Suprema wins All-Over-IP’s “best product” award for fingerprint access control terminal

Suprema announced it won the “Best Product” award for its fingerprint access control terminal, BioEntry W, at this year’s All-Over-IP Expo in Moscow. All-Over-IP is one of Russia’s largest exhibitions and conferences devoted to global IT, surveillance and security industries. Suprema’s BioEntry W has all the benefits of an IP access control system combined with the high-level security of fingerprint biometrics. The fingerprint access control terminal features a vandal-resistance and IP65-rated structure, enabling it to be installed outdoors to provide

Australian banks implement biometrics for mobile banking

Australian financial institution St George Bank announced it has implemented fingerprint login for its mobile banking service, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald. In addition, competing bank ANZ said it would soon be offering voice recognition login. St George’s TouchID functionality will be offered for the iPhone 5S with the expected September release of iOS8, as well on the Galaxy 5 later this year. According to CIO Dhiren Kulkarni, St George Bank will not store its customers’

M2SYS Technology deploys biometric voter registration software in Yemen

M2SYS Technology announced that the country of Yemen is deploying its TrueVoter biometric voting registration platform for the nation’s upcoming constitutional referendum and national elections. The scalable and customizable TrueVoter software will allow the country’s Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) to deploy and maintain a complete biometric information system for rapid enrollment and identification of voters. The United States Agency for International Development is funding the project. M2SYS attributes its contract win to TrueVoter’s full functionality, which includes

Top biometrics news stories, week of August 10

Biometrics Week in Review: next killer app for biometrics, biometric authentication project, airports deploy biometric screening in Australia and Japan, new biometric entry/exit testing center, biometric screening at South Africa borders posts, testing facial recognition accuracy for video, Launchkey’s latest update, a guest post about biometrics research at DHS and a guest post about biometrics at the US southern border. Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on this past week. Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce next killer app for biometrics

Mobile commerce is emerging as the next killer application for biometrics. Previously, Biometrics Research Group, Inc. accurately predicted that biometrics would become integrated within a wide number of mobile devices during the last smartphone product release cycle. The consultancy also correctly predicted that integration would be driven by smartphone and tablet manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung Electronics. Now, another prediction is proving accurate. In a Biometrics Research Note issued in March 2013, the research vendor stated it believed that

NexID Biometrics joins the FIDO Alliance

NexID Biometrics has joined the FIDO Alliance, the group announced this week. “The decision to join FIDO Alliance stems from NexID’s mission to help make biometric authentication pervasive in use,” NexID COO Mark Cornett said. “We believe the FIDO Alliance is a key element to furthering that vision, and we are pleased to join the organization’s members in that effort.” Reported previously in, NexID has been busy as of late. Earlier this year, the company launched mobile live finger

NCR expands use of BIO-key’s fingerprint authentication solutions for POS

BIO-key International announced that NCR Corporation has expanded its use of integrated BIO-key fingerprint authentication solutions through several national retail chains, including Wendy’s and Arby’s. Using BIO-key’s solutions, NCR will be able to provide the retail chains with secure employee access to tens of thousands of POS terminals. “The expanded utilization demonstrates that BIO-key fingerprint authentication outperforms traditional authentication methods in real-world visible applications; nothing is more mission-critical to a retailer’s revenue than the POS,” said Jim Sullivan, VP of

NEXT Biometrics signs partnership with Fulcrum Biometrics, gets initial order for sensors

NEXT Biometrics has just received an initial order for 10,000 fingerprint sensors from Fulcrum Biometrics and at the same time, has signed a strategic agreement with the San Antonio, Texas-based firm. According to the company, the first deliveries for Fulcrum’s fingerprint sensors order will begin this month. “We are very pleased to be able to welcome Fulcrum Biometrics as our distributor in the strategically important North-American market,” Tore Etholm- Idsøe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics said. “ Fulcrum is a highly respected and

Nexus Smart Pay gets new deployments for biometric fingerprint payment system

Nexus Smart Pay has announced nine new customers piloting the company’s biometric fingerprint payment system. According to the company, these nine companies include Great Harvest Bread Company, Fuddrucker’s Restaurant, BeauJo’s Pizzeria, Victoria’s Garden Floral Company, Untamed Accessories & Clothing, Signs Now, Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center, Eileen’s Colossal Cookies and Who’s Game House. Nexus Smart Pay uses what the company calls biocrypticology, which uses radio frequencies to analyze layers of the skin for verification. “We truly believe that this

Leaked image hints at more embedded Touch ID sensors in Apple devices

Apple’s iPad mini 3 could be the next idevice to sport a fingerprint sensor, based on a new leaked image. A photo originally posted by appears to show the iPhone 6, an iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, and they all seem to include the company’s biometric Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button. Reported previously in, Apple recently opened up its Touch ID API for developers. Following that development, it’s not completely unrealistic to think