Hitachi develops breath-alcohol detection device with facial recognition

Hitachi has developed a prototype system for a new breath-alcohol detection device with facial recognition capabilities. Since developing a prototype with Honda R&D Co. in March 2016, Hitachi has been conducting further research to increase the reliability of the sensor, reduce its size, and develop application software. In March 2017, Hitachi conducted field tests involving employees at three sales offices of Hitachi Capital Auto Lease to verify the practicality of the new breath-alcohol detection device — namely, to figure out

Hitachi develops detection and tracking technology using AI

Hitachi, Ltd. has developed detection and tracking technology using artificial intelligence (AI) which can distinguish a person in real-time using features from over 100 categories of external characteristics including sex, color of clothing or items in hand. Once the system determines the identity of the individual, it can immediately detect and track the person’s movements. Law enforcement and security personnel can use Hitachi’s technology to detect a suspicious individual or a lost child using information from eye-witness accounts to detect

Hitachi releases new video analytics software for smart cities and digital enterprises

Hitachi Insight Group, Hitachi Ltd.’s global unified internet of things (IoT) business and go-to-market (GTM) unit, released new video analytics software to improve and expand on its Smart City and Public Safety solutions portfolio. Through a combination of computer vision and advanced analytics, Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) is able to obtain key insights and create real-time alerts that can provide cities, airports, campuses, transportation agencies, and businesses with operational and business intelligence, smarter transportation, traffic and parking management, and more

UK music venue implements finger vein biometrics solution to authenticate payments

In an effor to reduce wait times at the bar while introducing more secure transactions, a music venue in the UK has deployed Sthaler’s biometrics-based payment solution Fingopay, according to a report by Finextra. The Fingopay reader works by shining a near-infrared light through the user’s finger, which illuminates the finger veins before capturing the final image. Users can then register the unique finger vein pattern as their preferred payment method, at which point the pattern is encrypted into a

Hitachi demonstrates new finger vein authentication system

At the Social Innovation Forum 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi demonstrated its new finger vein authentication system which uses a standard smartphone camera with software to validate the identity of a user, according to a report by Hitachi said this is the first time a solution of its kind has been demonstrated. The vein authentication system, which does not need any specialized hardware, can easily authorize the identity of returning customers for online shopping. Hitachi is hoping to introduce

UK school using biometric technology to verify students identity and register attendance

Three UK boarding schools have chosen Croma Security Solutions‘ Fastvein finger-vein biometric technology to provide access control to the schools, verify students’ identities and register their attendance, according to a report in The Sunday Times. Chroma developed FastVein in partnership with Hitachi, which provides the finger vein authentication technology, to create a comprehensive identity recognition and access control software solution. Fastvein works by passing infrared light over the surface of the finger and highlighting the network of veins below the

Sthaler trialing biometric payment solution with Visa Europe Collab and Worldpay

Sthaler is currently trialing its Fingopay biometrics payment solution with Visa Europe Collab and Worldpay, which enables consumers to authenticate payments using their unique finger vein patterns, according to a report by IT Pro. Both WorldPay and Visa Europe Collab are currently undergoing a three-week trial, which is designed to test the feasibility and value of Sthaler’s Fingopay reader in a high volume transaction retail environment. Worldpay staff is currently testing the system in a restaurant located at WorldPay’s London

Barclays Bank launches online business portal to be used with Hitachi biometric reader

UK financial institution Barclays Bank has launched its online banking portal that can be used with Hitachi Europe’s biometric reader to provide corporate customers with a single and secure gateway to business services, according to a report by Finextra. The new dashboard-style service can be used with Barclays Biometric Reader, developed with Hitachi’s finger vein authentication technology (VeinID), for secure customer authentication. Built from the ground up using agile delivery methodology instead of redesigning or overlaying existing ones, Barclays iPortal

Avion Solutions uses Hitachi finger vein reader during blood drive

Engineering and technology firm Avion Solutions recently used a finger vein reader it developed with Hitachi to identify blood donors during its blood drive at its Huntsville, Alabama-based headquarters, according to a report by WHNT News. Avion Solutions Inc. partnered with Hitachi, Ltd. to develop BIT (Biometric Identification Tool), which enables blood providers to verify the identity of donors using the unique vein patterns found in the individual’s finger, to ultimately create a seamless experience. The recently completed a successful

CTBC Bank piloting ATMs that use finger vein scanning and facial recognition

CTBC Bank has began piloting biometric security features for employees, as well as plans to implement finger vein scanning and facial recognition technologies at its ATMs, according to a report by Taipei Times. The bank’s new pilot program is using a biometric authentication system to verify employees working at the CTBC Financial Park in Taipei’s Nangang Business Park. CTBC Bank said it plans to extend the digitized services to consumers in about six months. Additionally, the bank is implementing finger