Intercontinental Hotels employees file class action over fingerprint use

Plaintiff employees of the Intercontinental Hotel Group have filed a class action lawsuit against the hotel chain over claims that it wrongly collected and used their fingerprints and other biometric information, violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), according to a report by Cook County Record. In late June, plaintiff Eric Zepeda filed a putative class action lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against IHG and its subsidiary, the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, stating the hotel chain should

Indian government demands Apple, OEMs adopt Aadhaar for mobile devices

India’s government is demanding that Apple open up its mobile devices and operating system to accommodate its Aadhaar biometric database, according to a recently published article in Patently Apple. According to the article, a few weeks ago, Indian government officials invited executives from Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google to a meeting to discuss embedding the Aadhaar system into their technology. While all the other firms attend, Apple did not appear. Apple has been noted

Australians accept biometrics at border, says Unisys exec

In an exclusive interview with, John Kendall, Security Program Manager for Unisys in the Asia-Pacific region, noted that when it comes to enhancing personal security, Australian travelers are willing to use biometrics at the border. Detailing the findings of a Unisys Security Index Report focused on biometrics in Australia airports, he notes Australians support extending biometrics-based security measures to include verifying passengers boarding aircraft, but do not support retailers using biometrics to make customized retail offers. “Our research found