Biometrics 2015, upgrading identification technology and fingerprint authentication this week’s most popular news

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Upgrading biometric technologies The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, which continue to incorporate biometrics into their respective operations, recently revealed that they are considering upgrading biometric technologies to enable military officials to better identify individuals both up close and far away. Nymi names CEO Nymi Inc. announced it named John Haggard the new chief executive officer in advance of next year’s launch for

Increasing adoption of biometrics technology by police, airports, financial institutions and schools top the news this week

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Iris recognition In what was arguably the most popular story in biometric news this week, Microsoft at Tuesday’s Microsoft Windows 10 devices event that both its new flagship phones — Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL — will feature infrared iris scanning technology. Privacy guidelines As part of the non-profit organization’s ongoing work in establishing regulations within the industry, the Biometrics Institute released

FaceBanx, SpeechPro to provide consumers with face and voice authentication

FaceBanx has partnered with SpeechPro to provide face and voice recognition solutions to FaceBanx’s global telecomm and banking industry customers. As part of the partnership, FaceBanx will offer SpeechPro’s proprietary “VoiceKey.OnePass” technology through its mobile, PC and tablet platform solution, which increases security for account access authentication for customers. “One of the key requirements for our customers is being able to choose from a number of different biometric solutions to offer their customers and Speechpro’s technology is an excellent solution,”

Identification and verification firm Facebanx joins the Biometrics Institute

Facebanx announced it has joined the Biometrics Institute, bringing the member count to 155 including Gemalto, Hitachi Europe, Nuance Communications and Unisys. “We are very pleased to welcome Facebanx,” said Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute. “Facebanx represents a growing industry where new companies are pushing biometric technology into the mainstream and their solutions cover many different markets.” Since launching face recognition solutions in early 2013, Facebanx has more recently added voice recognition and ID document capture capabilities to

Apple vs Samsung – battle for the biometric smartphone market begins in earnest – Round 2014

Apple vs. Samsung.  Who will dominate the smartphone market for 2014? Will anyone else get a look in? The imminent arrival of the new iPhone 6S circulate the industry as speculation is rife that Apple will move forward their release date of their new smartphone to coincide with Samsung’s new Galaxy 5S which is set for an April release date. Speculation is that Apple could release the new iPhone any time between April and September, but as likely they will

Operators should be alert to the forthcoming EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive

The European Parliament will vote on proposed amendments to the fourth Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive over the next two months. The main topic of debate has been on whether beneficial ownership information for companies, trusts etc., will be collected in public registers that requires transparency across all EU Member States. The issue being that anonymous shell companies and trusts play a central role in laundering money, concealing the identity of corrupt individuals and irresponsible businesses involved in activities including the

Facebanx launches new authentication software, performs trials with telecoms, banks

Facebanx has just launched new software that it says allows any user to use an image of their face and a voiceprint to replace passwords. “By simply pointing a device’s camera and taking a selfie and then repeating out loud four randomly generated numbers, customers will be able to log into their account within seconds. This technology is incredibly accurate as it combines two different biometrics into one seamless experience,” CEO Matthew Silverstone said. “Our product is proving incredibly popular to

Why the next generation will embrace biometrics such as facial recognition technology

Do you still need to be convinced that biometrics will be the next disruptive change in most people’s lives? Disruptive in the sense that you will not be able to avoid it!  The new generation of smartphones will all have some form of biometric security in future — whether it is Apple’s new iPhone 5S and a fingerprint scanner leading the way to other manufacturers releasing new advanced devices with the same or using voice recognition or facial recognition via

Facebanx launches online face recognition technology

British company, Facebanx has launched a new online facial recognition technology that it says will enable banks, payment processors and ID verification companies to reduce fraud. “Our product has been specifically designed for the online payments industry and provides a unique solution for processors to share data to combat multiple acts of fraud,” Matthew Silverstone, CEO of Facebanx said. “We are currently in discussions with a number of processing companies, banks and merchants as well as the insurance industry about adding