Entrust Datacard, INTERPOL sign 5-year strategic partner agreement

Identity-based security and secure payment technology provider Entrust Datacard has signed a new five-year strategic partner agreement with international policing organization Interpol. The Entrust Datacard brand debuted last week as a result of Datacard Group’s acquisition of Entrust less than a year ago. In its pursuit of malicious actors and international criminal organizations, Interpol is prioritizing the development of new and efficient international police cooperation tools such as the Interpol Travel Document, which has helped worldwide police agencies securely communicate,

Biometric identification news from Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria

Uganda to Procure Biometric Passport System Uganda’s directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control has started the process of procuring electronic passports in a move aimed at tightening border security, combating terrorism, and fighting passport forgery. The East African country plans on issuing e-passport in November 2015, according to a local report. Uganda’s e-passport will feature a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip which stores citizen data along with a headshot, and data from fingerprint and iris scans. According to newspaper Turkiye, the

Idiap engineers developing vein reading biometric wristwatch

Engineers from the Idiap Research Institute are currently developing a new vein reading biometric watch called BioWatch, enabling users to own and control the watch themselves. Joe Rice – touted as the inventor of vein recognition – has partnered with Matthias Vanoni and the engineers at Idiap in Martigny, Switzerland to develop a personal worn biometric system that will secure people’s transactions. At the core of BioWatch is the wrist vein reader, a wearable technology that reads the vein pattern

BIO-key provides fingerprint authentication solutions to three new eye care customers

BIO-key International announced it is providing fingerprint authentication solutions to three additional eye care customers – Eyecare Medical, Hollingshead Eye Center, and I Care San Antonio – bringing its total number of U.S. customers to 57 eye care centers. BIO-key has partnered with Medflow and Davlong to provide these fingerprint authentication solutions to the new customers. These new customers join BIO-key’s growing roster of customers which include AT&T, McKesson, FBI, US Courts, LexisNexis, and NCR, along with leading hospitals and

FBI updates legislators on new biometric technologies developing in Clarksburg

FBI officials briefed Virginia state legislators with the Joint Committee on Technology this week at the FBI Center in Harrison County, West Virginia as part of a three-day interim session, according to a report by West Virginia Metro News. In a presentation, Stephen Morris, assistant director of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, discussed the division’s work with the Next Generation Identification program. The program integrates research into biometric identification in an effort to curb terrorist and criminal activities by

UK police test out NEC’s facial recognition solution

A police force in an English midlands county have been testing out NEC Corporation of America’s facial recognition technology, which recently identified a suspect captured on camera within seconds, according to a report by BBC News. The Leicestershire Police have been using NEC’s NeoFace system, which compares facial measurements taken from an image against a database which holds 92,000 images of people who have either been arrested or have volunteered to have their images stored, such as identity parade volunteers.

Apple denied trademark for Touch ID authentication system due to confusion with biometric timekeeping firm Kronos

Apple has been denied a trademark application for its Touch ID fingerprint identity authentication system, which the company introduced with the iPhone 5s, according to a report by AppleInsider. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled in May that Apple’s intended trademark could be confused with an earlier Touch ID trademark it assigned to biometric timekeeping firm Kronos, which was first released in 2005. Apple’s Touch ID is an identification authentication system feature on the iPhone 5s that allows users

New doorbell uses facial recognition technology

Two former graduate students from Southern Methodist University in Dallas are set to launch a new doorbell that uses facial recognition and motion detection technologies to offer a keyless alternative to entering your home or office, according to a report by CBS Dallas/Fort Worth. Dubbed Chui, the doorbell uses facial recognition and motion detection technologies to capture an image of the person at the door and immediately sends a message to the smartphone or computer of the home owner, who

Panama City Police to purchase Cross Match fingerprint biometric device

The Panama City Police Department is set to purchase fingerprint biometrics technology from Cross Match Technologies. According to a report in WJHG, the police department will use more than $10,000 of federal forfeiture funds to purchase the machine. This particular device sends data to the state. Currently, the Panama City Police Department record and analyze fingerprints using ink. Law enforcement communities have historically been some of the earliest adopters of biometric identification technologies. Its use in law enforcement has a

CardLogix launches encoding engine for ID cards and badges

CardLogix has announced its new Card Encoding Engine, for the creation of secure ID cards and badges. According to the company, CEE is a comprehensive card personalization software for designing, encoding and printing credential data, as well as badge issuance. CEE’s main features include support the a wide variety of ID credential types and card technologies, including ISO 7816 encoding for smart cards, biometrics, magnetic stripe, barces, QR and ICAO-compliant MRZs. It also includes built-in support for pre-designed CardLogix cards