NovaTeqni, Mobizent to develop custom biometrics device for U.S. federal sector

NovaTeqni Corporation has entered into a manufacturing, development and sales agreement with Mobizent LLC for the manufacturing and sale of the new MobiCHKII mobile biometrics handheld device intended for the United States’ federal sector. Additionally, NovaTeqni will also develop and provide the MobiCONNECT device for Mobizent. The biometrics enabled handheld devices — which enables on the spot identification using fingerprints or smartcards — have applications within the law enforcement, public safety, border patrol, corporate security operations, event security, refugee control

AMREL incorporates Integrated Biometrics fingerprint technology in its FBI certified rugged biometric handheld

AMREL announced that the FBI has certified its XP7-ID rugged biometric handheld. AMREL developed the XP7-ID in cooperation with Integrated Biometrics. Fingerprints are captured by Sherlock, an Integrated Biometrics module which utilizes a state-of-the-art light emitting sensor. This sensor uses very little power, needs less maintenance than traditional methods, and captures FAP-45 quality images. “This is an important milestone not just for us, but for the security and law enforcement community,” explains Richard Lane, AMREL Vice President of Strategic Business

NEC and GAI deliver mobile biometric collection technology to ICE

NEC and Government Acquisitions (GAI) have successfully delivered NEC Corporation of America’s NeoScan45 mobile fingerprint capture devices to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In an effort to enhance existing fixed platform capabilities, ICE will integrate the 2 and 10 print mobile biometric collection devices to allow collection of biometrics in the field. According to a statement by NEC, being able to identify and or verify subjects at the first point of encounter is essential for officer safety, timely and

Morpho launches MorphoRapID 2 handheld biometric device

Using Morpho‘s fingerprint and face matching algorithms, and multiple credential readers, MorphoRapID 2 gives law enforcement, border control, immigration and airport security officers the tools to perform real-time operations in the field. Handheld and 4G wireless with an Android operating system and large color touchscreen, MorphoRapID 2 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor certified FAP 30 by the FBI and a high resolution camera and enables remote identification by capturing and transmitting to an automated biometric identification system (ABIS) a

Corvus releases handheld multimodal biometrics capture and verification solution

Corvus Integration announced it has released the Unity Handheld MultiModal Biometric solution, a lightweight and rugged device designed for mobile and dynamic environments in which identities must be quickly captured and verified. Unity is powered by Raven, Corvus’ identity management software that provides a complete identification and matching capability. The software offers an intuitive interface that supports the enrollment and export of biographical and biometric data in standard data formats. Unity can be used for a range of applications, such

Special Report: Mobile Biometrics Market Analysis

This report by Biometrics Research Group, Inc. examines the growing drivers for mobile biometric authentication and modes of biometric standardization. The report finds that the inclusion of biometrics in mobile devices will generate approximately US$9 billion worth of revenue by 2018 for the biometrics industry, not just through unlocking mobile devices through security applications, but also through multi-factor authentication services and the approval of instant electronic payments. The report also notes that IT consumerization will ultimately act as a catalyst

Grabba receives technology innovation award at Homeland Security Week

Grabba International Pty Ltd announced it has received the ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ award at Homeland Security Week 2015. The recognition comes on the heels of Grabba winning a US$2 million contract to roll out a second stage pilot project at 10 U.S. international airports as part of the Biometric Exit (BE) Mobile Experiment. Grabba’s line of data capture devices include three different models: the S-Series, NCage-Series and Q-Series. The devices are able to perform data capturing, verification, or

Denver and Nebraska police using Morpho fingerprint identification devices

The Denver police department will be equipped with Morpho’s MorphoIDent handheld fingerprint devices to help officers identify suspects who lie about their identity, according to a report by CBS Denver. The City of Denver announced the $260,000 purchase of the fingerprint identification technology as part of its 2016 budget. The MorphoIDent device works as an extension of traditional biometric access control systems, enabling real-time identification based on Morpho’s biometric technology. The optical scanner is fully FBI PIV-IQS certified and offers

VAMPIRE tactical forensic device: Q&A with Adam Weiner of Booz Allen Hamilton

Law enforcement is increasingly adopting biometric technology to equip police officers with more efficient and timely approaches to criminal investigation. Booz Allen Hamilton’s VAMPIRE tactical forensic device has become one of the leading biometric solutions adopted by numerous law enforcement agencies to conduct real-time forensic collection and analysis in field. Most recently, the Baltimore police force purchased five VAMPIRE portable devices to help crime scene technicians to better solve criminal cases. Equipped with fingerprint analysis capability, VAMPIRE is able to

Crossmatch handheld device recognized as Biometric Identification Device of 2015 by GSN

Crossmatch announced that its Verifier Sentry handheld device has been awarded the Biometric Identification Device of 2015 by Government Security News (GSN). The award was presented at GSN’s annual Airport, Seaport and Border Security Awards competition which recognizes the border security solutions and practices of technology firms, government agencies, scientists and executives, transportation and law enforcement agencies and others. Launched last year, the Android-based Verifier Sentry is designed to authenticate the identity of an individual by reading their credential documents