FIDO Alliance lauds first-year progress of Japan Working Group

The FIDO Alliance has announced that membership in its FIDO Japan Working Group (FJWG) has doubled in the first year to 25 companies, indicating what the Alliance calls “a year of great progress for FIDO Authentication in Japan” in 2017. New members to the FJWG include mobile network operator (MNO) KDDI, which joins the country’s other two MNOs in the organization, along with JCB, Japan’s only international payment brand. Deployments of FIDO authentication by major organizations in Japan accelerated over

Nok Nok Labs announces FIDO implementation for key attestation by major mobile network operator

Nok Nok Labs has announced an implementation of a FIDO UAF 1.1 product on Android 8.0 devices by NTT DOCOMO, the first of its kind by a major mobile network operator, according to the announcement. The implementation leverages Nok Nok Authentication Server to provide hardware-based key attestation, which can mitigate many scalable attacks on authentication protocols. “Key attestation can be vital to solving a core problem with internet security – specifically, how to tell a real device from a virtual

Aware’s Knomi framework offers flexible, multimodal approach to mobile biometric authentication

When Aware launched its Knomi framework in October, it marked the arrival of a new approach to using biometrics to realize the convenience and security of password-free mobile authentication. With support for several modalities and device- or server-centric implementations, the Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework appears unmatched in its flexibility. Knomi leverages Aware’s many years of experience enabling large-scale systems with biometric capture and matching algorithms. The framework of biometric algorithms is provided as SDKs and APIs designed for integration

FIDO Alliance launches FIDO Korea Working Group

The FIDO Alliance has launched the FIDO Korea Working Group to further accelerate awareness and adoption of the FIDO Authentication standards in the Korean marketplace. Korea is a leading adopter of FIDO Authentication and is the country with the most companies receiving FIDO certification for products and solutions based on these standards. The working group will engage locally with governments and enterprises to leverage this momentum and ensure that FIDO standards continue to be widely accepted and adopted across industries.

EU unveils plans to make customer authentication more secure

The European Commission announced new rules under the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) this week that require payment service providers to verify a consumer’s identity with at least two independent elements before processing a payment. The Commission will require payments companies to develop strong customer authentication (SCA) based on the stringent security provisions built into the new rules to reduce fraud, particularly for online transactions, and to protect user’s financial data. Elements that can be used to verify identity include physical

Entrust Datacard joins FIDO Alliance

Entrust Datacard announced Monday that it has joined the FIDO Alliance, adopting the industry group’s specifications for interoperable, simple, and stronger identification. The move is another step toward addressing the full range of banking, government and enterprise customer needs, according to the announcement, while supporting open standards, including for cryptography, one-time password (OTP) protocols, biometrics, identity federation standards, and application integrations. “We are thrilled to become a member of the FIDO Alliance,” said Ryan Zlockie, Global VP of Authentication at

Biometrics industry stocks this week

As the biometrics industry continues to grow, Biometric Update is bringing a new focus to the stories around the stocks in the sector. Check in with this space each week for a rundown of the financial news and interesting ideas from the week that was. Market prognosticators are talking this week about a new “tone” in stock markets. Last week an early rally gave way to a sharp sell-off mid-morning. The market weakness continued through the next five trading sessions.

FIDO Alliance forms European working group

The FIDO Alliance has launched a FIDO Europe Working Group to accelerate the use of FIDO authentication standards in Europe. The launch of the Working Group comes at a time when financial services firms, telecommunications companies and the broader ecosystem are working towards balancing new regulations with rapidly changing customer expectations. FIDO authentication reduces organizations’ and users’ dependence on passwords by providing interoperable, cryptographic, on-device authentication that is more secure and easier to use than passwords and one-time passcodes. At

FIDO Alliance announces new round of FIDO certified products

The FIDO Alliance has announced the latest round of companies to complete FIDO certification, which brings the total number of the organization’s certified products to 383. Companies with newly-certified products include IoTrust Co., Ltd, ROWEM and SC TechOne Co., Ltd. According to Adam Powers, FIDO Alliance’s technical director, the FIDO Certified program for functional certification provides assurance of compliance to FIDO standards. The program has been a central component to achieving the Alliance’s vision for universal and interoperable strong authentication.

Lenovo, Intel introduce PC-ready built-in biometric authentication measures

Lenovo and Intel have introduced the first PC-ready built-in authentication measures to support users’ online browsing, working and shopping. Using Intel Online Connect on 7th and 8th Gen Intel Core processors, Lenovo’s latest PCs including the Yoga 920, ThinkPad X1 Tablet (2nd generation), ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th generation) and IdeaPad 720S integrate FIDO-certified authenticators directly into the foundation of the PCs. The measures ensure seamless and safer online authentication when logging into popular websites like PayPal, Google, Dropbox and Facebook.