VMware unveils AirWatch 8 with biometric integration

VMware recently unveiled AirWatch 8, the first major update to its enterprise mobility management platform since the company acquired AirWatch in January 2014, according to a report by Fierce Mobile IT. The AirWatch update includes hundreds of improvements to the system that simplify the mobile management process for IT and end users, as well as adds new features to enable the next generation of mobile enterprise apps. IT departments will benefit from unified endpoint management for almost all devices in

ElevenPaths offers two new biometric authentication and digital technology solutions

Telefónica cybersecurity subsidiary, ElevenPaths, announced it has integrated biometric authentication and digital signature technology into its identity solutions, according to a report by Computer Business Review. ElevenPaths’ new solutions, SmartID and SealSign, are based on technology developed by SmartAccess, which Telefónica previously acquired. SmartID combines different authenticators including smart cards, RFID/NFC devices and biometric fingerprint recognition to allow for more secure user authentication when accessing applications and physical equipment. In addition, SealSign is an electronic document-signing platform that works with

Non-EU nationals to undergo voluntary biometric screening at EU borders

US citizens and other non-EU nationals entering Europe will soon be asked to participate in facial, iris and fingerprint recognition upon arrival at six major airports, according to a report by the EU Observer. The pilot program is part of the EU’s Smart Borders initiative, which the EU implemented back in October to make it easier for foreigners who frequently travel to the EU as well as to monitor third-country nationals crossing the borders. The biometric identification process is voluntary,

Two UK banks integrate Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition into their mobile apps

UK banks RBS and Natwest both recently integrated Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology into their iPhone apps, allowing customers to login into their mobile accounts by scanning their thumbprint instead of entering a password, according to The Huffington Post. The move follows an increasing trend that customers are more than happy to ditch the conventional password for more advanced forms of security including biometrics. According to recent research conducted by financial software company Intelligent Environments, 80% of the British people

Biometric residence permits will now be mandatory for all first time visa applicants to UK

The UK government is making it mandatory for all first time visa applicants to the UK to apply for a biometric residence permit (BRP), according to a report by Relocate magazine. The move is an extension of the current rule, which requires non-European economic area nationals to apply for a BRP only when granted permission to extend their stay in the UK for more than a six-month period. All foreigners will be issued with a short validity “travel” sticker that

Istanbul Atatürk airport deploys biometric border control gates

TAV IT has implemented a new passport control system at Istanbul Atatürk Airport to expedite passenger waiting times for international flights, according to a report by RusTourismNews. The new fingerprint recognition system is in operation at four passport control points in the airport’s international terminal, including two e-gates on the arrivals floor and another two on the departures floor. TAV IT general manager Kemal Ünlü said that the new e-gates are designed to facilitate passenger flow at the airport. The

New biometric security patent for iPhone published

A recently published Apple patent protects enhanced security capabilities embedded in the iPhone, the firm’s flagship mobile device. The patent describes security features that can be added to the iPhone home button and Touch ID. The patent application lays out how a Touch ID sensor can be paired with an on-screen combination lock or other secondary security feature, requiring users to move their finger in certain directions to fully unlock a device. The patent’s abstract notes that an: “An electronic device [iPhone] may

NEXT Biometrics to supply 10,000 sensors to Taiwanese partner

NEXT Biometrics announced today that it has received a purchase order for 10,000 area sensors from a Taiwanese partner. According to a company news release, all 10,000 sensors that have been ordered are slated for delivery before the end of this year. Tore Etholm-Idsøe, CEO NEXT Biometrics said: “NEXT is the only player able to meet this market segment need of system quality, determined by sensor size, at mass market acceptable pricing.” The firm reports is excited to move forward

ImageWare to provide retailer with multi-modal biometric identity management on Fujitsu cloud

ImageWare Systems announced it has signed a three-year contract with an undisclosed major international retailer to provide its multi-modal biometric identity management product suite that runs on the Fujitsu Trusted S5 Cloud platform. According to the agreement, ImageWare’s IWS CloudID product suite will use face, finger, iris and voice authentication. The solution will operate on top of the Fujitsu Trusted Cloud S5 platform, a fully configured, on-demand cloud infrastructure. The biometric identification management solution will initially be implemented at the

ImageWare Systems issues financial results for Q2

ImageWare Systems reported its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2014, in addition to providing a corporate update to highlight the company’s progress since its last update in May. ImageWare earned revenues of $937,000 for Q2 2014, which is just slightly less than the same quarter last year when it earned $1.0 million. The company’s gross margin in the Q2 2014 increased by 410 basis points to 75.2%, as compared to 71.1% in Q2 2013. ImageWare attributes