Integrated Biometrics to debut LES fingerprint scanner for IoT devices at CES

Integrated Biometrics will showcase its first light-emitting sensor (LES) fingerprint scanner designed for use with internet of things (IoT) devices at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas. The new sensor is lightweight and compact, yet rugged and capable of performing under challenging conditions, according to the company. It produces reliable results with wet or dirty fingers without cleaning between scans, and has low power demands, making it suitable for indoor, outdoor, and mobile use, as well as busy public

Uruguay regulates legal marijuana program with Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanners

A controversial legal marijuana distribution program is underway in Uruguay, with Integrated Biometrics‘ fingerprint scanners enabling a range of government-imposed limitations, as well as allowing for user anonymity. Planning for the program began in the South American nation of 3.4 million people in 2014, when former President José Mujica singed a bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana, in limited amounts, by Uruguayan citizens. The bill, which gives the government control of every aspect of the marijuana trade from production

Biometrics firm JENETRIC optimizes interaction between LIVETOUCH quattro scanner and user

At next week’s connect:ID conference in Washington, D.C., German biometrics firm JENETRIC will be showcasing the new functions of its ID flat scanner, the LIVETOUCH quattro. In a statement, the company says the interaction between the scanner and user has been further optimized. The user is guided through the fingerprint recording process and typical errors within the fingerprint capture process are identified and animations displayed directly on the scanner’s screen help the user to achieve high quality fingerprint images. For

Google uses revamped Nexus 5 with fingerprint scanner to demonstrate Android Pay

Google has posted a new video in which product manager Maya Ben-Ari uses a Nexus 5 smartphone to demonstrate some of the new Android M features, such as its fingerprint scanning for its upcoming Android Pay service, according to a report by Phandroid. Since there is currently no Nexus device that features a fingerprint reader, Google retrofitted a Nexus 5 smartphone with a fingerprint reader, which may or may not be a hint that the company will release a revamped

NexID Biometrics begins shipping version 2.0 of fake finger detection solution

NexID Biometrics LLC announced at Connect:ID Expo it has begun shipping version 2.0 of its fake-finger-detection (FFD) solution. Version 2.0 of NextID’s SDK significantly increases the accuracy rate range to 96.5 to 99.5 percent in detecting fraudulent identification attempts across various fingerprint-sensor types, such as touch or swipe, as well as technologies including optical, capacitance, and other fingerprint sensor technologies. NexID develops and licenses fake-finger-detection — also known as liveness-detection — software, enabling fingerprint-scanning technologies to authenticate scanned images more

Touchscreens with embedded fingerprint scanner to be released by summer: CrucialTec CEO

In a recent interview with the Korea Herald, CrucialTec CEO Charles Ahn said that the company was on the verge of revealing a touchscreen panel with a built-in fingerprint scanner. Currently fingerprint scanners require users to swipe or press their fingertips against a dedicated button, such as the iPhone’s Home button or the HTC One Max’s rear touch panel. Ahn said only two companies are currently able to produce such panels, called a Matrix-Switching Touchscreen Panel or MS-TSP, adding that

Australian police to enforce mandatory on-the-spot fingerprint scans

South Australian Attorney General John Rau is introducing new legislation that could potentially give police the power to enforce mandatory on-the-spot fingerprint scans, according to a report by the Herald Sun. Under new legislation set to be released for consultation, any individual who does not comply with a police request for an on-the-spot fingerprint scan could face three months in prison or a fine of up to $1,250. Rau said the fingerprint scans will not be random and a set

Fulcrum Biometrics to sell SMUFS Biometrics’ mobile fingerprint scanners

Fulcrum Biometrics has signed a global distribution deal to sell SMUFS Biometric Solutions (SBS) line of FIPS 201/PIV Bluetooth and wireless fingerprint compact mobile scanners. Fulcrum Biometrics develops FbF mobileOne Quickdock for iOS that enables Apple device users to connect a fingerprint reader directly to the device. However, in cases where it isn’t practical to have the scanner attached to the device, SBS’s wireless technology allows for undocked fingerprint capture, ensuring that only the fingerprint reader is touched by users.

Venezuela government installing 20,000 fingerprint readers to curb food smuggling

The Venezuelan government will install 20,000 fingerprint recognition readers to prevent smugglers from purchasing goods in the country at lower prices with the intention of reselling them on the black market, according to a report by TeleSUR. Previously reported, the Venezuelan government first announced last August it would soon introduce fingerprint scanners at supermarkets in an effort to ration individuals’ food purchases and prevent food smuggling. In December it was noted that the government had ordered thousands of Suprema BioMini

identiMetrics partners with Harris to provide biometric identification system for school cafeterias

K-12 school nutrition technology firm Harris School Nutrition Solutions recently partnered with biometrics identification solutions firm identiMetrics to provide high quality finger scanners, software and services. identiMetrics’ fingerprint recognition system provides a cost-effective and accurate replacement for swipe-card readers, barcode readers, and PIN pads which allows schools and school districts to boost accountability, improve operations and increase security. Harris will incorporate identiMetrics’ finger scanning ID system into their flagship web-based solution, eTrition, for point-of-sale. No additional software customization will be