scanner and user has been further optimized. The user is guided through the fingerprint recording process and typical errors within the fingerprint capture process are identified and animations displayed directly on the scanner’s screen help the user to achieve high quality fingerprint images. For

Voice biometrics offer benefits beyond security

This is a guest post by Michael Boukadakis, the founder and CEO of Enacomm. How many times do potential customers pick up or request forms and applications that end up in the recycling bin? It’s an unproductive scenario that plays out again and again with consumers across the board, adding up to huge costs and lost opportunities for businesses. When it comes to customer enrollments, redefining the “path of least resistance” is key to delivering the convenience that consumers want

Branddocs to integrate BioID facial recognition into their e-signing solution

Branddocs has partnered with BioID to integrate BioID`s mobile multimodal biometric authentication solution into their eIDAS cloud solutions platform. “Digital signing relies heavily on trust. When dealing with contracts and other electronic transactions, it is critical to be able to count on the identity of the sender and signer,” said Saioa Echebarria, CEO of Branddocs. “Using BioID’s intuitive face recognition with liveness detection we can offer our customers strong, fraud-resistant identity proofing that is as natural and reliable as signing

ElevenPaths offers two new biometric authentication and digital technology solutions

Telefónica cybersecurity subsidiary, ElevenPaths, announced it has integrated biometric authentication and digital signature technology into its identity solutions, according to a report by Computer Business Review. ElevenPaths’ new solutions, SmartID and SealSign, are based on technology developed by SmartAccess, which Telefónica previously acquired. SmartID combines different authenticators including smart cards, RFID/NFC devices and biometric fingerprint recognition to allow for more secure user authentication when accessing applications and physical equipment. In addition, SealSign is an electronic document-signing platform that works with

Dermalog to present new fingerprint, facial recognition offerings at CARTES

Dermalog has announced that it will be showcasing two of its new biometrics offerings: a fingerprint scanner with esignature functionality, as well as a facial recognition system at CARTES 2013, currently taking place in Paris. According to the company, the Dermalog LF10 fingerprint scanner, which has been previously available for rolled fingerprints and ten-print impressions, now has the capability to record esignatures along with fingerprints. This will be shown at CARTES along with a new facial recognition system. This facial recognition