HooYu technologies to verify customer identity for challenger bank Countingup

HooYu has partnered with challenger bank Countingup to verify customer identity in the account opening process. Countingup is an UK challenger bank that equips its customers with a unique commercial banking app to help business owners with accounting, VAT returns, profit and loss reports, invoicing and machine learning bookkeeping technology. Customers are able to open an account on their smartphone in five minutes. HooYu technologies such as identity database checks, ID document validation, facial biometrics, PEPS and Sanctions screening, digital

Fonmoney deploys HooYu identity confirmation technology

Identity confirmation provider HooYu announced that its identity confirmation technology is helping online money transfer specialist Fonmoney to fast track its KYC (know your customer) procedures for welcoming and verifying new customers. HooYu is now being integrated into the Fonmoney site so that users can now quickly and easily be verified through HooYu’s unique combination of digital footprint analysis, ID document authentication, facial biometrics and identity scoring. Once the customer has passed the automated HooYu ID confirmation, they can send

HooYu publishes report on trust and identity in the sharing economy

Global identity confirmation service firm HooYu has released a new report titled “Trust & Identity in the Sharing Economy” that reveals that businesses operating in the sharing economy are being hindered by consumer concerns over trust in the identity of the other party in the transaction. The report finds that despite the significant growth from millions of users sharing, swapping and renting, 68% of British citizens have not yet performed an online peer-to-peer transaction such as purchasing an item from