Identify Security Software CEO discusses iDentifyME authentication software

Identify Security Software offers a new approach to the identity access management segment of the security market. Since launching in 2013, ISS has spent the past couple of years enhancing its iDentifyME software to ensure that the software is fully secure, accurate and convenient. iDentifyME initially acquires the full biometric description and then positively authenticates the user as long as he or she is within sensor detection range, which helps eliminates any chance of hackers or intruders gaining access to

Identify Security Software launches

Identify Security Software has officially announced its launch as a company. According to the company, its proprietary solution — identifyME – brings together facial recognition, thermal sensing, proximity and GPS technologies to verify the identity of its users continuously. “Identify Security Software is a new company with a new and better way for businesses and institutions to manage and control access to their information systems,” Andre Limarenko, Identify’s president and COO said.  “Password-based systems and those that make use of digital