AimBrain combines facial authentication with iDENprotect security software

AimBrain has partnered with iDENprotect to combine iDENprotect’s software based hardware-backed security technology with AimBrain’s facial authentication module. Under the partnership, the companies will provide enterprises with an integrated ‘device-plus-identity’ authentication solution to combat unauthorized systems access and fraudulent transactions without requiring additional security hardware devices. “The partnership with AimBrain and its intelligent biometric solution creates additional contexts about the user, improving security and performance,” iDENprotect CEO Craig McDermott, said. “Combined with our superior authentication and trust technology, customers can

RSA adds cloud-based identity assurance capabilities to SecurID Access

Security technologies firm RSA has added a series of new capabilities for its RSA SecurID Access solution including a cloud-based authentication-as-a-service option. The cloud-based AaaS option delivers seamless access to both on-premises and cloud-based resources and systems, as well as additional dynamic, risk scoring functionality that provides convenient and secure access for any user, despite the location or time. “Organizations must balance user demands for convenient and secure access while ensuring users are who they claim to be,” said John

Identification-as-a-service provides benefits, says MorphoTrak executive

Cloud computing provides many benefits including ease of use, time savings, security, convenience, versatility, and scalability. For these reasons, cloud computing has become an emerging offering in the biometrics industry, and according to Frank Barret, Director of Cloud Services at MorphoTrak, LLC, it enables a new service paradigm known as “identification-as-a-service.” MorphoTrak has developed its own identification-as-a-service solution entitled Morpho Cloud. Barret describes the service as a secure and flexible offering for the public security market that incorporates multi-biometric modalities

Morpho collaborates with Microsoft to launch Morpho Cloud

MorphoTrak has launched Identification-as-a-Service solution Morpho Cloud in collaboration with Microsoft, the company announced Wednesday at the Florida International Association for Identification 56th annual Educational Training Conference. Morpho Cloud delivers Morpho’s flagship Biometric Identification Solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure Government to comply with the most stringent security requirements. The multi-biometric service includes friction ridge biometrics, facial biometrics, and iris recognition. Running Morpho Cloud on Microsoft Azure Government ensures constant peak AFIS technology performance and enables new services like Cloud Disaster