AimBrain combines facial authentication with iDENprotect security software

AimBrain has partnered with iDENprotect to combine iDENprotect’s software based hardware-backed security technology with AimBrain’s facial authentication module. Under the partnership, the companies will provide enterprises with an integrated ‘device-plus-identity’ authentication solution to combat unauthorized systems access and fraudulent transactions without requiring additional security hardware devices. “The partnership with AimBrain and its intelligent biometric solution creates additional contexts about the user, improving security and performance,” iDENprotect CEO Craig McDermott, said. “Combined with our superior authentication and trust technology, customers can

Seamless integration of fingerprint sensors into mobile phones

This is a guest post by Dr. Rouzet Agaiby, Senior Business Development Engineer at FlexEnable. The adoption of biometrics in smartphones started with the introduction of fingerprint recognition technology in Apple’s iPhone 5 in 2013. Soon after many other smartphone OEMs started integrating fingerprint sensors, and more recently facial recognition, either as multi-modal or standalone user authentication solutions. Today, fingerprint sensors remain the most commonly used biometric authentication technology in mobile phones, and their integration continues to be a hot

Paxton, RS2 Technologies announce integration with Invixium biometric solutions

UK electronic IP access control and door entry solutions provider Paxton announced the integration of its networked access control system, Net2, with Invixium biometric software, IXM WEB. The integration allows for real time synchronisation between the two applications, removing the need to enter user data in two places and reducing setup time. This provides customers with the benefit of expanding their access control offer with a biometric solution. Paxton’s Net2 is the UK’s most popular access control solution, with more

BioConnect integrates FacePhi face authentication into biometric ID platform

BioConnect has integrated FacePhi’s SelPhi face recognition system into the company’s agnostic biometric identification platform, BioConnect ID. The joint solution will deliver facial recognition and a range of biometric-based identity methods to FacePhi’s banking customers and prospective partners in the banking industry. The two companies have combined their expertise in a way that empowers a truly seamless and secure identification and authentication experience in both the physical and digital world leveraging biometric technology. “This is an opportunity for both companies

Fingerprint Cards collaborates with two new module houses, announces new integration

Fingerprint Cards announced partnerships with two new Chinese module houses, Fingerchip and A-Kerr (SPEED). “The quality standards and requirements are very high among the module houses,” commented Ted Hansson, senior vice president, Business Line Mobile, Fingerprint Cards. “This collaboration is a testimonial of Fingerprints’ industry-leading technology and how strong our trademark is in China.” Fingerprint Cards expects these partnerships to further strengthen its position in Asia. The company now collaborates with more than ten module houses, the majority of which

RS2 Technology access control software now supports ZKAccess biometric readers

Biometric security solutions provider ZKAccess announced today that its ZKBioPack software now allows for the integration of ZKAccess biometric readers with RS2 Technology’s Access It! access control software. RS2 Technologies provides access management solutions to customers in the energy, hospital, education, defense, finance, government, information technology and manufacturing industries. RS2 customers can now launch the ZKBioPack software application from within their Access It! software interface when ZKAccess IP-based biometric readers are added. Supported ZKAccess biometric models include the F18 indoor

Valencell releases new biometric sensor modules; announces new integration

Valencell has released two new versions of its Benchmark sensor systems, the biometric sensor modules that incorporates the company’s PerformTek biometric technology, experience and expertise. The two new designs include Benchmark BE2.0, a version designed for hearables, and Benchmark BW2.0, a 2-LED version of the original Benchmark sensor system for wearables worn at the wrist and arm. The two new modules both have a smaller footprint and more power efficiency than past models, while improving on Valencell’s accuracy. Benchmark sensor

FPC releases fingerprint biometric module for developers

Fingerprints Cards (FPC) has released its Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit, a complete biometric system that is designed to help developers and product creators to embed FPC’s fingerprint biometric technology into various products and applications. The Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit provides designers with all the hardware and software they need to develop and prototype their product’s biometric interface. Price at US$999.00, the Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit includes a fingerprint sensor, a standalone processor and a well proven algorithm. On its website,

Home Office Biometrics seeking technology delivery partner for multi-location IT service

The UK’s Home Office has posted a request seeking a technology delivery partner to work with the Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Program team to provide a “large, complex program converging IT systems into a cohesive, cost effective, user-centered service”. The HOB program aims to develop a unified, integrated biometric service that is effective, adaptable, efficient, proportionate and lawful. The existing immigration and law enforcement biometrics systems are large, complex IT systems supporting thousands of users and millions of records. Current

Usher integrates with leading PACS gateways

MicroStrategy’s enterprise-grade identity and security management platform, Usher is now compatible with multiple leading physical access control systems (PACS) including Datawatch, Honeywell, Lenel, Paxton, S2, and Tyco. The company has been conducting demonstrations of Usher, including its beacon technology and converged analytics dashboard, and providing a live video feed of an Usher physical access implementation this week at ISC West. “We are excited to be joining ISC West this year to showcase Usher’s physical and logical identity management and security