KeyLemon, SoftKinetic to demo mobile 3D face recognition at MWC Shanghai

KeyLemon and SoftKinetic will deliver a joint demonstration of 3D front-facing camera in mobile and 3D face recognition technology at at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017. MWC Shanghai, which will be held later this week at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), is a conference and exhibition focused on the worldwide mobile industry. The combined used of SoftKinetic’s front-facing 3D time-of-flight (ToF) camera with KeyLemon’s 3D face recognition technology enables authorized individuals to authenticate themselves by simply taking a selfie.

Synaptics releases mobile multi-factor biometric fusion engine

Synaptics has released a new multi-factor biometric fusion engine to ensure convenient security on smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs. Fully integrated into Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensors, the multi-factor fusion engine allows users to choose from either fingerprint, facial biometrics, or a combination of the two — based on their preference or which modality is better suited to the specific environmental conditions. The multi-factor fusion engine combines authentication scores from multiple biometrics to determine verification, boosting the overall system security

Biometrics bill sees backlash, Windows 10, Apple patents, fingerprint technology & more top stories

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Windows 10 Microsoft’s Windows 10 continued to make headlines this week with its biometric authentication feature. The software vendor projects it will install its new Windows 10 operating system into 1 billion devices by 2017, and in doing so, will effectively eliminate the password. Meanwhile, Window 10’s multimodal biometric authentication security feature will reportedly require “depth cameras” with infrared light sensors, which analysts

Privacy, facial recognition and analyst reports most popular biometrics news

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate this past week. Fingerprints Fingerprints was once again the leading topic for the week’s most popular stories, starting with Beijing-based security technology firm Ola announcing that it developed a Bluetooth-enabled smart entry lock integrated with a Fingerprint Cards FPC1020 capacitive touch fingerprint sensor in the handle. Synaptics Inc. announced that Sharp has selected Natural ID fingerprint sensor to provide secure authentication for its new flagship smartphone

KeyLemon announces strategic partnership with biometric password solution onefacein

KeyLemon announced it has integrated its face and speaker recognition solution with onefacein’s biometric password solution, allowing users to securely access all of their password-protected sites with their face, voice and synced devices. Launched in July, onefacein offers an affordable multifactor-authentication biometric solution with advanced face and speaker recognition technology. After downloading the onefacein app, users can create a profile which includes a one-time video featuring their face and voice to establish their biometric passport. They can then add their

KeyLemon releases client-server architecture to develop biometrics on mobile apps

KeyLemon announced it is now offering new client-server architecture that facilitates rapid development and deployment of face recognition on mobile devices. Using KeyLemon’s OASIS implementation, developers can quickly build out a scalable, mobile centric, highly secure biometric authentication platform. The architecture supports both Android and iOS client operating systems, while its backend for Linux and Windows can be deployed on the customer’s on-premise servers. This method of providing biometrics on mobile devices offers the best of client-server architectures by dividing

KeyLemon offers face and speaker recognition APIs via Otka dashboard

KeyLemon announced it is now providing access to its face and speaker recognition web service via the Okta dashboard. Leveraging its Okta Application Network, Okta enables users to access their applications through a single, secure dashboard. KeyLemon’s biometric ID provides a seamless and rapid method of authentication and access control for online assets, offering a faster and more secure alternative to legacy security methods. Comprised of unique facial data and sophisticated anti-spoofing techniques, KeyLemon’s multi-factor authentication service provides strong security

Interview with Anthony Gioeli, KeyLemon VP of Sales and Marketing

KeyLemon was founded to provide highly accurate face recognition, speaker identification, and motion tracking solutions to developers and manufacturers across a wide variety of industries. KeyLemon’s face and speaker recognition software is now used by millions of users worldwide. KeyLemon’s closed loop recognition algorithms operate in real-time, creating a convenient biometric-based login mechanism. According to Anthony Gioeli, KeyLemon VP of Sales and Marketing, the company’s biometric ID and motion analysis solutions sets an industry standard for reliability, security, and ease-of-use.

KeyLemon provides eProktor with biometric ID tools for proof of continuous online class attendance

KeyLemon announced that eProktor is using its biometric ID and motion analysis technologies to provide proof of continuous online class attendance and test proctoring. “Business training, professional certification and test proctoring make up a multi-billion dollar market,” said Chett Paulsen, CEO of eProktor, “In this market current practices require in-person attendance which is both costly and inconvenient. Furthermore, online webcam proctoring using live people as monitors just cannot scale.” KeyLemon’s biometric ID provides enhanced security, rapid access and continuous verification,

Top biometrics news stories, week of June 15

Biometrics Week in Review: Aadhaar issues, Nigeria sets guidelines for biometric databases, NSA comments on using facial recognition on American`s, IdentityX update with Apple Touch ID integration, KeyLemon brings biometrics to online education, SpeechPro partners with Avaya, biometric exit system spawns immigration debate, Texas jail adds biometrics and Biometrics Institute issued a statement. Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on this past week. NSA allegedly using Aadhaar to spy on India –