InAuth, AimBrain to deliver six-factor mobile authentication solution

InAuth and AimBrain have partnered to enable banks and financial institutions, digital wallet providers, payment service providers (PSPs) and other organizations to deliver up to six factors of authentication for their customers’ mobile transactions. InAuth’s InMobile solution enables clients to determine the trustworthiness of the mobile device itself, while AimBrain’s authentication technology uses facial, voice and behavioral biometrics to verify the identity of the customer. The companies’ complementary technologies will help financial institutions implement strong customer authentication practices, while delivering a

InAuth adds biometric authentication to its mobile security platform

InAuth has formally launched InMobile Biometrics, which adds biometric authentication to InMobile’s core capabilities. InMobile Biometrics combines fingerprint authentication technology with InAuth’s InMobile solution to deliver a device identification solution with fully integrated and secure biometric recognition. The solution leverages a mobile device’s native fingerprint sensor to authenticate users, offering strong two-factor (2FA) security. “This makes perfect sense for InAuth, as we are on the end point, the consumer’s device, to begin with,” said Michael Lynch, chief strategy officer at