Tascent launches dual iris and face recognition systems

Tascent introduced its InSight One high-throughput dual iris and face recognition system on Thursday. The InSight One’s performance, compact size, and human-centric design and usability overcomes traditional barriers to biometric use and enables a wide range of next-generation applications, according to the company. Intended for use in consumer travel, border control, access management, financial services, and identity management, the InSight One builds on the capabilities of the InSight Duo, which is used at airports including Dubai GDRFA and London Gatwick.

Indian government calls on vendors to make affordable biometric smartphones

In an effort to more quickly move towards digital cashless economy, the Indian government is calling on local smartphone vendors to develop sub-Rs 2,000 (US$29.36) smartphones with capabilities to “scan for Aadhaar-based financial transactions” and eventually perform digital payments, according to a report by BGR India. The government has singled out Indian smartphone vendors like Micromax, Lava, Intex and Karbonn to develop biometric smartphones that are more affordable for people living in rural and remote areas of the country. “The

Wearables could use gait behavior to pair with other devices

Researchers have determined that wearable devices could use an individual’s gait behavior — the unique way in which the person walks — to securely pair with other devices on their body, according to a report by New Scientist. “The authentication key is in your gait,” said Stephan Sigg, an assistant professor in the Department of Communications and Networking at Aalto University in Finland. Sigg and his team analyzed several individual’s gaits using accelerometers and a technique called fuzzy cryptography, where

Synaptics Natural ID featured in USB fingerprint dongles from Kensington, PQI

Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensors are featured on new retail USB dongles manufactured by Kensington and PQI. Both the Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Key and the PQI My Lockey enable notebook PC users to add a fingerprint authentication feature to their devices lacking an integrated biometric sensor. The fully housed, ready-to-use fingerprint modules are compact in size, allowing them to go relatively unnoticeable while installed in any notebook USB port. Once the user enrollment process is completed, the fingerprint sensor can

Delta ID brings its iris scanning technology for driver authentication to CES

Delta ID has collaborated with Gentex to develop an iris-based in-car biometrics system that authenticates the driver and delivers customized security and convenience features. This week at CES, the companies are demonstrating a Gentex rearview mirror integrated with Delta ID’s Active IRIS technology. The mirror-integrated biometric system identifies the driver upon vehicle entry, and, if properly authorized, starts the vehicle and personalizes their setup configurations by automatically adjusting mirrors, steering wheel, seat, music favorites, GPS locations, and other options. “We

Biometric voter technology may postpone Kenya’s election preparations

Kenya’s Electoral Commission has warned the country that political pressures regarding biometric voter technology may potentially postpone preparations for the nation’s upcoming August elections, according to a report by VOA News. The country’s Senate legal committee is evaluating public comments related to a divisive revision to the electoral law the lower House recently passed, which would allow manual voting as well as allow the commission to manually submit election results in the event of a biometric voter technology failure during

Iris ID announces new installation

Iris biometrics firm Iris ID announced today that its IrisAccess iCAM7000S identity authentication solution has been installed in 12 locations of gym chain World Class Iceland. According to a company statement, approximately 40,000 gym members are enrolled in the system, which includes iris scanners at access points such as main entries, VIP sections and spas. “The iris system has worked perfectly,” commented Bjorn Leifsson, World Class owner and managing director. “We require few employees to monitor the access points, are

Synaptics releases mobile multi-factor biometric fusion engine

Synaptics has released a new multi-factor biometric fusion engine to ensure convenient security on smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs. Fully integrated into Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensors, the multi-factor fusion engine allows users to choose from either fingerprint, facial biometrics, or a combination of the two — based on their preference or which modality is better suited to the specific environmental conditions. The multi-factor fusion engine combines authentication scores from multiple biometrics to determine verification, boosting the overall system security

IDFC Bank launches Aadhaar Pay for fingerprint-based digital payments

IDFC Bank has launched an app called Aadhaar Pay that is designed to help the millions of Indian citizens without a smartphone to make digital purchases using only their fingerprint, according to a report by Mashable. To offer Aadhaar Pay, merchants throughout the country will be able to download the app on their Android smartphones and attach a fingerprint scanner device. To make payments, consumers simply select their bank name, enter their unique Aadhaar number and scan their fingerprint, which

Chrysler, Gentex to preview and launch automotive biometrics at CES

Chrysler will unveil its new Portal concept minivan with biometric technology at CES 2017, which is based on 20 years worth of data on the millennial demographic, which means it will have features to cater to that particular demographic, according to a report by Ubergizmo. The Portal — which is currently only in concept form — will feature facial recognition and biometric technology to identify the driver. This is intended to serve not only as a security feature, but also