AssureTec awarded Canadian patent for secure identity verification method

Biometric authentication solutions firm AssureTec Technologies announced that it was awarded Canadian Patent 2,469,797 “Document and Bearer Verification”. The patent relates to AssureTec’s method for the secure verification of biometrics and personal data that is needed to gain secure documents and restricted access while preventing such personal information to be accessed by others. The Canadian patent mirrors US Patent 7,003,669 B2 that AssureTec previously managed to secure. “The issuance of both the Canadian version and the US version of this

Imprivata, Symantec provide fingerprint identification solution for e-prescriptions

Imprivata has partnered with Symantec to provide a complete fingerprint biometric and FICAM-certified credential service provider (CSP) solution for the electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Symantec Norton Secure Login, which acts as the CSP, and Symantec Validation and ID Protection Services integrate with Imprivata Confirm ID to simplify the process of identity-proofing and authorizing prescribers to comply with DEA requirements for EPCS. “Our strategic partnership with Symantec provides customers with a complete, DEA-compliant solution for identity-proofing individual prescribers to

Digital Insight partners with EyeVerify to provide a password-free mobile banking experience

Online financial management solutions firm Digital Insight announced it has partnered with EyeVerify Inc. to provide its customers with EyePrint ID, a biometric mobile banking application. By using the camera on mobile devices, EyePrint ID patented technology takes a photo of the individual’s eye and pattern-matches the blood vessels in the whites of the eye, eliminating the need for a password. Digital Insight customers can implement EyePrint ID into their current mobile banking applications, providing their users with instant and

Inference Solutions integrates ArmorVox voice biometrics into SaaS voice automation solution

Inference Solutions announced it has integrated Auraya Systems’ ArmorVox voice biometrics into the Inference Studio SaaS voice automation solution, which allows customers to create complex voice applications in the cloud. Integrating ArmorVox into the Inference Studio platform will ensure that Inference customers are able to verify caller identity quickly and easily without having to go through the tedious process of answering security questions. Based on Auraya’s patented language independent Speaker Adaptive Voice Biometric algorithms, ArmorVox combines text-dependent, text-independent, text-prompted, fast

US military developing identity verification system based on behavioral biometrics

The US military is developing a new “cognitive” identity verification system at West Point that could ultimately replace passwords, fingerprints and iris recognition systems for web users, according to a report by Sky News. The system uses “cognitive fingerprints” instead of physical characteristics such as palms, face, DNA or iris recognition and is described in a contract document seen by Sky News. The biometric API centers around behavioural-based biometrics in which algorithms are used to confirm identity based on the

MorphoTrust opens 28 new TSA precheck biometric enrollment centers

MorphoTrust USA (Safran) announced it has opened 28 new off-airport IdentoGO Centers over the last three months, enabling travellers to enroll in TSA Precheck. In addition, travellers can enroll in TSA Precheck at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Miami International Airport, Spokane International Airport, a second location at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and a third location at Los Angeles International Airport. Previously reported, MorphoTrust USA (Safran) recently introduced a mobile enrollment service to support the Transportation Security Administration goal

Fingerprint Cards AB and Atmel Corporation become strategic partners

Fingerprint Cards AB and Atmel Corporation have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly develop combined capacitive touchscreens and touch fingerprint area sensor technology for smart devices. The joint solution offered by both companies will aim to accelerate an OEM’s time-to-market by offering must-have high-performance security and user interface solutions. “In order to bring more security to mobile devices, device manufacturers are adopting fingerprint sensing technologies to offer consumers an improved user experience,” said Jorgen Lantto, acting President and CEO

ZTE releases biometrics-enabled LTE smartphone in China

ZTE, a global manufacturer of smartphones and mobile devices, recently launched its flagship ZTE Star 2 product, a new 4G LTE voice controlled smartphone. ZTE Star 2’s voice control functions allow users to unlock the device with their own unique voice tone, make phone calls, open third-party apps, play music, take photos and much more. The device offers a number of smart voice functions for both business and entertainment purposes, such as real-time voice-to-text input and a function that allows

Wayne Memorial Hospital installs SafeChx fingerprint recognition scanner

Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, Pennsylvania is installing SafeChx’s fingerprint recognition scanner as a security for its patient identification process to prevent medical identity theft, according to a report by The technology, which will be available at all the hospital registration points starting next week, allows patients the option of scanning their fingers and generating their own unique code in addition to traditional authorization methods such as their photo identification, date of birth and Social Security number. “The main

Researchers develop way to identify first-person filmmakers from the camera wobble

Two researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a way to identify first-person filmmakers based on the wobble of their cameras, according to a report by The Verge. Professor Shmuel Peleg and Yedid Hoshen recently published their results in a paper titled “Egocentric Video Biometrics”, where it details how you can distinguish one person from another by analyzing an individual’s gait, or the unique pattern of their body movements. The researchers tracked the “optical flow” of objects and