Australian airports may trial iPhones to verify identity of overseas travelers

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection has recommended outfitting Border Force officers at the country’s eight international airports with iPhones and attachable biometric devices to verify the identity of overseas travellers of interest in near real-time, according to a report by IT News. The department has tested the portable biometric scanners at Brisbane international airport with the intention of replacing the bulky scanners which officers have complained are inconvenient to carry. The Enhanced Biometrics at the Border (EBatB) technology

iPhone X’s Face ID forces Apple partners to adopt face recognition

In choosing to replace its existing Touch ID fingerprint authentication with the new Face ID facial recognition feature for the upcoming iPhone X, Apple decided to gamble on a strategy that would force companies that support Touch ID in their apps to move to Face ID, according to a report by Computerworld. Since Touch ID was first introduced with the release of 2013’s iPhone 5s, a number of companies including Amazon, Chase, Fidelity, Fidelity Investments, Dropbox, PayPal, eHarmony and Starbucks

KGI analyst details Face ID camera for iPhone 8

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo detailed the components, manufacturing process and secret technology behind the depth-sensing camera work in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, according to a report by AppleInsider citing a note to investors. Last month, reports surfaced that the facial recognition system for the iPhone 8 will be measured in ‘millionths of a second. Apple’s facial recognition system, which was recently referred to as “Face ID” in an iOS 11 GM leak, will reportedly replace the company’s existing Touch ID

iPhone 8 face recognition feature to work in ‘millionths of a second’

The facial recognition system for the upcoming iPhone 8 will reportedly be measured in ‘millionths of a second,’ according to a report by 9 to 5 Mac. The news follows previous reports that Apple’s new 3-D face scanning feature would replace its existing fingerprint recognition login for both unlock and Apple Pay authorization. Some have questioned the face recognition system’s ability to authorize Apple Pay transactions since the device will typically be positioned in front of the payment terminal at

iPhone 8 could contain face detection feature that mutes notifications

In the midst of investigating an Apple library file in hopes of uncovering strings and references that provide clues to future products and features, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo noticed that the next iPhone will have the ability to detect when the user is looking at the screen in order to silence notifications, according to a report by Techcrunch. The news comes a week after Apple accidentally released an early build of the firmware for its HomePod smart speaker contains several iPhone

Apple speaker firmware references infrared face detection in iPhone 8

Apple’s recently-released firmware for its HomePod smart speaker contains several iPhone 8 design references, including the existence of infrared face detection in the BiometricKit framework, according to a report, by Mac Rumors. HomePod, which is expected to be released in December, will run a version of iOS. The early firmware, released late last week by Apple, corresponds to iOS 11.0.2. The firmware’s references to an infrared face detection device within the BiometricKit framework, which is where the Touch ID authentication mechanism is

Apple developing 3-D face scanning feature to unlock upcoming iPhone

Apple Inc. is developing a new 3-D face scanning feature that will allow users to unlock their iPhone using their face instead of the existing fingerprint recognition login, according to a report by Bloomberg. The tech giant is testing a new 3-D sensor-powered authentication system that allows users to log in, authenticate payments, and access secure apps by scanning their face, according to sources familiar with the product, who asked not to be identified because the product is still in

Future iPhones may have under-the-screen fingerprint sensor for continuous authentication

Apple’s patents and independent biometrics experts both seem to suggest that for future iPhones, the entire screen will be equipped with fingerprint-sensing properties to ensure continuous authentication for users, according to a report by Phone Arena. “We will probably move to a world of ubiquitous sensors. So it’s perfectly reasonable, and consistent with Apple’s patent application, to imagine that the entire screen of a phone would have fingerprint sensing capabilities, unlike the current small patches of fingerprint readers,” said Dr.

LG Innotek to manufacture 3D facial recognition camera for iPhone 8

LG Innotek, the components division of LG Group, will be providing facial recognition camera modules for the upcoming iPhone 8, according to a report by Patently Apple. The report follows ongoing rumors that Apple is potentially integrating facial recognition functionality into the iPhone. Apple has been developing facial recognition technology as far back as 2011, and received their first two U.S. patents for the feature in 2012. In February, Apple acquired Israeli facial recognition firm RealFace. The company’s new facility

Leaked iPhone 8 schematic suggests the fingerprint reader will be relocated

According to a report by CNBC, a new picture of an alleged schematic for the Apple iPhone 8 suggests Apple is going to change the location of the fingerprint reader. Tech blogger Sonny Dickson posted to Twitter a picture of what appears to be a rendering of the iPhone 8 that shows that Apple may move the fingerprint reader to the back of the phone. Earlier this week, a report by Investor’s Business Daily claimed that Apple’s fingerprint suppliers are