ThreatMetrix receives two leader awards from Javelin Strategy and Research

ThreatMetrix has received two Leader awards from Javelin Strategy and Research, making it the only vendor to be named as a leader in multiple categories. Javelin’s Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard provides financial institutions and other identity-reliant businesses with an insight into the identity proofing vendor landscape. ThreatMetrix was recognized as a leader in the Innovative category, which honors technology providers that integrate technologies to address today’s problems, as well as the major fraud avenues of the future. The company was

Worldcore payment platform using voice biometrics for authentication

EU-regulated global payment platform Worldcore is using voice biometrics to securely authenticate clients. The voice biometrics solution, called VoiceKey, can be used for account access and payment confirmation. VoiceKey analyzes over 100 parameters of a voice to “fight fraud and simplify account access,” says Alexey Nasonov, founder and CEO of Worldcore. After opening a Worldcore payment account, the client records a voiceprint by saying one of phrases containing 10-12 syllables that are 3-4 seconds long. Once enrolled, the client will

Biometrics-as-a-Service is making robust identity fraud prevention truly globally accessible

This is a guest post by David Benini, Vice President of Marketing at Aware, Inc. Some form of identity theft is at the heart of most financially-motivated fraud. Synthetic identity fraud, based on skillful creation of fictional identities, is a significant and fast-growing source of losses to fraud. Identity fraud and its derivative crimes cost banks, retailers, healthcare providers, governments, and ultimately consumers and taxpayers around the globe hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and this figure continues to

MorphoTrust wins award for its secure credential manufacturing process

MorphoTrust USA (Safran) announced it has been rewarded with the 2016 CSO50 Award for its secure credential production facilities and processes. The awards recognize MorphoTrust for it ability to connect security initiatives to business value with its certified driver license manufacturing facilities. MorphoTrust will accept the award at the CSO50 Conference + Awards held on April 18-20, 2016, at the Wigwam Resort in Arizona. The company aims to achieve the highest levels of security certification possible from the North American

Delhi fair price stores to be linked to biometrics system by May 2016

Delhi’s fair price shops, which distribute major commodities such as staple food grains, will be linked to India’s national biometric system by early next year, according to a report by NDTV. The government’s move to link the fair price shops with the biometric system is designed to prevent potential corruption and irregularities in the Public Distribution System (PDS) “The process of installing biometric system in fair price shops has started,” Food and Supplies Minister Imran Hussain said in response to

Austin council member calling for mandatory fingerprint checks for Lyft and Uber drivers

Austin City Council Member Ann Kitchen is pushing for changes to be made to transportation network companies (TNC) regulations which would enforce Lyft and Uber drivers to be fingerprinted and to submit for background criminal history checks, according to a report by BizJournals. If these changes are made, it could have disastrous consequences for Lyft in particular. The ride hailing company recently ended operations in Houston, which has one of the most-comprehensive TNC ordinances in the country, after the city

CLEAR biometric identity platform coming to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Clear announced that it is expanding its expedited traveler service to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, providing fingerprint recognition and iris scanning technology to enable a faster and more seamless experience for members of the Clear Fast Access program. The company’s biometric identification solutions are certified by the Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology. Several major US airports across the country are integrating Clear’s technology with the TSA PreCheck program, which ensures that Clear members average less than 5

SureID launches biometric identity management program for businesses

SureID announced it has launched the SureID Program for businesses that are seeking a high-assurance biometric identity management solution for its third-party vendors and contractors. “Our expertise in high-assurance identity management for the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other security-conscious organizations makes us uniquely qualified to deliver enterprise-wide, high-assurance identity management solutions for businesses in a variety of industries,” said Steve Larson, CEO and chairman of SureID. “Our solutions are designed to work with enterprise-wide

DHS-funded Boeing project developing chip for self destructing biometric smartphones

Boeing and HRL Laboratories, a software firm jointly owned by Boeing and General Motors, are partnering to develop a biometrics-integrated “brain chip” for its self-destructing Black smartphone that could be embedded into any device, according to a report by The Department of Homeland Security is funding the project, which is valued at $2.2 million over 2.5 years. The self-learning neuromorphic computer chip can employ several kinds of continuous ID verification methods, such as gait recognition, to improve access controls

Branddocs to integrate BioID facial recognition into their e-signing solution

Branddocs has partnered with BioID to integrate BioID`s mobile multimodal biometric authentication solution into their eIDAS cloud solutions platform. “Digital signing relies heavily on trust. When dealing with contracts and other electronic transactions, it is critical to be able to count on the identity of the sender and signer,” said Saioa Echebarria, CEO of Branddocs. “Using BioID’s intuitive face recognition with liveness detection we can offer our customers strong, fraud-resistant identity proofing that is as natural and reliable as signing