SecuGen, Key Source International release secure keyboard with fingerprint sensor

Key Source International (KSI) has released its KSI-1700 UB SecuGen Keyboard which offers integrated, foolproof biometric security in a premium, multipurpose device. The keyboard features the SecuGen U20, FBI certified FAP 20 fingerprint sensor and low-profile keys for easy cleaning and a strong input experience. The SecuGen U20 fingerprint sensor is embedded right into the keyboard’s mix-and-match “technology top strip,” positioned for quick access to the user authentication function. “We chose SecuGen integration not only due to the company’s strong

BioLink integrates OT-Morpho’s biometric terminals to improve access control system

Russian firm BioLink Solutions has integrated OT-Morpho biometric terminals into its BioTime system to more effectively manage employees working time and access to business premises. Currently used by more than 1,500 companies in 15 countries worldwide, the biometric technology-reliant BioTime software is specifically designed for time and attendance and access control applications. The BioTime registration module now interfaces with the MorphoSmart range of fingerprint scanners to capture employees fingerprint images and convert them into templates — in other words, the numeric

RichRelevance study finds younger US millennials welcome biometrics

RichRelevance has released its third annual “Creepy or Cool” international survey that found that younger US millennials (age 18-29) responded much more positively to advanced technologies such as facial recognition, robots and VR glasses than older generations. The survey offers insight into consumer preferences and opinions regarding the latest technologies designed to improve the retail customer experience. Overall, the research showed that while consumers are willing to share more data for a better experience, there is no fast and easy

Fit Pay to provide payment capabilities for biometric ID ring Token

Payment and authentication firm Fit Pay, a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT-ID, announced it is providing payment capabilities for biometric identity ring startup Token. Currently available for presale for shipping in December, Token is a ring embedded with an ultra-compact fingerprint sensor and an optical proximity sensor that can be used for payments, access and several other applications. Expected to begin shipping to customers in December, Token replaces the need for most day-to-day credentials while using a proprietary continuous two-factor

Computer-Rx implements Crossmatch biometric ID technology

Crossmatch announced that pharmacy management solutions firm Computer-Rx has implemented its biometric identity management technology. Prior to selecting Crossmatch, Computer-Rx considered many competing technologies to replace usernames and passwords, including badge ID-scanning technologies. However, Computer-Rx chose Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics and its customizable DigitalPersona U.are.U SDK software for its attractive value proposition that includes a high level of security, improved operational efficiencies and convenient access to Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions. “We wanted to provide our users with a convenient and secure

OT-Morpho rolls out range of biometric payment cards

OT-Morpho has introduced what it calls “the market’s first” complete range of biometric payment cards. Biometric recognition occurs through a fingerprint sensor integrated into a fully EMV-compliant card. The cardholder’s fingerprint template is securely stored in the chip of the card. As the card is inserted into/tapped onto an EMV payment terminal, cardholders place their finger onto the sensor and an OT-Morpho algorithm matches the fingerprint to the template stored in the card, replacing the manual entry of a PIN.

ievo announces new fingerprint reader deployment

UK-based biometric recognition systems manufacturer ievo has supplied its “ultimate” fingerprint readers as an integral part of the security for the multi-million refurbishment and restoration of the Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels. The fingerprint readers have been installed at access turnstiles to both ends of the unique construction site, effectively securing access to the entire site and the construction staff. “Access through the two full height turnstiles at each end of the site is controlled by the biometric readers,” explained

WFP education program in Pakistan using biometrics to verify identity

The World Food Programme’s (WFP) first cash-based assistance initiative for secondary school girls in Pakistan will be supported by biometric attendance data. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Secretariat education program will serve the semi-autonomous tribal region in northwestern Pakistan, which will see participation from about 15,000 female students in 179 middle and high schools in 7 FATA agencies and the frontier regions. All girls who attend at least 80 percent of classes each month will receive a cash grant

Iris ID providing biometric ID technology at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport

Iris ID is providing biometric identification technology at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport in Dohato, enabling travelers to pass through self-service security e-gates in as little as 10 seconds. The two-step process is available for free to all Qatar residents, in which passengers are prompted to place their ID cards or passports on a reader which opens a gate to a second portal. Iris scans or fingerprint readers are then used to verify the traveler’s identity before opening the last barrier

Startek releases PIV certified fingerprint module FM300E for e-KYC

Taiwanese biometrics technology firm Startek has released fingerprint module FM300E, the company’s latest personal identity verification (PIV) certified solution for e-KYC (electronic know your customer) applications. FM300E includes the company’s identity verification and cloud-based fingerprint recognition technology called Bio-server. The new fingerprint module builds on the success of Startek’s FC320U (PIV certified), which is used as enrollment tool by various governments and banks worldwide for fingerprint databases. The CMOS-based optical sensor captures images and verifies fingerprints at a high speed.