Goodix fingerprint technology featured in Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi has launched its Mi 6 smartphone featuring Goodix’s Invisible Fingerprint Sensor (IFS) technology. Goodix’s IFS is an integrated fingerprint sensor and touch panel solution that authenticates a user’s fingerprint through the glass panel of mobile devices. Earlier this year, Goodix was named a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Winner for its live fingerprint authentication solution.

Mastercard unveils biometric card, completed trials in South Africa

Mastercard has unveiled its biometric card, which combines chip technology with fingerprints to seamlessly and safely verify cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. The credit card firm initially tested the technology in the South African market, having recently completed two separate trials with supermarket retailer Pick n Pay and Absa Bank. The company is also planning additional trials in Europe and Asia Pacific in the coming months, followed by a full roll out later this year “Consumers are increasingly experiencing the

Zwipe introducing its biometric smartcard at Seamless Asia

Zwipe is introducing its dual-interface payment card at Seamless Asia, currently being held in Singapore. The biometrics-based payments solution is the first of its kind to fully integrate EMV compatible contact and contactless transactions. The ISO and EMV compliant card operates without the need for a battery, allowing end-users to make limitless contactless transactions. All biometric information is securely encrypted only on the card meaning that the solution works without the need for a database. “We have been working diligently

Navy bases transitioning to biometric ID system for access control

The U.S. Navy is currently transitioning from its previous verification system to an improved identity authentication and force protection system, which is expected to take six months to complete, according to a report by San Diego Union Tribune. The Navy Installations Command in Washington, D.C. ordered commanders to immediately begin switching over to the Defense Biometrics Identification Systems (DBIDS), which is currently being used for access gates at Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE). The move comes nearly four years

InAuth adds biometric authentication to its mobile security platform

InAuth has formally launched InMobile Biometrics, which adds biometric authentication to InMobile’s core capabilities. InMobile Biometrics combines fingerprint authentication technology with InAuth’s InMobile solution to deliver a device identification solution with fully integrated and secure biometric recognition. The solution leverages a mobile device’s native fingerprint sensor to authenticate users, offering strong two-factor (2FA) security. “This makes perfect sense for InAuth, as we are on the end point, the consumer’s device, to begin with,” said Michael Lynch, chief strategy officer at

Elan, Jinco, KSID to develop fingerprint-enabled smart cards

Elan Microelectronics has partnered with smart card integrator Jinco Universal and security solution firm Korea Smart ID (KSID) to develop smart cards with an embedded fingerprint sensor, according to a report by Digitimes. Elan will collaborate with Jinco and KSID to jointly develop financial cards with fingerprint authentication for Woori Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in South Korea. Jinco expects to ship one million fingerprint-enabled smart cards in 2017, according to Jinco CEO Ted Lin. Meanwhile, Elan forecasts

Visa study finds millennials favor biometrics-secured payments

Visa has published a new study which reveals that millennials are interested in making biometric-secured payments using identifiers such as fingerprints and irises, according to a report by New Zealand Herald. The Visa New Zealand Millennial Survey found that 62 percent of millennials are interested in using biometrics for payments because “they see it as being secure and convenient and having the ‘cool factor’.” “Emerging payment technology like biometrics remove potential pain points for customers,” said Marty Kerr, New Zealand

Researchers find smartphone fingerprint sensors potentially vulnerable to “MasterPrints”

Smartphone fingerprint sensors could be fooled up to 65 percent of the time by “MasterPrints” digitally composed from common fingerprint features, according to findings published Monday by researchers at New York University and Michigan State University. In the report MasterPrint: Exploring the Vulnerability of Partial Fingerprint-based Authentication Systems, the researchers warn that partial fingerprint-based authentication systems are potentially vulnerable to compromise, particularly when multiple impressions of each finger are enrolled. Enrolling multiple impressions is often required by devices to ensure

New businesses adopt Touché biometrics-based loyalty and payment platform

Touché announced that twelve new establishments in Singapore have implemented its biometrics-based loyalty and payment platform. Manufactured in Singapore, Touché is a rectangular device comprised of a magnetic stripe reader, chip reader, and a 2.2-inch biometric fingerprint sensor that is certified and capable of multiple payment options. After an initial enrollment, customers can choose to pay either by scanning two fingers or with their physical credit cards. The device works over a wi-fi or 3G connection. Customers who have registered

Zwipe presented its biometric technology at ICMA Expo

Zwipe was invited to present and participate in a panel as part of the New Technology Spotlight at this year’s International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) Expo held alongside the Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit. With the theme of this year’s show being “Adapting to the Wave of Change and Technology”, the event drew a diverse crowd of industry experts and major players in the payments industry focused on innovation. “We were invited by Barry Mosteller, Vice President of ICMA and