IDEX focuses business on bringing biometric smartcards to mass market

IDEX is on track to deliver volume rollouts for biometric smartcards in 2018 as the market reaches a critical inflection point, according to a company announcement. The company is re-shaping and focusing its business for volume commercialization in a market Biometric Embedded News estimates will approach 350 million biometric cards in 2020, for a potential value of $4 billion, the company says. Changes have included focusing resources on biometric cards, and bringing systems design and development skills in-house. “IDEX is

IDEX hosts investor presentation on capturing the second biometric wave

IDEX hosted an investor presentation on “Capturing the Second Biometric Wave” with CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia, CFO Henrik Knudtzon, CTO Fred Benkley and Chief Products Officer Stan Swearingen this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The second wave, IDEX says, consists of larger sensor sizes, driven by usability and security, the decoupling of sensing elements from silicon, which significantly decreases sensor cost, and the integration of digital intelligence into the driver ASIC. The company noted Mastercard and University of

Biometrics industry stocks this week

A trendy debate among financial types is whether the economy is in the late-stages of this current expansionary cycle. Fund managers assume there are identifiable stages to periods of growth in the economy. Many think there are some signs popping up of late-cycle froth in this current market upswing. One eminent name weighing in on this debate over the last week was David Rosenberg, a former chief economist for Merrill Lynch. These days Rosenberg works for a Toronto-based firm, Gluskin

IDEX preparing for volume shipments of biometric cards in Q2

IDEX is rapidly progressing toward commercialization of its contact-based biometric payment cards, with volume shipments expected following the completion of the certification process which is anticipated in Q2 2018, the company announced. As the certification process takes place, IDEX has been making commercial launch preparations with its previously announced partners and carrying out commercial trials with other end customers. Biometric cards are gaining momentum from innovation in the space, IDEX says, including its self-enrol solution, matcher algorithm and 13×13 sensor.

IDEX hosting investor presentation at CES

IDEX will be hosting an investor presentation at CES on January 10th. Members of the executive management team will present IDEX’s business strategy and highlight the company’s leadership position and market opportunities in the biometric cards market. The company also plans to demonstrate its latest fingerprint sensor solutions. The presentation will be held by IDEX’s CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia, CFO Henrik Knudtzon, CTO Fred Benkley and Chief Products Officer Stan Swearingen. Management will also be hosting individual meetings with members

IDEX introduces new large area sensor for biometric cards

IDEX has announced a new large area sensor for biometric cards. According to a company statement, the bendable sensor is based on IDEX’s off-chip technology and leverages the company’s advanced ASIC which enables a combination of enhanced processing performance and power efficiency, making it a very effective solution for both contact-based and dual-interface biometric cards. The Norwegian biometrics company expects to begin sampling its large area sensor to customers in the first half of 2018. “Unlike smartphones, sensor solutions for

IDEX advances biometric smartcard deployment, develops remote enrollment process

IDEX has partnered with security solution provider Feitian to commercialize a dual interface biometric smart card, and also developed a remote enrollment solution for biometric cards, enabling users to conveniently enroll without being physically present in a branch office, according to a pair of announcements Monday and Tuesday. Feitian has developed a contact and contactless smart card leveraging IDEX’s off-chip fingerprint sensor technology, with rapid card prototyping enabled by IDEX’s complete biometric module. IDEX and Feitian engineering teams worked together

IDEX, IDEMIA collaborate on scalable contactless biometric card solutions

IDEX has revealed its continued development of end-to-end biometric solutions for payment cards with IDEMIA. Last year, IDEX first announced it was working with Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) in November 2016 to commercialize the first mass deployable biometric smart cards. Since then, OT and Safran’s Morpho business came together to become IDEMIA. The partnership has resulted in the completion of several end-user trials of next generation biometric cards with a leading payment provider. The success of these real-world trials

Dr Hemant Mardia keynotes EAB biometrics in banking and payments seminar in London

IDEX CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia presented the afternoon keynote at the European Association of Biometrics seminar on Biometrics in Banking and Payments in London last week. Dr Mardia’s presentation covered the development and deployment of biometric cards. The Biometrics in Banking and Payments seminar reflects the trends and opportunities of biometrics in the financial market and focus on practical issues of biometrics for financial services. More than 18 banks and financial institutions participated at the London seminar. The next Biometrics

IDEX predicts huge second wave of biometric adoption in investor update

IDEX presented an investor update on Thursday, identifying a potential “second wave” of biometric adoption led by a smart card market which could reach 300 million units in 2020. The wave of adoption is set up by what the company touts as “the off-chip sensing revolution,” with low-cost, flexible sensors delivering a high degree of digital intelligence. Following the first wave of biometric adoption, which IDEX says was catalyzed by Apple, Mastercard is driving the second wave, according to the