Microsoft releases keyboard featuring fingerprint reader for secure logins

Microsoft recently released a premium keyboard with a fingerprint reader, which is designed to help users improve security and quickly log into their accounts, according to a report by eWeek. The Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, which retails for $129.99, is equipped with Fingerprints Cards’ FPC1025 touch fingerprint sensor, making it the first keyboard to include a “hidden” fingerprint sensor in a conventional key. And while there is no sensor strip to give away its presence or impact the

Aware announces quarterly earnings

Aware has reported financial results for its first quarter which ended March 31, 2017. Revenue for the first quarter of 2017 was $4.3 million, a 10 percent decrease compared to $4.8 million in the same quarter last year. Operating income in the first quarter of 2017 was $0.4 million compared to $0.9 million in the first quarter of 2016. The decrease in revenue and operating income were primarily due to lower imaging software license sales and no hardware sales that

ZKAccess brings integrated biometric solutions to global marketplace via partnerships

Biometrics and RFID security solutions provider ZKAccess has formed technology partnerships with Lenel, Amag, RS2, and Schneider-Electric to provide advanced integrated biometric security solutions to their customers. ZKAccess’ ZKBioPack software now allows for the integration of ZKAccess biometric readers with RS2 Technology’s Access IT! access control software. RS2 Technologies customers can launch the ZKBioPack software application from within their Access It! software interface and Schneider Electric customers can also launch the ZKBioPack software application from within their Continuum software interface

Biometric smart mouse uses pressure sensors to authorize identity of computer user

A Raytheon network security engineer has been awarded a patent for a computer mouse equipped with biometric pressure sensors that is able to authenticate a user’s identity, according to a report by Digital Trends. Filed by Glenn Kaufman, patent No. 8,762,734 is for a smart gun-inspired biometric pressure grip that can be integrated into different parts of a computer mouse to track a user’s biometrics in the form of a pressure reading. The neurological pattern taken from an individual’s exact

Trustonic, Fingerprint Cards to secure FIDO Ready biometric authentication on smart devices

Trustonic and Fingerprint Cards AB announced they have partnered to secure FIDO Ready secure biometric authentication on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The partnership centers on FPCs touch fingerprint sensors (FPC1020, FPC1021 and FPC1150) and sensor driver software that are developed to take advantage of Trustonic

Cross Match to offer biometrics solutions through UK government cloud

Cross Match has just announced the debut of its biometric solutions to enable criminal booking, mobile ID, enrollment and border verification, and identification on the UK’s G-Cloud CloudStore. CloudStore is an online marketplace where suppliers can offer their software, infrastructure or platform “as a service” to the UK public sector via the G-Cloud framework. The G-Cloud framework provides vendors with the opportunity to sell ready-to-deploy services to public sector clients instantly. The G-Cloud framework provides a simplified, streamlined process for

Credit union offers biometric fingerprint scanning solution to members

Service 1st Federal Credit Union is now offering members biometric fingerprint scanning authentication, developed by RG2 Solutions, according to a report by Credit Union Journal. Service 1st FCU will offer the fingerprint scanning authentication to 23,500 members at eight branch locations. This is the second time Service 1st FCU has tried using biometric fingerprint scanning. In 2008, it partnered with U.S. Biometrics Corp., but two years later the company folded and Service 1st FCU was stranded “without any support and

Intel drops facial recognition from TV set-top box, and why cable needs to ‘get the net’

I haven’t had a cable TV subscription in a long time, and it’s not because I’m too good for TV. It’s because the internet is a much better delivery medium and as online entertainment models surge forward, cable companies have found themselves either unable or unwilling to adapt. Pricing is through the roof, commercial breaks are increasingly intolerable and loud, and 30% of the channels users are forced to buy under cable subscriptions aren’t relevant or interesting. This isn’t to

IMRON launches access control system with new ACP integration, support for biometrics

IMRON Corporation has just announced that its IS2000 access control platform now integrates with the company’s ACP open hardware platform. According to the company, the new IS2000 integration includes support for biometric templates and communicates natively on TCP/IP networks. In addition to the support for biometrics, the new system also includes provisions for elevator control, anti-passback as well as duress entry and video analysis. “The addition of the ACP Hardware Platform provides our customers with tremendous options at a significantly reduced

Neurotechnology launches MegaMatcher 6.0, SDK updates

Neurotechnology has announced new releases across its line of biometric SDKs, including the addition of facial biometrics to the new MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0. The MegaMatcher Accelerator is a multi-modal software and hardware combination. Now, with its new facial biometric capabilities, boasts matching speeds of up to 100 million templates per second and the solution has a capacity of up to 10 million faces on a single server. “Faces can now be matched at the same speed level as fingerprints and irises