Virginia Commonwealth University to introduce iris recognition ID system for dining hall

Virginia Commonwealth University has installed two iris recognition cameras that will allow students with meal plans to access the dining hall this fall, according to a report by University Public Affairs. The new identification system provides students with a faster alternative option to swiping their ID card students in order to be granted access into Shafer Court Dining Center. Provided by ColorID, the iCAM 7100 iris cameras are able to capture a high-definition photo of the user’s iris and then

Precise Biometrics licenses Precise BioMatch Mobile to ELAN

Precise Biometrics has partnered with Taiwanese sensor manufacturer ELAN Microelectronics Corporation in which it will license Precise BioMatch Mobile, its fingerprint recognition product for mobile devices. The license agreement will generate royalty revenue based on sales of fingerprint sensors from ELAN, which are volume dependant and cannot be forecasted at this time. The contract also includes a limited initial fixed fee for the right to integrate and use Precise BioMatch Mobile, as well as for support and maintenance, which will

Colorado Rockies install Clear biometric technology at Coors Field stadium

Denver’s Coors Field stadium has deployed Clear’s biometric technology, enabling Colorado Rockies fans to soon bypass long security lines by scanning their fingerprint, according to a report by The Denver Post Business. Powered by Clear’s fingerprint biometric kiosks, the Fast Access program will make its debut at Coors Field for the Rockies’ August 3rd game against the Seattle Mariners. The stadium implemented the technology in adherence to the new Major League Baseball regulations requiring metal detectors to be installed at

NHS Foundation Trust orders additional Precise Biometrics Tactivo smart card readers

Precise Biometrics has received an additional order for Tactivo smart card readers from an English National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust. The move comes a few months after the English NHS Foundation Trust’s previous order for an undisclosed number of Tactivo smart card readers. The order will impact Precise Biometrics’ third quarter revenues with 490,000SEK (USD$57,447). Delivered as part of an integrated solution provided by Precise Biometrics’ partner Isosec Ltd, Tactivo smart card readers are used for secure mobile access

San Jose airport pilots CLEAR iris and fingerprint recognition technologies

Alaska Airlines is nearly four months into a new pilot program in which it is using CLEAR’s biometric authentication technology to verify the identities of frequent travellers flying out of Mineta San Jose International Airport instead of checking their IDs and boarding passes, according to a report by the San Jose Mercury News. The pilot project, which quietly launched in April, uses CLEAR’s iris recognition and fingerprint recognition technologies to authorize the identities of 200 frequent travellers departing from the

Password manager Dashlane integrates Samsung biometrics technology

Password manager Dashlane announced that it is now compatible with Samsung’s fingerprint biometric technology, enabling Dashlane’s password manager system to work with all Samsung devices. Using Dashlane, users can access everything they securely store in the system, including passwords, notes, credit cards and personal information, by using their fingerprint to verify their identity. This latest integration with Samsung increases the security and convenience for Dashlane users who operate Samsung devices. Dashlane users can authenticate their identity within a few steps

BI2, Grabba to develop and offer mobile biometric identification, data capture and verification devices

BI2 Technologies and Grabba International Pty Ltd announced they have signed a joint licensing and marketing agreement to develop and offer mobile biometric identification, data capture and verification devices. Under the agreement terms, BI2 will grant a license to its patented (U.S. Patent 8,719,584) Mobile Recognition and Information System (MORIS) technology to Grabba. As a result of this partnership, Grabba will integrate, manufacture and offer BI2’s MORIS iris and facial biometric technologies as an option with its mobile data capture

Singapore airport to install facial recognition technology in new terminal

Singapore’s Changi Airport will install facial recognition technology at the new Terminal 4 to eliminate the need for security staff to manually identity passengers at various check points, according to a report by Today. The terminal, which spans 195,000 square meters (639,764 square feet), will feature many other fast and seamless travel (FAST) facilities, including self-service and automated options for check-in, bag tagging, immigration clearance and aircraft boarding. The new terminal will also offer passport validation, and automated scanning and

Next-generation biometrics market to reach $24.4B by 2020: Report

Markets and Markets recently published a 178-page report addressing the next-generation biometrics market, which is expected to undergo a 17.9% CAGR to reach $24.4 billion by 2020. This forecasted growth in the global biometrics market over the next five years can be attributed to numerous drivers, including government initiatives across the world to adopt biometrics systems for the purpose of identification and verification, the introduction of e-passports, and the use of biometrics in criminal identification. As such, the use of

Indian telcos set to launch secure e-KYC authentication services

Several Indian telecom operators including Idea Cellular, Vodafone and Airtel are preparing to launch e-KYC services by the end of the year, according to a report by The move follows the department of telecommunications charging mobile operators Rs 2,800 crore ($420 million) in penalties from 2007 through 2012 for issuing SIM cards based on fake identity documents. The new e-KYC services will enable telecos to save on cost and time by providing immediate and accurate verifications through the Aadhar