Apple rumoured to launch iWallet app using fingerprint sensors to make purchases

Apple is preparing to launch its ‘iWallet’ app, which would allow customers to use the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor to verify their identity to securely and conveniently make retail purchases in stores, has learned in a report on The Information. So far, it is believed that Visa has signed on to partner with the app, per a report in the Daily Mail, which is expected to launch this fall alongside the new iPhone 6. The Information claims “conversations

Identification and verification firm Facebanx joins the Biometrics Institute

Facebanx announced it has joined the Biometrics Institute, bringing the member count to 155 including Gemalto, Hitachi Europe, Nuance Communications and Unisys. “We are very pleased to welcome Facebanx,” said Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute. “Facebanx represents a growing industry where new companies are pushing biometric technology into the mainstream and their solutions cover many different markets.” Since launching face recognition solutions in early 2013, Facebanx has more recently added voice recognition and ID document capture capabilities to

Hoyos Labs to demonstrate new app that uses biometrics at NYC event

Hoyos Labs announced that it will demonstrate its soon-to-be-released mobile app which uses a range of biometrics to replace usernames and passwords, at the upcoming FinovateFall conference in New York City. At the conference, Hoyos Labs will demonstrate the app to members of the financial community to illustrate how they can use the technology to easily safeguard their corporate and financial data. By essentially transforming a smartphone into a biometrics acquisition device, the app uses a “liveness” detection system that

VoiceVault to support Mandarin Chinese voice verification in mobile apps

VoiceVault announced it is now offering phrase-based voice verification in Mandarin Chinese. The announcement comes at a time where there is a significant demand for voice biometrics in mobile applications from organizations in China. In this latest, soon-to-be-released version of VoiceVault ViGo, customers will be able to offer support for custom Mandarin Chinese phrases as well as phrases in other languages. “This is a great step forwards for the voice biometrics industry,” said Tim Furnell, CTO at VoiceVault. “We’re excited

Explainer: Biometric ATMs

Biometric ATMs are self-service automated teller machines (ATMs), or cash machines, that use a biometric measure to identify customers and allow them to withdraw cash. Biometric authentication may be the only customer identifier used, or it may be used in conjunction with another format, such as a payment card, a mobile device or an additional security credential, such as a PIN. The biometric measures used generally include palm or finger vein print biometrics, although they may also include other functionalities

Facebook rejects biometrics to embrace QR codes

Facebook engineer Gregg Stefancik has stated that he would like his company to eventually move away from using passwords, but vehemently opposes the use of biometrics. At a recent media appearance in Australia, Facebook’s top security architect said that he would ultimately prefer the use of hardware tokens to log users into Facebook. In the interim, the popular social network is encouraging its one billion users to opt for two-factor authentication to sign-in. Stefancik told ComputerWorld: “If we were in

CLEAR to launch biometric security fast-pass system at Las Vegas airport

CLEAR will introduce its biometrics security fast-pass system at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport later this summer, making McCarran the 10th airport in the United States to offer the identity verification system. Those travelers willing to pay an annual membership fee will be able to go through security checkpoints in less time by using a CLEAR Card that verifies their identity using fingerprint and iris recognition. Clear, a New York-based technology business, announced that McCarran would be the 10th airport

Biometrics-Based Airport Processing System to be trialled at Aruba Airport

The Aruba Airport will implement on a trial basis a new biometrics-based passenger processing system developed by Vision-Box at airport check-points later this year, according to a report by Future Travel Experience. Using facial recognition technology and gates, the ‘Happy Flow’ processing system is designed to facilitate a seamless, faster and more intuitive airport experience. Passengers will no longer be required to show their passport and boarding pass at other checkpoints throughout the airport. The trial was announced at a

Explainer: Mobile Biometrics

Mobile biometrics refers to the deployment of biometric authentication methods on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use cases for mobile biometrics include securing sensitive data on personal or corporate mobile devices such as enterprise or financial information, providing physical access to corporate facilities and providing mobile identity management tools to national security and law enforcement agencies. Over the past few years, mobile devices have become a key computing platform, transforming how people access business and personal information. Access

GCR Launches Biometric System with Business Automation

IT products and services consulting firm GCR announced on Wednesday it has introduced a credentialing system that couples the power of biometrics with business automation and other aspects. Dubbed AirportIQ Secure Credentials, the new system offers continuous validation of background, identity verification of aviation workers and binding of biometric and biographic information to the individual. The system, which GCR says is actively being marketed to other airports, manages the entry and maintenance of identity information, prints badges, interfaces with access