Securiport honored for biometric identification solution for border security

Securiport announced it has been honored for the best biometric identification system for border security at the 2015 Homeland Security Awards, held by Government Security News (GSN) Magazine. To be presented on December 8 in Washington, DC., the annual awards program honors the top vendors of IT and physical security solutions as well as the federal, state, county and municipal government agencies. Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services offer global governments a full suite of security products that effectively

Fintech experts say mobile and biometric authentication to replace PINs within five years

Financial technology experts are predicting that the PIN number will be obsolete within the next five years as banks turn to biometric authentication technology, such as fingerprint, vein pattern and voice recognition, according to a report by The Telegraph. Banks will encourage their customers to use biometric readers or contactless payments at retail stores and ticket terminals instead of the standard “chip and PIN” system, by offering discounts and arguing that the technology offers a more secure transaction. Several major

Crossmatch, LEID Products showcase biometrics solutions for law enforcement at IACP

Crossmatch and LEID Products, LLC are both showcasing their biometric solutions for law enforcement agencies at this week’s International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) trade show. The trade show, held at McCormick Place West in Chicago from October 24-27, features more than 650 companies and their products for law enforcement agencies, including tactical equipment, weaponry, asset management, intelligence technology and more. Crossmatch launched its new DigitalPersona Mobile ID application and Commander mobile device management software, which provide law enforcement

Biometrics markets in India and Middle East: analyst reports

Research analyst groups TechNavio and TechSci have separately published reports on the Middle East and India biometric markets, respectively. TechNavio’s report is titled “Biometric Market In Middle East 2015-2019“, which covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the biometrics market in the Middle East for the period 2015-2019. The analysts state that the market is highly fragmented with a large number of small and large vendors, which are detailed in the report. The report also identifies the major

ZKAccess releases multi-biometric access control device

ZKAccess announced it has released its FV 350, which it claims is the industry’s first multi-biometric finger vein and fingerprint recognition access control reader. FV 350 is able to capture and process both finger vein and fingerprint biometric data simultaneously. Authorized users can enroll and authenticate themselves fast and seamlessly by simply pressing their finger on the device’s combined fingerprint/vein sensor. The device will then illuminate the user’s finger vein pattern and capture both their finger vein and fingerprint minutiae

Next-generation biometrics market to reach $24.4B by 2020: Report

Markets and Markets recently published a 178-page report addressing the next-generation biometrics market, which is expected to undergo a 17.9% CAGR to reach $24.4 billion by 2020. This forecasted growth in the global biometrics market over the next five years can be attributed to numerous drivers, including government initiatives across the world to adopt biometrics systems for the purpose of identification and verification, the introduction of e-passports, and the use of biometrics in criminal identification. As such, the use of

Westpac Bank looks at expanding its use of biometric authentication technology

Australia’s Westpac Bank is expanding its use of biometric identification technologies to authenticate customers on its mobile banking app, according to a report by IT News for Australian Business. Westpac subsidiary St George began offering its customers the option of using Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology available on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to log in to its mobile banking application. St George offered the same option to those customers with Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, and

Hong Kong government investing US$387m upgrading biometric ID cards

The Hong Kong government plans to invest US$387 million to upgrade citizen ID cards with facial recognition capabilities, according to Future Gov Asia Pacific. According to the Legislative Council Panel on Security, the new biometric ID cards will contain a chip with increased capacity to store a higher resolution photo on it. The government will then be able to use facial recognition technology to read and verify the image on the chip. The increase storage capacity will also allow for

NEC to provide biometric identification solution to LA County Sheriff’s department

NEC has signed a multi-year service agreement with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide them with its flagship multimodal biometrics identification solution. Under the agreement terms, NEC will provide the LASD with its multimodal biometrics identification solution Integra ID 5 for their current and future identification needs. Integra ID 5 service oriented architecture includes built-in support for various biometrics modalities including fingerprint, palmprint, face, iris, voice and DNA. The service offerings also include NEC’s fingerprint and NeoFace facial recognition

How to procure a livescan system: an objective guide for decision-makers

This guide is intended to help you clearly define your assumptions and requirements in order to create an RFP (Request for Proposal) for one or more LiveScan fingerprint identification devices. This in turn will ensure that your expectations will be fulfilled and your implementation timeframes met.