Behavioral biometrics helps spot the bad apples before they spoil the game

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, vice president of customer success at NuData Security. The online gaming industry is heating up. According to, it brought in more than $41 billion worldwide this year. Technology, both on the desktop and on mobile devices, has been the driving force behind the phenomenal growth. Unfortunately, while it’s easier to play than ever before, the new technology also lets more organized cyber criminals defraud poker sites and their good players. Fraudsters

LaserLock signs $7M contract with Mexican gaming company for biometric authentication service

LaserLock Technologies has announced that it has signed a 10-year, $7 million contract with a Mexican gaming company for its VerifyMe Identity and authentication services. “This is a new milestone in our fight to deliver viable, strong authentication technology to the marketplace and speaks volumes to the underlying technology that makes up VerifyMe,” Neil S. Alpert, CEO of LaserLock said. “The current system, in which passwords are so easily hacked and online and financial security so vulnerable, needs to be

Stanford Researchers Develop Video Game Controller with Biometric Sensors

A Stanford University research team has modified an Xbox 360 control pad to measure a player’s heart rate, rate of breath, deepness of breath, and movement to calculate how excited a player is by the game. Creator Gregory Kovacs, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, told Stanford News that he replaced the back of the controller with his own customized device which features metal sensor pads, a light-operated sensor and an accelerometer. Using biometric sensors, the modded controller takes

Top consumer biometric gadgets for 2013

It’s this time of year that the term “gadget” gets thrown around quite a bit. “Gifts for the gadget-lover on your list,” “the year’s best gadgets,” “joy for gadget-hungry consumers” and “last-minute gadget gift ideas” are just a few of the lines I’ve heard on TV in the last couple of hours. Snuggies, coffee makers, clock radios – these are shelf-filler at best. Let’s be honest, biometric devices are the ultimate “gadgets.” They’re just starting to make their mark on

Extreme Reality closes $10M Series D as it eyes biometric and security markets

Extreme Reality, a 3D human body motion control and analysis software company, has raised a Series D funding round of $10 million. According to the company, the new funding comes on the heels of a few successful integrations (notably with SEGA) and also as the company plans an expansion into security and biometrics spaces. How its system could be leveraged in a biometric environment is as of yet unknown, though the applications are obvious, seeing as 3D-mapping allows for more

Still no biometrics in Steam controller, but could an earlobe-sensing VR headset be on the horizon?

Video game development is rapid and the gaming experience has become so immersive, it’s hard to imagine the graphics and games that seemed so impressive twenty years ago. Valve, along with many other platform developers is trying to include biometrics and biofeedback into the gaming experience, but this has proven to be a pretty challenging task. There have been amazing innovations in game writing, graphics and customizability, but one aspect of gaming that’s remained pretty static is user input. Sure,

Microsoft says facial recognition not retained, transmitted by Xbox One

As a part of a detailed disclosure on privacy, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will not retain the facial data of its users. It has been long reported that through a built in Kinect camera, the Xbox One will employ facial recognition. This news has been of concern to many prospective buyers for the anticipated platform launch, especially amid other reports that Microsoft has supplied personal information of its users to the NSA. Reported in CVG, the company

OBJE acquires Novalon Games in push for ‘biometric gaming revolution’

OBJ Enterprises has announced that it has acquired development studio Novalon Games. This isn’t the first involvement that OBJE has had in Novalon however. Last year, Novalon was founded as a joint venture between OBJE and Source Street. Now, by owning all of the company’s assets, OBJE says its ready to pivot itself into a major player in the gaming space, Reuters reported Monday. The financial terms of this deal have not been disclosed. Reported previously in, just last

Obscene Interactive looks to biometrics for new game development

OBJ Enterprises says it’s looking to capitalize on new trends in gaming for 2014, and chief among these trends is biometrics. “Biometric applications for medically themed games is obvious, and providing fun and interactive apps for the global health industry will be a focus of ours moving forward,” OBJE CEO Paul Watson said. “But medicine is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re in talks now with potential partners that are developing social games that use biometrics to detect lies,

Valve shows off new Steam controller, leaves out biometrics

Valve revealed a new controller for its Steam gaming platform, but the new device does not include support for biometrics, despite some heavy hints dropped by the company’s CEO earlier this year. Reported previously in, in an interview with The Verge, Valve CEO Gabe Newell said “we think that, unlike motion input where we kind of struggled to come up with ideas, [there’s potential in] biometrics. We have lots of ideas.” What the new controller does offer however, is