NEXT Biometrics signs partnership with Fulcrum Biometrics, gets initial order for sensors

NEXT Biometrics has just received an initial order for 10,000 fingerprint sensors from Fulcrum Biometrics and at the same time, has signed a strategic agreement with the San Antonio, Texas-based firm. According to the company, the first deliveries for Fulcrum’s fingerprint sensors order will begin this month. “We are very pleased to be able to welcome Fulcrum Biometrics as our distributor in the strategically important North-American market,” Tore Etholm- Idsøe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics said. “ Fulcrum is a highly respected and

Nexus Smart Pay gets new deployments for biometric fingerprint payment system

Nexus Smart Pay has announced nine new customers piloting the company’s biometric fingerprint payment system. According to the company, these nine companies include Great Harvest Bread Company, Fuddrucker’s Restaurant, BeauJo’s Pizzeria, Victoria’s Garden Floral Company, Untamed Accessories & Clothing, Signs Now, Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center, Eileen’s Colossal Cookies and Who’s Game House. Nexus Smart Pay uses what the company calls biocrypticology, which uses radio frequencies to analyze layers of the skin for verification. “We truly believe that this

Leaked image hints at more embedded Touch ID sensors in Apple devices

Apple’s iPad mini 3 could be the next idevice to sport a fingerprint sensor, based on a new leaked image. A photo originally posted by appears to show the iPhone 6, an iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, and they all seem to include the company’s biometric Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button. Reported previously in, Apple recently opened up its Touch ID API for developers. Following that development, it’s not completely unrealistic to think

Precise Biometrics Names Håkan Persson CEO

Precise Biometrics announced on Monday it has named Håkan Persson CEO, effective starting today. “Håkan has many years of CEO experience in building and developing businesses,” Torgny Hellström, chairman of the board at Precise Biometrics said. “The board is very pleased to have Håkan as CEO. We are convinced that Håkan has the right background for continuing to develop Precise Biometrics into a profitable growth, a job he began as interim CEO of the company. Håkan will initially continue to

SOSB launches biometric credit card and transaction system

SOSB Corporation has just launched a new biometric credit card and platform. According to the company, both the card and platform were launched this week, at the 2014 National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference and Expo in Florida. Known as SOSB’s “Safe Card,” the company says the card itself contains the biometric data and that verification requires a SOSB Safe Card reader. The reader compares the data form the card to a live fingerprint image taken of the user. Because the

IdentityX launches update with Apple Touch ID fingerprint biometric integration

IdentityX has just launched a major system update with support for Apple’s biometric Touch ID fingerprint technology. According to the Daon Affiliate company, IdentityX’s universal mobile authentication platform – the Infinity Platform — allows users to mix and match security factors. Infinity already supports fingerprint-enabled Windows devices and is currently being integrated on Android devices with fingerprint readers, like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now that Apple has opened up its Touch ID API for developers, the company is able to support

Russian scientists use fingerprint biometrics to match users with career picks

This could be the shortest career aptitude test you’ll ever take. A group of Russian scientists have recently unveiled a fingerprint scanner that they say can detect the perfect job for anyone. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the researchers also think that in the future, fingerprints could even help reveal personality traits. This particular scanner was shown at a career convention in southwestern Russia. The device compares fingerprint images to a database of fingerprint shapes correlating to

Scientists learn to date fingerprints based on chemical proportions

Scientists at the Netherlands Forensics Institute have discovered a method for dating fingerprints that they say can date latent fingerprints within one to two days. According to a report in Cnet, this kind of calculation is a possibility, provided the print is less than 15 days old. Previously, notes the Cnet report, researchers tried to use the amounts of biomaterial present in fingerprints (amino acids, chlorides, fatty acids and triglycerides, to be exact), but have now found that a better and

Anviz Global set to launch new fingerprint biometric access control device this month

Anviz Global will launch its newest biometric access control device this month, at the same time that the IFSEC UK Exhibition is set to take place, June 17-19 in London, England. “Consumers have been looking for a reliable and effective stand-alone security device that is economical and stylish. Anviz has responded by creating M5, a compact device that adds the element of increased security,” Felix Fu, Product Manager at Anviz said. According to the company, the new device – the M5

Synaptics CEO’s comments spark rumors of Samsung wearables with fingerprint sensors

It’s likely we’ll see Samsung wearables with embedded Synaptic fingerprint sensors in the near future. This is according to Synaptics CEO Rick Bergman, who, while speaking to media in TaiPei said “probably, you will see fingerprint technology in wearable devices in 2015. Using fingerprint ID sensors for a small curved display is not a big challenge.” According to a report in the Korea Herald, since Samsung is the only client of Synaptics’ fingerprint technology, it’s expected that the South Korean company