European Association for Biometrics to host biometrics and identity management conference

The European Association for Biometrics announced it will host the EAB-Research Project Conference 2014, a conference that focuses on European Commission-funded research on biometrics and identity management. Held on September 8 and 9 at Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt, Germany, the EAB-Research Project Conference 2014 will share the facilities with the IEEE BIOSIG conference, which will take place later that week. The EAB and the EU FP7 projects FIDELITY, FastPass, BEAT, FutureID and INGRESS, are collaborating to host the conference, which

GSN Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program recognizes achievements in biometrics

Government Security News recently announced the winners and finalists in its 2014 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program, which included achievements by some of the top players in the biometrics field. Iris technology firm IRIS ID took the award for winner of Best Biometric Identification/Authentication Facility in the category for access control and identification. Also under the Access Control/Identification category, identity management security firm Entrust was named winner of the “Best ePassport Solution”. In the category for detection solutions, Global

Georgia Hospital Deploys M2SYS Biometric Patient Identification Solution

M2SYS Healthcare Solutions announced that Archbold Memorial Hospital has installed RightPatient, the company’s biometrics patient identification management solution designed to boost patient safety and medical data integrity. RightPatient works to provide an accurate patient ID system that lets Archbold Memorial Hospital staff perform a rapid biometric search to instantly pull up a patient’s medical record. Prior to signing with M2SYS, Archbold Memorial Hospital was looking for an identification matching system that could help to cut down on human errors, curb

Unisys provides biometrics solution for Dutch Custodial Institutions Service

Unisys Nederland, Unisys Corporation‘s subsidiary in The Netherlands, announced it has signed a contract with the Dutch Custodial Institutions (DJI) to provide a new Basic Provision Biometrics solution for about 12,000 prison cells in The Netherlands. Unisys’ solution is based on an open standards-based LEIDA platform for identity management software. With a contract term of up to seven years, the new system is expected to launch at the end of 2014. Replacing DJI’s current Basic Provision Biometrics, the Unisys solution

Australian Customs to introduce border clearance system with biometric eGates

Australian Customs and Border Protection Services announced it will soon deploy a new border clearance system that supports biometric eGates, according to a report by CIO. The announcement follows a controversial report by The Australian which revealed that an error in Australian Customs’ intelligence sharing resulted in a convicted terrorist to successfully flee the country. Last month, Federal Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Scott Morrison announced that the Australian government will spend $700 million over the next six years

European Association for Biometrics to Hold European Research Conference

The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) announced today that it will host the upcoming EAB-Research Project Conference 2014European Association for Biometrics to Hold European Research Conference , Europe’s largest conference on European Commission funded research on biometrics and identity management. The conference will be held September 8 to 9 and take place at Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt, Germany. It will be colocated with the IEEE BIOSIG conference that will take place later that same week. The EAB and the EU-projects

Identity Management Symposium

June 17-18, 2014 Alexandria, VA DSI’s Identity Management Symposium will bring together leaders from US Government, industry, and academia to discuss efforts to improve identity management in order to enhance national security as well as increase the efficiency of Government internal operations. The symposium will provide valuable information on efforts from the policy and operational communities on how the US Government plans to integrate biometrics with other tools, both existing and in R&D to support defense and homeland security operations

M2SYS gets innovation award for biometrics, identity management

M2SYS has been selected by the Metro Atlanta Chamber as a 2014 Global Impact Award winner in the Innovation category for its work with biometrics and identity management. “We are honored to be recognized as a driving innovative force in our industry, and thank the Atlanta Chamber for this prestigious award,” Mizan Rahman, Founder and CEO of M2SYS Technology said. “We take pride in our position as a global innovator to continue our development of Intrinsic Human Recognition platforms that

Secure Identity & Biometrics Association Announce Board of Directors

The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA), a non-profit group launched in February to promote the value of secure identity technologies and biometric solutions, announced on Tuesday it has named its board members. According to the press release, the new SIBA board “represents proven expertise in identity management and biometric solutions, high technology government relations and commercialization, and the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities.” “I am so pleased with the diverse and highly relevant experience on the SIBA board,”

Identity & Access Management 2014

2-3 July 2014 Canberra, Australia On 2-3 July 2014, APSCA will organize IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT 2014 at the Rex Hotel in Canberra, Australia. The theme of this conference is “PACS/LACS Migration for Large Multi-Site Organisations“. The conference will focus on Identity Access Management and Information Security for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Resources in large enterprises. Topics will include Multi-site Physical Access Control Transition, PLAID, PACS/LACS via Mobile Devices, Multi-Application Token Initiatives across the Organisation, Migration Planning for New Cohesive