Utilizing face authentication to meet NIPSOM Change 2 requirements

This is a guest post by Don Waugh, Co-CEO of Applied Recognition. Attention ITPSOs (insider threat program senior official): The deadline for new NIPSOM Requirements is November 30, 2016, as set out by the May 18, 2016 Department of Defense published Change 2 to DoD 5220.22-M, “National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM).” NISPOM Change 2 requires contractors to “establish and maintain an insider threat program to detect, deter and mitigate insider threats. Specifically, the program must gather, integrate, and report

Google accused of violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act

Google has become the latest technology firm to face legal action after being accused of violating the 2008 Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act over the use of facial recognition technology and photo sharing. The Illinois statute requires companies that gather biometric data to notify people about the practice before collecting data, and to publish a schedule for destroying the information. The statute defines biometric identifier as “any personal feature that is unique to an individual, including fingerprints, iris scans, DNA

Nok Nok Labs launches quick start program for mobile biometric ID

Nok Nok Labs recently launched a program for mobile network operators that allows them to integrate customer identity, authentication and biometrics enablement into their offerings. The company’s “Jumpstart Program for Mobile Connect” program will help wireless carriers deliver a biometric-enabled, FIDO-certified customer authentication experience that increases revenue and loyalty with their own customers as well as opening the door to additional commerce services and partnerships. Mobile Connect, a service from Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), the world’s largest mobile trade

MorphoTrak to offer vendor-independent training in face comparison

MorphoTrak will begin offering vendor-independent training in face comparison, in which it will instruct individuals about computer-aided face recognition and facial identification. Dr. Nicole Spaun, principal facial biometric expert at MorphoTrak, will lead the training in visual face comparison. He previously served as a forensic examiner with the FBI’s Digital Evidence Lab and biometrics program manager for the U.S. Army in Europe, According to Dr. Spaun, training for human reviewers has not kept up with the scope of facial images

Colorado police cautious about facial recognition technology

The Colorado Information Sharing Consortium executive director David Shipley recently told Colorado Public Radio that the organization tested facial recognition technology two years ago, only to discover that it couldn’t be effectively used to help local police. The organization manages COPLINK, a database used by Colorado law enforcement agencies to share crucial information regarding criminal activity with each other. Shipley said that police investigators would be more than happy to use facial recognition technology if it proved to be effective

Face Forensics Inc. develops high speed partial face recognition capability

Face Forensics Inc. announced it has made a significant improvement to its f2 face recognition technology by adding unique partial face recognition capability. The new capability allows an image of part of a face to be matched against the same area on previously enrolled full faces. The f2 software is able to search databases at extremely high speed, enabling it to be configured to match at a speed of more than one million faces per second. The software displays the

Neurotechnology releases software update; uses fingerprint, face recognition to track time and attendance

Neurotechnology announced it has released NCheck Bio Attendance 2.1, the latest version of its time and attendance tracking software that now offers fingerprint or face biometrics support. The announcement comes a few months after Neurotechnology released several new versions of products across its entire line of biometric SDKs. Using Neurotechnology’s latest biometric fingerprint and face identification algorithms, NCheck Bio Attendance is able to rapidly and accurately verify an individual’s identity as well as log their attendance data. Based on Neurotechnology’s

UNC researchers testing face recognition software that artificially ages face

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington have been using biometric technology to facilitate the process of artificially aging and de-aging the human face, which could greatly improve law enforcement practices. The Fayetteville Observer reports that the work of Dr. Karl Ricanek and his team of professors and students is sponsored by the FBI, National Security Agency, CIA, Advanced Research Projects Activity, Biometrics Identity Management Activity, the Army Research Lab and a few other private companies. Currently, the

Biometric ID system for foreigners in the works in Taiwan

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) in Taiwan wants to establish a biometric identification system for foreigners in the country. The agency’s plans have come as a result of a recent story in which a British man fled Taiwan using someone else’s passport. According to the Taiwan Solidarity Union, this was allowed to happen as the immigration agency botched the usual screening process. Reported in Focus Taiwan, Taiwan Solidary Union caucus whip Huang Wen-ling said the agency spent US$1.2 million in

Animetrics to host free webinar: “how law enforcement is closing cases with face biometric technology”

Animetrics, a leading developer of advanced 3D facial recognition and identity management solutions for military, intelligence and law enforcement, is holding its very first webinar to explore facial identity biometric trends and look at solutions in law enforcement. This webinar is free to participate in and takes place December 6, 2013 at 1 p.m. EST. During the 45-minute webinar, learn how to correct poses in challenging photos, create 3D avatars and quickly compare suspect images against large databases for positive