PSCU blocks $1 million in fraud in one month using Pindrop technology

Credit union service organization PCSU announced that it is extending Pindrop’s call center authentication technology to all of its owner credit unions, building on a partnership which has identified hundreds of fraudulent calls since PCSU began testing Pindrop in Q4 2017. More than 300 cases of confirmed fraud were caught by Pindrop’s authentication solution in the first month of the test, allowing PCSU to proactively block the attempts, and generate an estimated $1 million in savings, based on an average

Baltimore Police to implement biometric time and attendance to prevent overtime fraud

The Baltimore Police Department want officers to scan their fingerprints at the beginning and end of shifts to prove they’ve worked the hours claimed on their payslips, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun. Department spokesperson T.J. Smith said the department is in the early phases of implementing the biometric technology, but do not have an estimate for when officers will begin using it or how much the system will cost. According to the report, the move comes amid

HYPR showcasing decentralized authentication solutions at CES

This week at CES, HYPR Corp. CEO George Avetisov and CTO Bojan Simic are demonstrating how HYPR is being deployed across the Fortune 500 to prevent future breaches. HYPR decentralized authentication solutions offer enterprises an innovative approach to eliminating fraud and reducing the risk of large-scale credentials breaches. With more than 25 million users secured across the Fortune 500, HYPR will demonstrate the power, use cases and benefits of decentralized security. The showcase includes some of the leading use cases

Pindrop voice authentication solution certified by Amazon Connect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has certified Pindrop’s fraud detection and authentication capabilities for use with Amazon Connect, enabling customers to secure call centers with Pindrop’s self-service integration, according to a Monday announcement. Pindrop’s certified native integration with Amazon Connect’s cloud-based contact center enables customers to establish risk scores and authenticate callers. The company is one of the first APN Partners for Amazon Connect. As previously reported, Pindrop research shows call center fraud has increased by over 100 percent year-over-year, and

Yoti launches digital identity app to general availability

Digital identity provider Yoti has launched its flagship mobile app to Apple’s App Store and Google Play to enable users to prove their identity easily and securely in person or online. The launch is the culmination of efforts by a team of more than 180 people at the firm, which was founded in 2014. Yoti provides a secure identity platform for consumers and businesses to combat identity fraud. Users can prove their age, or identity to businesses, confirm the identity

Eckoh receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for voice biometrics on phone payments patent

Secure payment products and customer contact solutions provider Eckoh has been notified by the US Patent and Trademark Office that it will be awarded a patent for its concept for improving security of phone payments. Eckoh’s new process uses both voice biometrics to authenticate a caller, and a phone ‘footprint’ to authenticate the caller’s mobile device. The dual authentication process increases the merchant’s confidence that the caller genuinely is the cardholder. The company says it is working with global industry

Jumio upgrades trusted identity as a service platform

Jumio has launched its upgraded trusted identity as a service platform to combat growing online threats, increased sophistication by fraudsters and high-profile cryptocurrency hacks. The company’s latest Netverify solution suite includes expanded functionality to make its machine learning-powered online identity verification service significantly smarter, faster, and more scalable. The upgraded trusted identity as a service platform takes a hybrid approach combining computer vision technology, machine learning, biometrics and human experts to quickly and accurately verify credentials, such as passports and driver’s

Mitek, Asignio partner to deliver complete identity-as-a-service solution

Mitek has partnered with Asignio to provide a complete identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution. By providing identity verification combined with biometric authentication, Asignio and Mitek are able to enter new markets and explore new market verticals. The companies will provide verified identity, secure authentication, and improved user experience all in one IDaaS package, helping customers meet the security needs of their users while complying with new and upcoming regulations. “Combining Mitek’s ID verification capabilities with Asignio’s easy-to-use, handwriting-based authentication system provides secure

BioCatch VP touts behavioral biometrics as wave of the future

Behavioral biometrics is a breakthrough cybersecurity technology that identifies people by how they do what they do, rather than by their physical characteristics, what they know, or by the authentication technology they possess. Behavioral biometrics is defined as the measurement and analysis of human activity patterns. Historically, these have included keystroke patterns, gait, and handwritten signatures. However, today’s advanced behavioral biometric techniques now capture a wider array of human interactions between a device and an application, such as hand-eye coordination,

NuData picks up leader award from Javelin Strategy and Research

NuData Security has been designated Leader in the Innovation category in the 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Awards by Javelin Strategy & Research. NuData’s flagship product line, NuDetect identifies authentic users over fraudulent ones, at the time of account creation, based on their online, mobile and smartphone interactions by collecting their usage information and assigning a risk score to an individual or transaction. The solution integrates behavioral biometrics, behavioral analysis, device and access intelligence and a database of events across its