UB researchers have developed heart scan authentication system

A University of Buffalo-led research team has developed a contactless authentication system that can scan the dimensions of a user’s heart as an identifier to authenticate devices. “Logging-in and logging-out are tedious,” said Wenyao Xu, assistant professor at the University of Buffalo’s department of computer science and engineering and the lead author of “Cardiac Scan: A Non-Contact and Continuous Heart-Based User Authentication System”, a paper to be presented next month at MobiCom. Xu added that the system would be the

Bionym rebrands to Nymi and launches new product kit

Bionym announced today that it has changed its name to Nymi Inc. and that its first product will now be called the “Nymi Band”. Founded in 2011, Nymi is a spin-off from the University of Toronto, focused on delivering unique and usable digital identity solutions. The firm’s Nymi Band is a biometric wristband that can seamlessly confirm a user’s identity to unlock devices and remember passwords using a person’s unique heart signature, known as an electrocardiogram, or ECG. The core

Olea launches new multi-sensor platform

Olea Sensor Networks has announced the launch of its new OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition Platform, which the company will be demonstrating at CES along with Technicolor to demonstrate “connected car services.” Specifically, Olea’s OS-3001 sensor platform integrates a variety of new sensors, including the company’s HeartSensor, which captures a person’s unique heart signal. This will be shown off alongside Technicolor’s Virdata infrastructure for cloud-based device and application monitoring services. “Olea’s OS-3001 intelligent sensor with its capability to capture a high-fidelity