Sony confirms facial recognition for PS4

It’s been confirmed that Sony’s widely-anticipated PlayStation 4 console will include facial recognition, validating some long-standing rumors and leaks. Specifically, the new system will recognize faces with a Kinect-style camera sold separately. There has been a huge push to make the gaming more immersive, and biometrics is an obvious step in creating that user experience. How the camera and facial recognition will be used in the PS4 has yet to be seen, but identification seems to be a focus of

Xbox One to feature biometric targeted advertisements

Now that both Microsoft and Sony have announced new platform offerings, details are starting to slowly emerge, and biometrics have come up in conversations more than once –most recently, in regards to the Xbox One and its use of facial recognition ad-targeting. According to an interview in SickTwiddlers, through the system’s Kinect camera, ads can be targeted based on who is seen sitting in front of the console and is something the company has considered very seriously.  Dashboard advertisements are a core

Sony to say goodbye to DualShock, hello to biometrics

Sony may soon be retiring the Playstation’s DualShock controller in favour of a new biometric solution, an unnamed development source has told CVG. In a CVG report last week, a senior games studio source working on a new Sony game said the new system’s controller has gone through numerous experiments and iterations “few of which resemble the DualShock build that has become synonymous with PlayStation.” The source also hinted that versions of the new controller include biometric sensors on the

Valve to create video game console with biometric controllers, gaze tracking

Valve has announced it will begin to make a Linux-powered console video game system and has plans to integrate biometrics into its controllers. “This is not some locked box by any stretch of the imagination,” Valve CEO Gabe Newell said in an interview with The Verge. “We think that, unlike motion input where we kind of struggled to come up with ideas, [there’s potential in] biometrics. We have lots of ideas.” “Motion just seems to be a way of [thinking]

Nintendo, 2K, Gatorade team up to measure virtual biometrics

In a recent Developer Insight video promoting upcoming video game NBA 2K13 for the Nintendo Wii U, 2K Sports producer Ben Bishop introduced the new “Gatorade Biometric Scan,” which allows gamers to keep track of their players’ status and energy levels instantly, nintendolife reported. Widely-speculated to be one of the hottest tickets this holiday season, the Nintendo Wii U recently made its debut in the United States and has many people buzzing about its unique gamepad orientation and innovative approaches