Innovatrics introduces ‘plug and play’ facial recognition solution

Innovatrics announced its new SmartFace Server, a ready-to-deploy cloud-based facial recognition solution with suitable for a wide range of use cases. According to a company statement, SmartFace solves the typical problems associated with face recognition SDKs such as lack of specialist biometric expertise, long integration times, and problems working with video files, multiple IP camera streams, or low-end hardware. SmartFace features proprietary liveness verification, real-time face detection, recognition, age/gender detection and unique visitor counting. The solution is capable of carrying

Innovatrics fingerprint algorithm sets record for 1B matches per second

Innovatrics’ latest version of its fingerprint matching algorithm has set a new matching speed record of 1.04 billion matches per second, on a single server only. The move comes just over a month after Innovatrics launched the new version of Latent Editor, which simplifies the editing and enhancement of latent fingerprint images to increase the probability of a match in an AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System). The algorithm outperformed the previous record of 720 million matches per second, which was also

Innovatrics launches solution to increase probability of fingerprint matches

Innovatrics has launched the new version of Latent Editor, which simplifies the editing and enhancement of latent fingerprint images to increase the probability of a match in an AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System). The intuitive and easy-to-use Latent Editor was developed based on feedback from Innovatrics’ AFIS customers, and enables users to edit and improve latent fingerprint records in a secure, independent and interoperable environment. The smart separation tool enables users to easily separate overlapping fingerprints by tagging the relevant

Innovatrics releases mobile version of facial recognition platform

Innovatrics has released a mobile version of its facial recognition technology, IFace 3.0 Mobile, which is designed to be seamlessly integrated into mobile applications to include facial biometrics as a second factor authentication feature. The new mobile version is designed to meet the needs of financial institutions, commercial organizations and mobile application integrators. IFace 3.0 Mobile features a facial library footprint of only 10 MB, making it the optimal storage size for mobile devices. In addition, face detection, template extraction,

Innovatrics presenting on facial biometrics for mobile banking at FinSec 2017

Peter Martis, face recognition business unit director for Innovatrics, will present a live demonstration of IFace Mobile and speak about facial biometrics for mobile banking at FinSec 2017 later this month in Dubai. Martis will cover topics including: selfie login as a second authentication factor; user experience and adoption rate, and; pitfalls and things to consider. The FinSec Summit brings together decision makers and solution providers to share experiences and address key challenges. CISO professionals will discover the latest technologies,

Innovatrics releases new version of its facial biometric technology

Innovatrics has released IFace 3.0, the latest version of the company’s facial biometric solution featuring enhanced real-time ICAO check, identification and authentication (1:1 matching), multi-face tracking, and people analytics, including age and gender profiling. IFace 3.0 also features GPU acceleration support, enabling IFace 3.0 to perform thousands of facial template extractions per second. Designed with a focus on seamless integration, the deep neural networks-based solution enables significant improvements in facial recognition accuracy and overall matching speed. With its significantly smaller

Innovatrics ranked first in accuracy in NIST PFT II test

Biometrics ID management software developer Innovatrics recently announced that its algorithm has jointly ranked first in accuracy in the recently published results of the Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II (PFT II). The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) benchmark test measures the performance of fingerprint matching software. The 99.98% true match rate, combined with the related equal error rates achieved by Innovatrics’s algorithm, are the best results ever recorded during PFT evaluations. “This unique combination of industry-leading accuracy

Biometrics software firm Innovatrics opens Atlanta and Singapore offices

Innovatrics, a provider of biometric software solutions for identity management projects, recently expanded its global presence by opening new offices in the U.S. and Singapore. The move is intended to more effectively serve Innovatrics’ current and future North & Latin American and APAC customers. The company can now work more closely with its customers and accommodate their specific needs by developing customized solutions. “Our 12 years of experience in biometrics has helped us to understand the dynamics of the market.

Sciometrics SlapShot app powered by Innovatrics AFIS engine

Earlier this week, Sciometrics’ SlapShot App, which allows AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) fingerprint verifications using standard smartphone cameras, entered beta testing. According to a statement by the company, Sciometrics’ vision is to replace fingerprint authentication hardware with software which operates with standard cameras in smartphones, tablets and laptops to reduce the cost of security for both users and device manufacturers. “This is the first step in our vision to geometrically expand fingerprint authentication as means of enhancing both physical

Innovatrics new AFIS solution designed for integrators

Biometrics software developer Innovatrics has released its next generation automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). In a statement, the company says the solution is designed for integrators and solution providers that need to provide large-scale, standards-compliant, high-performance and cost-effective biometric identification. Innovatrics AFIS is fully scalable, multimodal, and customizable, and can easily integrate into a customer’s existing biometrics systems. “Innovatrics has built AFIS with this flexibility in mind,” explains Jan Lunter, Chief Technology Officer at Innovatrics. “With an open architecture, this