BioID releases source code for its Android and iOS facial recognition app

Cloud biometrics developer BioID has released the Android version of its face recognition authenticator and announced the availability of the source code for both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The mobile app source code allows developers to quickly integrate biometric authentication directly into their apps on the two platforms. Since authentication requires both possession of the registered mobile device and the user’s physical presence verified through face recognition, mobile developers can offer their end users multifactor authentication

Windows face authentication feature could expand to Android, iOS

Microsoft has hinted that its face authentication feature Windows Hello might work on Android phones and iPhones, in addition to its own devices, according to a report by Slash Gear. At last week’s Ignite 2016 conference in Atlanta, Microsoft showed some slides and made some statements alluding to the possibility of the face recognition login feature expanding to other devices. However, it is uncertain when and to what extent this will occur. Windows Hello, which recently added fingerprint sensor support,

Sighthound releases facial recognition software for mobile platforms

Sighthound announced that it has released an advanced facial recognition software for mobile handheld platforms. The company will be demonstrating cellphone and tablet based implementations at this week’s CVPR conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sighthound focuses on developing deep networks that run in real time and require less training data than its industry competitors. According to Sighthound, traditional deep networks are computationally expensive and therefore require cloud based server arrays or GPU accelerated hardware. In contrast, Sighthound’s networks are designed

Tangerine adds Eyeprint ID and voice biometrics to its mobile banking app

Canada’s Tangerine Bank has released a new version of its mobile banking app for iOS to include eyeprint recognition and voice biometrics for identity verification, and an in-app secure chat function. EyeVerify provides the Eyeprint ID technology and VocalPassword, developed by Nuance Communications, is a voice authentication technology that allows clients to access their account by saying a simple phrase. These biometric technologies have never been used before by a Canadian financial institution. The Secure Chat application, which was initially

Facebook AI technology describes photos to blind users

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced a new feature for iOS users who are visually impaired that reads the contents of web pages aloud, according to a report by Fortune. Dubbed automatic alternative text, the new feature generates photo descriptions for visually impaired users who rely on a screen reader. Prior to adding the new feature, Facebook users of screen readers would hear the name of the individual who posted the image, followed by the word “photo” when they would scroll

Protect your emails with your fingerprint on new Outlook app for iOS

Keep your messages private by requiring your fingerprint to access your Outlook account on iOS devices. A new update to Microsoft’s Outlook app now lets users protect emails with their fingerprints on iOS devices equipped with a Touch ID sensor, according to a report by Mashable. Outlook is the first of the major email apps on iOS, including Gmail and Apple’s own stock Mail app, to support the fingerprint security features of Touch ID. Set up Touch ID security by

NTT DOCOMO adds iOS support via Nok Nok Labs’ biometric authentication solution

Nok Nok Labs announced that its NNL S3 Authentication Suite has been selected by mobile carrier NTT DOCOMO, Inc. to expand its FIDO-enabled ecosystem to include iOS support. DOCOMO initially announced FIDO support for DOCOMO services back in May 2015 when it deployed the Nok Nok App SDK for Android and Nok Nok Authentication Server. By adding the Nok Nok App SDK for iOS to offer the same FIDO Certified support to customers with iOS devices, DOCOMO is now providing

Tactivo order from US DoD for Precise Biometrics

Biometric technology firm Precise Biometrics has won an order of Tactivo mobile smart card readers from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) of the US Department of Defense (DoD). The value of the order is 1.1 million SEK ($131,000 USD) and will impact fourth quarter revenues 2015 and first quarter revenues 2016. The order, which has been placed through Precise Biometrics’ partner TX Systems, includes Tactivo for iPhone devices. Tactivo is a line of mobile smart card readers for iOS and

LockSmart keyless lock uses bluetooth and Touch ID

Australian developer Dog and Bone has introduced LockSmart, a patented, keyless Bluetooth padlock controlled by an iOS or Android app. LockSmart is rugged, waterproof and provides users with a keyless, trackable and secure solution for locking and accessing valuables. LockSmart offers Bluetooth security with 128-bit advanced encryption and the option for owners to unlock the padlock using Touch ID, tapping the icon, or entering a passcode. LockSmart’s app allows owners to manage one or several padlocks through its mobile app,

BioID releases facial recognition login app for iOS

BioID Gmbh announced it has released the BioID facial recognition app for iOS products, which enables developers and companies to integrate biometric authentication capabilities into their mobile platforms. By adding just a few lines of code, companies can provide a secure and convenient login and transaction authorization method in which end users can authorize themselves by taking a selfie. Face recognition provides strong multifactor security with a seamless user experience, while the patented liveness detection feature ensures that attackers are