BluStor to launch innovative consumer password product at RSA

The security industry has already accepted the end of the traditional access control regime of usernames and passwords. What shape the shift will take is less certain, however. BluStor believes it has the answer, in the form of a smart card that acts as a local-storage password manager secured by multi-factor biometrics. At the upcoming RSA Conference, Feb. 13 to 17 in San Francisco, BluStor will unveil its Password Vault, which due to its ease of use as a companion

BluStor begins shipping new personal biometric identification solution next month

Next month, BluStor begins shipping its new personal biometric identification solution, CyberGate Mobile Enterprise Credentials (MEC). According to a statement by the company, BluStor’s biometric identification and data storage product includes AutoLogN and Mobile PassWord Vault (PWV), features that enable automatic authentication to a user’s devices and websites, subsequently eliminating the need for usernames, passwords or pins. “Companies spend billions of dollars to secure the cloud and the devices, but the weakest link in the whole chain of mobile security

BluStor to participate in Amazon’s LaunchPad program

BluStor has partnered with Amazon’s start-up program LaunchPad to fulfill e-commerce sales of its new personal biometric identification solution, CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB). The CyberGate SMB is a sophisticated, wireless, personal biometric identification and data storage card that fits into a wallet or purse. Supporting multi-factor biometric authentication, the card replaces, or can augment, traditional usernames, passwords, and PIN numbers with an ultra-secure, multi-factor biometric authentication system. The system securely stores data only on the device, ensuring that personal

BluStor to launch CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase in March

BluStor has announced that it will begin shipping its CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB) next month. The SMB will ship in March, with a special introductory discount price of US$179.95 being offered for the first 1,000 units sold. All 1,000 units will include BluStor firmware, the GateKeeper application, and a software development kit, with free downloadable application upgrades for 12 months. The Secure Mobile Briefcase is a sophisticated, wireless, personal biometric identification and data storage card that fits into a

BluStor running Indiegogo campaign for its CyberGate solution

BluStor has launched an Indiegogo campaign to promote its CyberGate product. Finis Conner, the firm’s founder and CEO describes CyberGate as a personalized and secured biometric smart card. The card can easily and safely be tucked away in your wallet. Protected by biometrics, the card can both hold and safeguard all your passwords, identity documents, and credit cards. “Cyber security and protecting your personal information has never been more important as online attacks increase at an unprecedented rate,” stated Conner

Interview: Finis Conner, Founder and CEO, BluStor

In today’s mobile world, size and capacity are important considerations — two things serial entrepreneur Finis Conner is used to keeping in mind. Conner is a hardware veteran, having founded Seagate in 1979 and having created the first 5.25-inch hard drive used in the Macintosh. He later started a company called Conner Peripherals and developed the now common 3.5-inch drive for personal computers. In 1990, Conner Peripherals set a record by reaching $1.337 billion in sales in four years, without