ImageWare to demo GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for IBM Security Access Manager at Money20/20

ImageWare Systems will demonstrate the GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for IBM Security Access Manager at next week’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas. Earlier this month ImageWare received IBM PartnerWorld’s ‘Ready for IBM Security Intelligence’ designation for its GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite. The solution has been validated to integrate with IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM). ISAM integration is the most recent addition to GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite, along with turnkey solutions for Microsoft Active Directory, and the Identity Management and Single Sign-On (SSO) products

ImageWare GoVerifyID suite receives IBM Security validation

ImageWare Systems, Inc. has received IBM PartnerWorld’s ‘Ready for IBM Security Intelligence’ designation for its GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite, allowing the company to integrate the suite with IBM Security products to help better protect its customers around the world. ImageWare’s GoVerifyID provides multi-modal biometric user authentication using mobile devices and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). GoVerifyID, coupled with IBM’s flagship access management platform, IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM), allows users to use fingerprint, face, or voice recognition on their mobile device to authenticate for

SecuredTouch behavioral biometric technology available in IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation

IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation is now offering SecuredTouch’s behavioral biometric technology as a primary authentication option, according to a report by Financial IT. MobileFirst Foundation provides scalable, time-tested enterprise mobile middleware that can be deployed on premises or on the cloud. SecuredTouch technology provides a risk-based authentication by analyzing human-device interaction. By integrating SecuredTouch technology into MobileFirst Foundation, IBM customers can implement behavioral biometrics directly into their apps without taking any extra steps. Using more than 100 behavioral parameters including angle,

IBM researchers achieve new records in speech recognition

IBM researchers have set a milestone in conversational speech recognition by achieving a new industry record of a 5.5 percent word error rate, surpassing its previous record of 6.9 percent, according to the company’s blog post. The researchers conducted a difficult speech recognition task to achieve this record, where they recorded conversations between humans discussing typical everyday topics like “buying a car.” This recorded corpus, titled “SWITCHBOARD”, has been used for over two decades to benchmark speech recognition systems. To

IBM recruits 40 enterprises to beta test Watson cognitive system

IBM has recruited 40 enterprises from auto, banking and insurance sectors to beta test its Watson cognitive computing system as an enterprise protection tool, according to a report by CIO. The enterprises include Sun Life Financial, University of Rochester Medical Center, SCANA Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, California Polytechnic State University, University of New Brunswick, Avnet and Smarttech, which will all help research and develop new security applications that will use the system’s natural language and machine learning methods. The

Biometrics and banking, border security, identity and facial recognition trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Facial recognition Ongoing advances in facial recognition technology enable companies to potentially profit from their user base’s biometric data, and privacy advocates have drawn a pattern in how Facebook and Google have sold users’ viewing histories for advertising. CMU researchers have demonstrated glasses that can dupe AI facial recognition systems into misidentifying faces. The glasses were able to make an individual who

IBM to add behavioral biometrics feature that detects banking fraud

IBM is adding a behavioral biometrics feature to its Trusteer Pinpoint Detect anti-bank-fraud toolkit to help banks easily detect detect unauthorized logins, according to a report by Fast Company. The new feature, which will be rolled out later this year, will automatically use machine learning to create statistical models tracking how individual users move the cursor while using banking sites and flag unusual behavior. “The system automatically learns normal user behavior,” said Brooke Satti Charles, financial crime prevention strategist at

CPqD biometric authentication solution operating on new IBM platform

Brazilian research and development institution CPqD announced that its smart authentication solution is now running on IBM’s recently launched Power8 platform. The CPqD solution uses face and voice recognition for user authentication in critical applications such as banking and e-commerce. Available for testing in the IBM Client Center in Sao Paulo, the software expands on an existing partnership between CPqD and IBM in the area of security and fraud prevention. Used in multiple communication channels including Internet, phone and smartphone,

Avnet to integrate IBM middleware into BIO-key biometric authentication software

IT solutions and embedded technology distributor Avnet has signed an application specific licensing deal with BIO-key International, Inc. to integrate IBM middleware into BIO-key’s biometric authentication software. The integration will help Avnet accelerate sales to customers in countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. The Worldwide IBM Application Specific Licensing program will provide Avnet’s business partners with a faster route to market with its solution built on pre-integrated IBM middleware such as Single Sign-On, according to Mark Martin, VP

Iris ID, IBM to provide iris recognition for NEXUS members at Canadian borders

Iris ID is partnering with IBM to provide iris recognition technology to the Canada Border Services Agency’s NEXUS program, allowing all enrolled travelers to clear customs by looking into a camera that uses the eye’s iris to verify their identity. The iris recognition technology from Iris ID will improve security and expedite border clearance processes between Canada and the U.S. More than one million pre-approved NEXUS members are expected to participate in the authentication process at eight international airports in