Devices used to collect biometrics in Indian children’s homes experience technical glitches

The majority of biometric devices that were installed by India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development Department to maintain an accurate headcount of residents in children’s homes throughout Maharashtra have experienced a slew of technical glitches, according to a report by The Indian Express. The biometric machines, which were proposed four years ago, are said to be either non-functional or malfunctioning. The machines have not been installed in 100 of the 969 children’s homes selected to participate in the program,

Nearly a third of UK consumers prefer fingerprint ID bank login: Equifax study

Credit reference agency Equifax has released a new study, conducted by YouGov on Equifax’s behalf, which found that UK consumers would prefer to use fingerprint recognition technology to gain access to their online bank accounts over answering security questions. According to the study, which was conducted in February and surveyed 2,090 UK adults, passwords are the preferred security method (32% of respondents), followed by fingerprint recognition technology (31% of respondents), answering security questions (21% of respondents), and voice recognition solutions

Suprema, Axis integration simplifies biometric access control

Suprema announced that its biometric devices can now be integrated with Axis Communications’ AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller through Entertech Systems’ BioConnect 3.0 identity management platform. This latest integration between Suprema and Axis will provide global enterprises with a biometrics based access control system. “The integration of Suprema biometric technology with AXIS A1001 represents two industry leaders combining the best technology in their respective fields for the maximum user benefits,” said Young S. Moon, vice president of Suprema Inc. “The

Stanley Security certified under Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program

Stanley Security announced that it has received Lenel factory certification by joining the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). With this latest certification, Stanley Security’s EyeLock product line now interfaces with the OnGuard access control system to provide end-users with a single database for access control and iris biometric identification data. “Stanley Security has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its interface to OnGuard,” said Gidon Lissai, director of strategic alliances, Lenel. “EyeLock’s OAAP certification allows

SRI International demonstration of ‘Iris on the Move’ in Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

At last month’s Connect:ID expo in Washington, DC, the exhibition hall featured 50 organizations and companies in the digital identity and biometrics technologies space. Among them was SRI International, an American nonprofit research institute that was originally founded as Stanford Research Institute. Mark A. Clifton, vice president for products and services at SRI International, demonstrated the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, which integrates SRI’s iris recognition solution Iris on the Move (IOM) in the Samsung Galaxy 8.4 to provide iris

Suprema, Genetec announce integration for biometric access control solution

Suprema has integrated its biometric devices into Genetec, Inc.’s Security Center unified security platform through Entertech Systems’ BioConnect 3.0 identity management platform, to offer an advanced identity management solution. The products work together to simplify the process of deploying, enrolling and managing biometrics for secure access control in any scenario. Suprema integrated a range of biometric devices into Genetec Security Center, including BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini. “Suprema is very pleased to integrate its

Hitachi ID updates identity and access management software

Hitachi ID Systems announced it has released its Identity and Access Management Suite, version 9.0. The release includes the launch of Hitachi ID Mobile Access for Android and iOS, which provides access to all product features from phones and tablets. The main features are the ability to feed report output into requests in order to automate access remediation, as well as many usability enhancements, dashboards and reports. “Users increasingly access corporate services from their phones. This includes IAM services such

Hoyos Labs becomes member of The FIDO Alliance

Hoyos Labs announced it has joined The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry organization devoted to furthering online security with open standards for simpler and stronger authentication. Members of the FIDO Alliance commit to sharing their technology and collaborating with the organization to deliver open standards for universal strong authentication. Hoyos Labs will rely on its experience in standards development and expertise in end-to-end user authentication, biometrics and identity management to contribute to FIDO specifications. “Both Hoyos Labs and

id3 Technologies implements biometric identification system for Colombian notaries

The Colombian Board of Public Notaries (UCNC) has successfully completed the final phase to initiate the country’s biometric identification and online authentication project. The UCNC first approached id3 Technologies in 2012 to implement a biometric identification system for all Colombian citizens using its services in an effort to curb identity theft and fraudulent activity. The partnership among the National Civil Registry, the UCNC, Certicamara and id3 Technologies will enable full access to the country’s official biographical and biometric database to

Emaratech unveils iris authentication solution to verify travellers’ identity

Emaratech unveiled at the Future of Borders International Conference in Dubai a new iris authentication system that can be integrated into border gates to perform simultaneous document and iris scans to rapidly verify travellers’ identity. Engineered by Emaratech, the iris authentication system has an average acquisition speed of up to two seconds. The technology is called “Eyen”, which is the Arabic word for sight and vision, has been integrated in the new smart travel gate that will be launched soon.