Biometrics Institute releases results from 2017 industry survey

The Biometrics Institute has released to its members the full report on the findings of the 2017 Biometrics Institute Industry Tracker, which is now in its eighth year. This year’s survey was revamped and condensed to 20 key questions including a new question probing attitudes to major biometric issues. The final report provides critical insights into various trends and important developments in the biometrics industry. “Overall, over the next five years, there is expected to be a shift away from

Biometrics Institute launches revamped annual industry survey

The Biometrics Institute has launched its revamped annual industry survey, which is aimed at providing individuals within the industry an opportunity to give their feedback on priority themes and areas. The survey asks members and key stakeholders to respond to 20 questions on the current status of the biometrics industry, expected developments in the next few years and attitudes towards key issues. The results help the organization, its stakeholders and its committees, to focus on the most important issues, regions

SITA survey shows airports prioritizing security technology

SITA and Airports Council International (ACI), in association with Airline Business, has released the results of The Airport IT Trends Survey, an extensive annual study of IT trends within the global airport industry. The report finds that airports are placing a higher priority on IT investments for passenger and airport security with 50% rating it a high priority, up from 37% last year. Many airports have shifted their investment focus to security in light of recent regional tensions, some of

Biometrics Institute releases findings from 2016 industry survey

The Biometrics Institute has released to its members the full report on the findings of the 2016 Biometrics Institute Industry Survey. The annual report, now in its seventh year, provides insights into different trends and emerging developments in the biometrics industry. The survey was distributed to all Biometrics Institute members, other key stakeholders and media contacts (approximately 6000 individuals in total) in May and closed in early June. The findings are based on the feedback of over 200 individuals from

Biometrics Institute kicks off 2016 industry survey with new questions

The Biometrics Institute has kicked off its seventh annual Industry Survey which invites members and key stakeholders to discuss their perspectives on recent and upcoming developments in the use of biometrics. The 2016 industry survey assesses key trends regarding the implementation of biometrics, including which biometric technologies and modalities are being used. The findings will provide important insights into opportunities and challenges for the biometrics industry as well as highlight key areas for research and development. The survey also serves

U.S. firms to boost cybersecurity spending and examine password elimination

A new survey of IT professionals in the U.S. found that 66 percent have committed to phasing out traditional passwords. The survey findings also revealed that the majority of IT professionals had experienced a data breach and are projecting increased cybersecurity spending over the next year. The survey of more than 300 IT security professionals, commissioned by SecureAuth Corporation and conducted by Wakefield Research, found that 66 percent of respondents have opted to leverage authentication methods other than passwords for

Survey reveals biometrics demand with 84% supporting eliminating passwords

Mobile authentication platform firm LaunchKey released findings from a recent survey it commissioned in which 84% of respondents said that they would support eliminating passwords as an authentication method. The survey results also found that 76% of respondents feel their data would be more secure with an alternative form of verification, with 59% preferring fingerprint scans over passwords. Additionally, 46% of survey respondents said they currently have more than 10 passwords to manage, 68% admitted that they reuse passwords for

Biometrics Institute issues results of annual industry survey to members

The Biometrics Institute has released full results of the 2015 Industry Survey to its members, which provides insight into various trends and key developments in the biometrics industry. The sixth annual survey was distributed via email to all members and other key stakeholders as well as media contacts (a total of 5,000 individuals altogether) in May, before closing in early June. This year’s survey saw a response from a record 341 individuals from around the world. “The use of biometrics

Unisys survey finds one-third of Americans view biometrics on smartphones as effective

Unisys announced it has published the 2015 Unisys Security Insights Survey, which found that about one-third of American consumers view biometrics as an effective security feature. The study, which surveyed 11,244 consumers across 12 countries, explores consumer perceptions of which industries most effectively protect their personal data. One question asked respondents, “For each industry, how likely do you think it is that your personal information will be accessed by an unauthorized person either accidently or deliberately within the next 12

Biometrics Institute launches 2015 Industry Survey to assess biometrics industry

The Biometrics Institute has launched its 2015 Industry Survey requesting its members and key stakeholders to provide input on the current status and expected future developments of the biometrics industry. Now in its sixth year, the industry survey assesses trends and developments in the biometrics industry. The survey’s results will provide a number of projections and expectations for the performance of the biometric industry in the coming year as well as highlight areas for development and research. The survey is