TypingDNA enables easy identity verification for web apps with typing biometrics

TypingDNA has developed technology that expands the limited biometric authentication options not requiring specialized sensors or advanced hardware. Its approach works with existing keyboards, and can be used to protect any app by matching a short typing sample. TypingDNA’s cybersecurity SaaS uses artificial intelligence to match two or more typing patterns, which consist of “press and flight times” keyboard input. Typing patterns are virtually impossible to steal, and are also simpler to use for web applications than other biometrics, CMO

U.S. Army evaluating biometrics for mobile devices on the battlefield

According to an article that appeared in NextGov, the U.S. Army is committed to evaluating several biometric systems that can function on the battlefield. According to a Defense Department budget submission, the Army will design experiments for the “detection of insider threats based on biometric identification” in the 2017 fiscal year. Officials at the Pentagon will examine testing tools such as voice and keystroke recognition. Bob Fedorchak, a tactical public key infrastructure technical lead at the Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development

Balabit’s behavior analytics solution now features biometrics analysis

Balabit released version 2016.03 of Blindspotter at the RSA conference in San Francisco this past week. Blindspotter 2016.03 user behavior analytics solution features several new and unique machine learning algorithms to help security teams quickly identify hijacked accounts or unauthorized account sharing and to prevent large-scale data breaches or compliance problems. “Besides the existing set of several sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the new release of Blindspotter further improves behavior analysis by adding the capability of detecting scripted activity on accounts

Monitoring behavioral biometrics helps ProctorU curb academic fraud

Online proctoring firm ProctorU is offering an online course video monitoring system, designed to help colleges and universities cut down on financial aid fraud and ensure students are attending online courses, according to a report by CR80 News. The Ucard system works by connecting students with live proctors, either in person or through webcams. In a three-step process, students are verified to take tests while the proctor monitors their computer activity using customer-support software to prevent academic dishonesty. The system

Keystroke dynamics market to reach nearly $800m by 2020: report

Global Industry Analysts Inc., announced it has published a new report titled “Keystroke Dynamics: A Global Strategic Business Report”, which projects the keystroke dynamics market to reach US$796.4 million by 2020. A part of behavioral biometrics, the keystroke dynamics market will be driven by the growing information security concerns, increasing sophistication of security attacks and growing demand for unobtrusive and low-cost security solutions. The report gives a comprehensive review of keystroke dynamics’ market trends, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other

Scientists develop keyboard prototype that identifies users by touch and typing style

A group of scientists from Georgia Institute of Tech and research labs in China have developed a keyboard prototype that identifies the owner in real-time and locks out any unauthorized users based on unfamiliar keystrokes, according to a report by TechCrunch. The non-mechanical keyboard senses touch and typing style, generates energy to power itself, and self cleans, as a result of its dirt repellent coating design. The keyboard’s low profile keys have a top electrification layer that allows them to

Intensity Analytics: A conversation with co-founder John Rome

Co-founded by husband and wife team, John and Bethann Rome, Intensity Analytics is fresh off a seed round of funding and is looking to shake up the authentication space with its new system of keystroke dynamic authentication. According to John Rome, the company has been testing and developing its algorithms for the Intensity Analytics system over the last five years and recently opened up to investment. “We have a reasonable number of sophisticated investors,” Rome said. “We could have had more,

Intensity Analytics closes $3.5 million seed round

A cyber security and behavioral biometrics startup, Intensity Analytics, has announced that it has closed a $3.5 million round of seed financing. According to the company, it will use the new cash to strengthen its market reach, grow its team and continue to expand its platform. Intensity has also announced that it is deploying key solutions at two large unnamed enterprise customers in the online education and electronic content management sectors. “Intensity Analytics focuses on mitigating the persistent threats that enterprises

Coursera looks to verify online student identity with photo, keystroke dynamics

Coursera, a social entrepreneurship company that partners with universities to offer free courses online, has announced that students can now earn “Verified Certificates” for a small fee. This new option, called Signature Track, aims to verify the identity of the students doing the work and uses a biometric template including photo and keystroke dynamics. “When we started offering our courses on Coursera, we aimed to extend the reach of our university’s intellectual strengths beyond our own halls, to a global