Visma taps Inside Secure for mobile authentication

Inside Secure’s mobile strong authentication and payment authorization service has been selected by Finnish software as a service (SaaS) provider Visma Solutions for deployment with its Netvisor ID and other services. Netvisor ID is a mobile application which enables digital signatures for transactions by acting as a public key certificate, with Inside Secure providing secure and convenient authentication for logins and transactions. It also enables PSD2 compliance, according to the announcement. “Netvisor simplifies and secures online logins allowing users to

Biometrics in fintech, fingerprint authentication and facial recognition top this week’s news

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Fintech and biometrics Deutsche Bank is working with Callsign to trial a mobile antifraud solution which builds a profile of a user. The technology takes into account how the phone is held, its physical location, facial recognition and thumbprint analysis. The bank hopes the new security solution will eliminate the need for customer passwords and plans to extend it to 10,000 members

INSIDE Secure’s mobile payment solution now Visa Ready

INSIDE Secure announced that its mobile payments security solution has been approved by Visa Inc. for use in Visa Inc. territories. Visa Ready is a cloud-based payments program and standards which extend mobile payment to devices without a secure element, such as for those devices supporting Host Card Emulation (HCE). By securing a Visa Ready license, mobile payment companies are able to gain access to specifications and SDKs to implement Visa payWave for mobile. MatrixHCE is a software-based banking and

INSIDE Secure and Intrinsic-ID team up for secure microcontrollers for smart cards

INSIDE Secure and Intrinsic-ID have announced they are bringing to market a new class of secure microcontrollers for smart cards and other applications that apply Hardware Intrinsic Security (HIS) for cloud-based transactions. Hardware Intrinsic Security technology uses the unique attributes of a device to extract security keys.  By combining INSIDE’s proven secure microcontroller designs with patented HIS technology from Intrinsic-ID, the companies say they can use the unique physical characteristics of each chip to protect cryptographic keys, and subsequently make devices extremely

INSIDE Secure gets FIPS certification

INSIDE Secure’s SafeZone encryption toolkit, a key sub-component of the company’s embedded security software products, has received Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification. According to the company, this new certification expands the company’s portfolio of FIPS-certified hardware security modules and secure controllers to include software offerings for securing data in transit over SSL/DTLS and IPSEC, as well as data at rest on Android devices. “Security is now a basic requirement for every device and at every point where data is