HID Approve now supports Apple’s Face ID

HID Global has announced that its HID Approve two-factor mobile authentication and verification platform now supports Apple’s Face ID. Customers of HID Global can implement Face ID as a turnkey application or through direct integration into corporate apps with the HID Approve SDK using the company’s mobile authentication platform. This allows them to take advantage of HID Global’s threat detection and other risk-base intelligence, combined with the facial recognition technology. The facial recognition feature of the iPhone X can be

HID Global launches multi-factor authentication solution

HID Global launched the HID Approve app, the company’s next generation multi-factor authentication solution, this past week at GITEX 2017 in Dubai. The app adds a new level of trust for consumers and employees to securely transact online via their mobile devices. HID Global also demonstrate HID Location services, its predictive analytics for workplace optimization for the first time in the Middle East. “Trusted identities are increasingly being employed to help organizations secure, customize and enhance the user experience across a

HID Global exec named Chair of SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board

Security Industry Association (SIA) Chairman Denis Hebert recently announced that Kathleen Carroll, vice president of government affairs at HID Global, would assume responsibilities as chair of the SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board. The Data Privacy Advisory Board was established in January to develop and promote guidelines related to enhancing the security of personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive data. The responsibility for data security is widespread, and the board will work with manufacturers, integrators, end

Acquisition to boost HID Global’s secure government ID offerings

HID Global has acquired government ID solutions firm Arjo Systems SAS for an undisclosed amount, expanding HID Global’s capabilities to deploy electronic identification (eID) and ePassport solutions for government programs. “Our acquisition of Arjo Systems significantly advances our Government-to-Citizen ID business, broadening our geographical reach and giving us critical mass,” explained Stefan Widing, president and CEO of HID Global. “Arjo Systems is a strong fit for HID Global, complementing our existing government ID offerings with an expanded range of capabilities

Special Report: Biometrics in Healthcare

This white paper by Biometrics Research Group, Inc. provides an overview of the healthcare biometrics market (PDF). Biometrics will continue to drive technological transformation within the global healthcare market to provide meaningful cost savings through fraud reduction and increased workplace efficiency, while simultaneously improving and expanding care delivery to patients over the long term. click to download the report (PDF) Biometrics Research Group, Inc. estimates that the entire global marketplace for biometric solutions in the healthcare market will reach approximately

HID Global’s healthcare ID technology trends point to the growing role of biometrics

HID Global has shared three key identification technology trends emerging in the healthcare sector, which include integrated, compliant systems that are both convenient and connected; connected environments that drive the need to ensure the Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT); and the increasing role of biometrics in patient and provider authentication and EPCS applications. The increasing use of trusted identities in the healthcare sector is driving the demand for advanced smart card technologies and mobile solutions. As the industry shifts its

HID Global adds liveness detection to Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint solutions

HID Global has made several improvements to its compact Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint solutions with liveness detection, enabling OEMs and IT security integrators to deliver cost-effective authentication solutions. The newly-improved fingerprint solutions deliver the ease-of-use and reliability of multispectral imaging technology to a range of applications including time and attendance, physical access control, banking, and healthcare. “The M-Series family delivers proven biometric identity protection that outperforms competitors with reliable image capture for users in all conditions and high-performance liveness detection that

HID Global launches end-to-end biometric ID and access management solution

HID Global has launched what it calls the industry’s first end-to-end identity access management solution that enables government agencies and other organizations requiring higher security to use a single credential for accessing doors, IT systems, networks and data. The HID PIV (Personal Identity Verification) solution provides complete identity lifecycle management, starting with identity proofing plus secure credential issuance and use, right up to the deprovisioning of these credentials. The solution helps government agencies and other regulated industries such as banking,

HID Global names key 2017 trends in ID technology

HID Global predicts the top 2017 trends in the use of identity technology that will lead to increased adoption of mobile devices and smart cards, a greater reliance on the cloud, and a new vision of trust in smart environments and Internet of Things (IoT). These trends will impact the way trusted identities are used with smart cards, mobile devices, wearables, embedded chips and other “smart” objects, particularly in compliance-focused industries like government, finance and healthcare markets. By moving away from

HID Global introduces OSM Multitech citizen ID cards

HID Global has created an Optical Secure Media (OSM) Multitech card that it says is one of the most secure citizen ID cards on the market. The new citizen ID cards feature technologies that have been proven in its customers’ national passport and other government ID programs, including the award-winning Irish Passport Card. “Our OSM cards have set the standard for combining visual, digital and physical security while delivering the highest levels of card durability,” said Rob Haslam, VP and