Biometrics-based disaster evacuee identification system introduced in Japan

The Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association (JAiSA) has introduced a system to identify disaster evacuees via fingerprint and palm vein recognition. The system, according to a report in The Japan News, is primarily intended for use with disabled and elderly people with communication difficulties. JAiSA plans to roll out the system to municipalities across Japan by the end of fiscal 2017, adding biometrics-based identification provided by the system to the support system for disaster-affected municipalities run by the Japan Agency

Nigeria capturing biometrics for 2018 census

Nigeria’s Federal Commisioner of the National Population Commission (NPC) has revealed that biometric system technology will be deployed during the 2018 census to capture facial impressions and fingerprints of citizens, according to a report in Leadership. The NPC is determined to use biometrics in the census to prevent people from gaining advantage through manipulation of the Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD) as only persons physically seen will be counted and biometrics taken. “To us in the Commission, the significance of the

IrisGuard introduces iris camera designed for outdoor enrollment and recognition

IrisGuard has released EyeHood, its portable iris camera that is ideally suited for outdoor enrollments and recognitions. EyeHood is the latest addition to the IrisGuard EyePay platform camera portfolio. The camera fully shields the user from direct sunlight and other external lighting conditions both at mobile or stationary enrollment and verification stations, providing excellent iris quality images and matching results, essential in payment and identity systems. According to a company statement, the EyeHood was developed to meet difficult outdoor registration

Unisys introduces digital banking software platform

Unisys Corporation has unveiled Elevate by Unisys, a digital banking software platform and suite of applications that assists financial institutions of all sizes with delivering a secure, omnichannel banking experience to their customers. Anchored in Unisys’ Retail Banking Delivery platform, which is used by more than 125 banks worldwide, the built-in adaptive biometric and data analytics used to identify customers, authenticate access and validate transactions also helps to reduce fraud, meet regulatory requirements and reduce PCI and related compliance costs.

Biometric authentication kiosks used to process new banking customers

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) reports that the 685 biometric authentication kiosks introduced in the last year by its South African subsidiary Tyme have processed 100,000 new customers in that country. According to a report in iTnews, the bank claims the kiosks can process new customers in under four minutes by utilizing biometric authentication, and at a cost to the bank of just $4 per new customer. The Android-based, wi-fi connected machines are about the same size as an

Ghana aims to issue 27M biometric ID cards in next year

Despite current logistical challenges, Ghana’s newly appointed National Identification Authority (NIA) CEO told the The Ghanaian Times this week that he is working towards carrying out his mandate to coordinate and supervise the registration and issuance of national biometric identification cards to 27 million citizens within a year. NIA CEO, Professor Ken Agyemang Attafuah, also a senior law lecturer at the Central University College, said he believed the challenges were not unsurmountable. Two weeks ago the Office of the President

Applied Recognition enables Ver-ID face and ID credential authentication for mobile apps

Developers using Cordova or Adobe’s PhoneGap can now add Applied Recognition‘s Ver-ID face and photo ID credential authentication to iOS and Android mobile applications by adding just a few lines of code. Ver-ID face authentication adds biometric security and convenience to any mobile application by: replacing or complementing traditional username/password logins by adding face authentication as a primary and/or secondary access control mechanism; adding 2FA to increase security for website access by using face authentication on a mobile app in

Veridium adds biometric authentication, ID assurance for Microsoft Active Directory

Veridium has launched VeridiumAD, an enterprise-ready solution that adds biometric authentication and identity assurance to Microsoft Active Directory environments. VeridiumAD integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure without any additional hardware, allowing organizations to eliminate passwords or to enable biometrics as a second factor, replacing the need for hard and soft tokens. “We all know that passwords are a flawed enterprise security solution – but what doesn’t get talked about often enough is how inconvenient and expensive they are to companies,” said

MePIN adds liveness detection option to authentication platform

MePIN has added human recognition and user recognition options to its MePIN Universal Authentication platform which can be used together with more traditional authentication methods. The new MePIN biometric policies can be used to provide further protection during high risk transactions, extending the platform’s existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based non-repudiation without compromising the user experience. The human recognition option includes liveness detection to ensure that a payment or authentication app recognizes a human user during a transaction. The provider

HID Global adds liveness detection to Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint solutions

HID Global has made several improvements to its compact Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint solutions with liveness detection, enabling OEMs and IT security integrators to deliver cost-effective authentication solutions. The newly-improved fingerprint solutions deliver the ease-of-use and reliability of multispectral imaging technology to a range of applications including time and attendance, physical access control, banking, and healthcare. “The M-Series family delivers proven biometric identity protection that outperforms competitors with reliable image capture for users in all conditions and high-performance liveness detection that