Fingerprint Cards announces partnership with Linxens

Fingerprint Cards has announced a partnership with Linxens, a designer and manufacturer of microconnectors for smartcards and RFID antennas. The partnership, targeted towards card manufacturers, will see Fingerprint Cards providing its T-Shape sensor module for Linxens’ contactless fingerprint-on-card Prelam. According to a company statement, Linxens’ Prelam technology integrates and connects all the functional components of a smartcard and can be converted into finished cards by means of standard smartcard machinery and processes. As well, Linxens’ tape technology makes the fingerprint

New deployments of FPC fingerprint and iris technology

The BitVault blockchain phone, which recently launched in London, is powered by Fingerprint Cards’ ActiveIRIS and the FPC1028 touch fingerprint sensor. The BitVault is a secure communication device providing a range of blockchain services such as messaging, banking, calling, document transfer, media vault as well as a secure blockchain developer platform. According to an FPC statement, with FPC1028’s maximum biometric performance combined with ActiveIRIS iris recognition, and NFC technology, the BitVault is the most secure device on the market for

Google Pixel 2 has integrated CrucialTec fingerprint module, sources say

Google has integrated a fingerprint recognition module exclusively developed by CrucialTec for its upcoming line of Pixel 2 smartphones, according to sources cited in a report by Korea Herald. “CrucialTec is preparing to supply its fingerprint solution Biometric TrackPad for Google’s Pixel 2 series,” a source said. “The Korean company has been a major supplier for past Google phones from the Nexus series to the predecessor Pixel 1.” The company was the first to supply its Biometric TrackPad (BTP) for

Fingerprint Cards tech featured in Huawei Honor 7X

Fingerprint Cards‘ touch sensor FPC1028 has been integrated in Huawei’s Honor 7X smartphone. The FPC1028 supports FPC 360Touch, FPC OneTouch, FPC TouchNroll, FPC EvoTouch and FPC MoveTouch. Just last month it was revealed that the FPC1028 had been integrated in Huawei’s recently launched Maimang 6 smartphone. At the time, Ted Hansson, SVP Business Line Mobile at Fingerprints commented, “I’m delighted to see our industry-leading technology featured in this launch. Not only is this the first commercial smartphone launch with FPC1028,

IDEX demonstrates contactless fingerprint sensor for card applications

IDEX is now demonstrating its flexible, low power fingerprint sensor suitable for all contactless cards applications operating with standard NFC terminals. The move follows IDEX’s launch earlier this year of its low power, low cost ASIC specifically designed for contactless biometric card applications. Soon after the release of the ASIC, IDEX released a new flexible fingerprint sensor incorporating this new ASIC. IDEX has begun sampling this new sensor for both contact and contactless card applications after actively demonstrating the sensor

Microsoft releases keyboard featuring fingerprint reader for secure logins

Microsoft recently released a premium keyboard with a fingerprint reader, which is designed to help users improve security and quickly log into their accounts, according to a report by eWeek. The Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, which retails for $129.99, is equipped with Fingerprints Cards’ FPC1025 touch fingerprint sensor, making it the first keyboard to include a “hidden” fingerprint sensor in a conventional key. And while there is no sensor strip to give away its presence or impact the

Isorg, FlexEnable win award for high-resolution flexible plastic fingerprint sensor

Isorg announced that its first large-sized high-resolution flexible plastic fingerprint sensor, which it co-developed with FlexEnable, won the 2017 Best of Sensors Expo – Silver Applications Award. The ultra-thin 500 dpi flexible image sensor (sensitive from visible to near infrared) offers significant benefits for system integrators in performance and compactness. The sensor is able to conform to three-dimensional shapes, which differentiates it from conventional image sensors. The device provides dual detection: fingerprinting in addition to vein matching. The device’s large-area

IDEX launches low-power fingerprint sensor for contactless smartcards

IDEX has launched a flexible, low-power fingerprint sensor designed to be used in contactless smartcards operating with standard NFC terminals. Designed specifically for proven standard mass production processes, the fingerprint sensor has power management capabilities which can be used in a biometric card without a battery. “The launch of our new low power sensor enables a new generation of commercially viable contactless biometric cards,” said Dr. Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX. “This solution significantly expands our market opportunity driven by

FPC touch sensor FPC1145 featured in new HiSense A2 smartphone

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) announced that HiSense A2 smartphone has launched featuring the company’s fingerprint sensor FPC1145. Making its debut last week at CES 2017, HiSense’s new A2-Dual Screen Phone features a dual screen, a set of cameras (16MP with flash and 5MP), fingerprint sensor, microSD card slot, a 3Ah battery, and dual-SIM card slots. The touch sensor FPC1145 delivers 3D pixel sensing technology that reads nearly any finger, regardless of whether it is dry or wet. The sensor’s elongated shape

Goodix recognized for its live fingerprint detection sensor

Goodix has been named a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Winner in the Embedded Technologies Category for its live fingerprint detection sensor. Products entered in this program are judged by a panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 28 product categories. Goodix`s live fingerprint authentication solution captures the biometrics of the finger itself combined with heartbeat authentication. The two-factor process