South Africa seeks bids for biometrics-verified grant payment system

After a series of controversy-plagued tenders, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is once again looking for a private company to distribute 15 million social grants across South Africa in a tender worth more than $230 million. According to a report from Business Day’s Stuart Theobald, Sassa is looking for an enterprise to administer social security grants in South Africa which include the old age pension, the disability grant, the child support grant, the foster child grant and the

OASIS creates IBOPS committee aimed at developing server-based biometric identity standards

OASIS, a standards consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards in a variety of technologies, has launched a new committee to define a server-based, biometric identity standard that will address security issues in online transactions. OASIS’s new Technical Committee on the Identity-Based Attestation and Open Exchange Protocol Specification (or “IBOPS”) will be working on producing an end-to-end specification describing the standards necessary to perform server-based enhanced biometric security. The IBOPS approach to storing and accessing information

FacePhi brings facial recognition to mobile banking in Costa Rica

FacePhi Biometrics announced it has signed a deal with Coopeservidores to install its facial recognition system for the Costa Rican financial institution’s mobile banking service. Coopeservidores selected FacePhi’s facial recognition technology after performing several tests in different scenarios and platforms. As one of the largest credit unions in Costa Rica, Coopeservidores has 26 offices throughout the country that manage more than €600 million in assets. With this new operation, FacePhi continues its expansion in Latin American according to its business

Russian bank Tinkoff implements voice recognition in their call center

Russian bank Tinkoff Credit Systems announced it has implemented NICE Real-Time Voice Authentication System in all workplaces of its call center, according to a report by CNews. NICE Real-Time Authentication significantly cuts down the average customer handling time and improves the customer experience by using voice biometrics to authenticate customers in real time. Using this technology, contact centers can voiceprint the majority of customers for seamless passive enrollment, securely authenticate customers without any customer effort, help agents expedite time to

Socure completes $2.5 million financing round lead by ff Venture Capital

Socure announced it has completed its $2.5 million Series A funding round led by ff Venture Capital, with contributions from Founder Collective and Two Sigma Ventures. The company’s Social Biometrics solution uses online and social behavior checks in real-time to verify the authenticity of customer identities registered on websites and mobile applications. Enterprises using Socure’s Social Biometrics APIs are able to accomplish higher user acceptance rates with less friction, fraud losses and manual review costs. Additionally, Social Biometrics brings enterprises

India to use Aadhaar to provide universal healthcare

The Indian government plans to use its national Aadhaar biometric database to deploy its newly proposed universal healthcare program. As part of the new national government’s manifesto, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised radical reforms in healthcare with the introduction of the “National Health Assurance Mission” (NHAM) scheme. The new program’s goal is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to every Indian citizen. In order to achieve this goal, the Indian government intends to use Aadhaar as means of identification

Indiana hospital implements CrossChx biometric fingerprint identification system

Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, Indiana recently implemented fingerprint scanners from CrossChx, which scans patients’ fingerprints to generate a code linking them to their medical information, according to a report by The Courier-Journal. Crosschx’s system is comprised of fingerprint scanners and their accompanying SafeChx software. It works with Floyd Memorial Hospital’s electronic health record system, enabling administration staff to efficiently register their patients and accurately verify their identities. SafeChx scans the patient’s finger and generates a unique identifier based

New Frontier Group to integrate BehavioSec’s behavioral authentication solution in online banking

New Frontier Group and BehavioSec announced they have partnered to integrate BehavioSec’s Behavioral Authentication into New Frontier Group’s online banking solution, as well as to resell Behaviosec to NFG customers. New Frontier Group will implement BehavioSec’s multi layered approach for authentication and verification purposes to boost the security of its iBanking solution, all without using any additional hardware. BehavioSec’s solution maps a profile behavior “fingerprint” based on the individual’s keystroke dynamics or smartphone input such as gestures, touch pressure and

Identify Security Software demonstrates biometric authentication platform

Identify Security Software announced it has released a new security authentication platform iDentifyME, which perpetually observes, records and updates the person’s appearance and unique biometric characteristics to verify his or her identity. Identify Security Software said that the iDentifyME platform provides a more accurate and secure identity authentication process than the current biometric practices of comparing photos of a person’s face, iris pattern or fingerprint. “In order to remove the burden of self identification from the client, the authentication process

Bodet installs biometric time attendance system at Stapleford Park hotel

Stapleford Park Country House Hotel and Sporting Estate in Leicestershire, UK has installed Bodet’s biometric time and attendance system to accurately monitor and track attendance for its staff, which includes casual and agency staff. The hotel has over 150 employees on staff working various shifts around the clock, making it difficult to monitor staff attendance. Previously, Stapleford Park management used time sheets to keep track of staff attendance, but the method proved to be time consuming for both non-salaried staff