USPTO publishes Apple patent application addressing biometric spoofing

The USPTO has just published a new anti-spoofing concept and patent application from Apple. The new anti-spoofing concept – called Doodle – describes a method of distinguishing between “push” and “pull” swipes from the finger to capture a larger more comprehensive image of the finger, besides just ridges and valleys. According to a report in Patently Apple, this can also be configured to generate the “doodle” created by the finger’s motion on the device’s screen, and could also be used

SecuGen fingerprint reader gets STQC approval

SecuGen has announced that its new Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint reader has been certified by the STQC Directorate, for use in the Indian UID project. According to the company, the new reader is ultra-compact and is FAP 20 and PIV-certified. It is currently available for sale in India through SecuGen India. Also certified is the companion OEM version of this fingerprint reader, called the U20. “Our engineering teams, including our colleagues at SecuGen India, have all worked very hard in pursuit

SmartMetric plans biometric ID card with embedded fingerprint sensor and color display

SmartMetric says it’s working on releasing a new biometric ID card that will display a user’s face following an on-card fingerprint match. According to the company, the image will be displayed on a color display, embedded in the card itself. This card-in-the-works will also feature an embedded fingerprint sensor. SmartMetric is planning to launch the card within the next six months following the launch of its fingerprint-activated EMV chip card. Reported previously in, SmartMetric announced last year that its fingerprint-activated

PayPal debuts Samsung fingerprint integration

Starting today, PayPal customers in 25 countries with Samsung S5 smartphones can log in to the payment system using their fingerprint. Following PayPal and Samsung’s joint announcement in February, today’s news is the first sign of the new integration, which will ultimately see people using fingerprints to make payments through PayPal and other partner ecommerce sites.   In case you missed it, Samsung introduced its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 earlier this year and it features an embedded fingerprint swipe

Zwipe nabs new product award from Security Industry Association

Zwipe has announced that it has received a new product award from the Security Industry Association at ISC West, this past week in Las Vegas. “We have been completely blown away by the interest shown to our products,” Kim Kristian Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe said.  “As this was our first proper showing at a trade show, we were unsure what to expect.  The reaction and feedback we have received far exceeded any expectations we had.” “We were repeatedly being told that

Vietnam Eximbank deploys fingerprint authentication for POS, ATM transactions

TSYS has announced that its client in Vietnam, the Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Vietnam Eximbank – has begun to deploy fingerprint authentication for its over-the-counter or ATM transactions. According to the company, Vietnam Eximbank is one of the first banks in Vietnam to apply fingerprint authentication, and the banks is looking to make these types of transactions common across Vietnam by working with other banks in the country. Currently, Vietnam Eximbank uses TSYS’ PRIME single-platform payment processing solution

Coppel Corporation picks DigitalPersona fingerprint technology for identity verification

DigitalPersona has announced that Coppel Corporation has chosen the company’s fingerprint technology to verify customer and employee identities in more than 800 banks and 1,000 Pension Fund Offices throughout Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. “Customers like the ease of use and assured identity that fingerprint technology provides them,” Ing. Jose Gpe. Mendoza Macias, national manager of systems development for Coppel Corporation said. “The fraud-fighting benefit of knowing someone cannot purchase goods on their account is also very important to our customers.” “In

Sonavation to demonstrate biometric ultrasound fingerprint authentication fob at ISC West

Sonavation has announced that it will be at the ISC West Conference set to take place April 2-4 in Las Vegas, and will be showing off its AXISKEY personal ultrasound fingerprint security authentication device. According to the company, AXISKEY is a biometric fingerprint authentication device in a key fob form factor that offers “better-than-federal-grade” data encryption, and can be used for securing workplace, social and personal accounts, as well as online identity and transactions. “ISC West is the place to be

Gemalto launches new biometric traveler verification system

Gemalto has just launched the Coesys Border and Visa Management solution, a two-stage traveler verification system that is capable of performing fingerprint and facial image checks, in addition to verifying the authenticity and validity of a carried passport. According to the company, this new, entirely computerized system enhances security and provides a more efficient set of tools to monitor border entries and exits. It also delivers higher rates of detection and prevention through official international databases to check if the travel

Neurotechnology updates entire line of biometric SDKs

Neurotechnology has announced new releases across its entire line of biometric SDKs. According to the Lithuanian company, these new product versions include significant algorithm improvements to increase functionality and recognition accuracy.  Nueortechnology says the company’s new API is designed to accommodate multi-modal setups and facilitates a switch between a clocal computer and server-side system. Updated products from Neurotechnology include: MegaMatcher 5.0 multi-biometric SDK for large-scale applications MegaMatcher Accelerator 7.0 multi-biometric software and hardware server side matching solution MegaMatcher on Card 3.3