World Border Security Congress

World Border Security Congress Madrid, Spain March 20th – 22nd, 2018 The World Border Security Congress is the only multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where the border protection, management and security industry policy-makers and practitioners convene annually to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting not only one’s own country’s borders, but those of neighbours and friends. World Border Security Congress will provide a platform for the world’s border protection forces and agencies to discuss and debate the current and future issues

Singapore testing biometric immigration clearance system for drivers

The Singaporean government is currently testing a full self-service system with biometric and passport scans for immigration clearance, which would allow travelers to drive into a car bay and have their identity authenticated while remaining in their vehicle, according to a report by Today Online. The prototype for the Automated Passenger In-Car Clearance System was completed in late December and is currently undergoing technical trials that will run until the end of the year. The system’s prototype was unveiled at

Italy’s fastest-growing airport introduces SITA ABC gates to expedite immigration

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport has introduced SITA’s self-serve automated border control gates to speed up the immigration process for passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport. Last year Bologna Airport was the fastest-growing airport among Italy’s 15 busiest, processing more than seven million passengers. Deploying ABC gates will make the immigration process on arrival more efficient and will allow the airport to accommodate more passengers during peak periods. The SITA iBorders BorderAutomation ABCGates use facial recognition technology

Terrorism and immigration concerns driving biometric border security efforts: Report

Acuity Market Intelligence has released new research that finds that recent terrorism and violence across Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, as well as concerns about global migration and immigration, are driving efforts to improve and expand biometric border security. Acuity reports that biometric credentials and the collection and screening of biometrics for visas and at ports of entry have emerged as the national security standard across the globe. According to the research, there are currently more than

Securiport’s biometric ID solution wins GSN Airport Seaport Border Security Award

Securiport has received the award for ‘Best Biometric Identification/Authentication Solution’ from the Government Security News (GSN) Airport Seaport Border Security Awards Program. Now in its seventh year, the 2016 program honors the top leaders in new technologies and innovative security strategies. Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) features several subsystems that provide optimal security and control, including advanced multimodal biometric identification, intelligent data analysis, training, data security, and real-time checks against Interpol databases to help identify persons of interest. Using

NEC and GAI deliver mobile biometric collection technology to ICE

NEC and Government Acquisitions (GAI) have successfully delivered NEC Corporation of America’s NeoScan45 mobile fingerprint capture devices to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In an effort to enhance existing fixed platform capabilities, ICE will integrate the 2 and 10 print mobile biometric collection devices to allow collection of biometrics in the field. According to a statement by NEC, being able to identify and or verify subjects at the first point of encounter is essential for officer safety, timely and

Japan adds facial recognition to passport control system

In an effort to tighten immigration control and security in advance of the Toyko 2020 Summer Olympics, the Japanese government will start using a facial recognition system at airports to strengthen its ability to catch terrorists and identify criminals or undesirables trying to sneak into the country. Last September, Japan’s Justice Ministry announced plans to install terminals at various airports to capture photos and fingerprints of foreign visitors. The new facial recognition system will allow those photos to be compared

SITA reveals biometric boarding solution at Passenger Terminal EXPO

At the Passenger Terminal EXPO today, SITA revealed Smart Path, a solution that lets passengers move through an airport and board aircraft using biometrics to verify their identity instead of having to present a boarding pass, a passport or travel documents. The SITA Smart Path solution has passenger’s biometric details captured with a facial scan at the first touch point in the airport experience. The record is checked against the passenger’s travel documents, most often their passport, and a secure

Naples Airport introduces self-service immigration technology using biometrics

Naples International Airport has installed SITA’s Automated Border Control Gates (ABCGates) to fast track passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport through the airport. The self-service immigration control technology uses facial recognition to verify that the passenger is the passport holder, has an authentic, valid passport and is authorized to enter the country. Fingerprint verification is also provided to further enhance security as needed. With an average processing time of only 20 seconds, this process enables eligible

CBP announces test to collect biometrics at the Otay Mesa border crossing

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has posted an official notice that it will soon conduct a test to collect biometric information at the Otay Mesa, California land border port-of-entry from certain aliens entering and departing the United States. The move comes a few months after the U.S. CBP announced it would launch a biometric border entry and exit control pilot program at Otay Mesa, San Diego in an effort to identify and apprehend foreigners with expired visas who