LaserLock launches single sign-on app for iOS 7

LaserLock has just launched its VerifyMe app for iOS 7. The new iteration of this app is optimized for iOS 7 and includes the option to store credential information, encrypt credentials using a color swipe gesture as well as a function to send email or text notifications to the user when multiple app authentication attempts are failed. Earlier this year LaserLock announced the expansion of its VerifyMe app, which included a paid option incorporating facial recognition as a factor for

LaserLock: An interview with Neil Alpert, CEO

The need for identity verification is becoming clear in many industries today, and as such an increasing number of companies are introducing biometric technology to their offerings. LaserLock is one of these companies, and though it has a primary focus on anti-counterfeit technologies, identity verification plays an important role in what the company does. I had a chance to chat with Neil Alpert, CEO of LaserLock about the role that biometrics and identity verification play in anti-counterfeiting, as well as

LaserLock appoints Giles Kyser to COO post

LaserLock has announced the addition of a new Chief Operating Officer to its team: Col. Giles Kyser. “I am pleased to welcome Giles Kyser to LaserLock Technologies,” Neil Alpert, Chief Executive Officer said. “With several recent successes, it was imperative for the Company to round out our executive management team to handle the rapid growth we anticipate in the coming months.” Kyser comes to LaserLock from Selex Galileo, where he was CEO. Selex Galileo is a defense supplier owned by Finmeccania. Before Selex,

LaserLock files provisional patent application for mobile biometric authentication

LaserLock Technologies has filed a provisional patent application outlining a system for authentication using a three-factor approach, which includes facial recognition from a mobile device. According to the company, this technology will be especially useful for securing player identities on internet gaming platforms. Specifically the patent, titled “System for Correlation of Independent Authentication Mechanisms,” uses a color gesture swipe, a mobile devices and facial recognition. Part of what makes this unique, says the company, is the fact that the color gesture

LaserLock plans VerifyMe app expansion

LaserLock Technologies has just announced the expansion of its VerifyMe brand for the coming months. Specifically, says the company, LaserLock is planning to launch two new VerifyMe products. The first is an advanced, paid app that incorporates facial recognition for secure logins, set to launch in September. This VerifyMe system is built on something you know, something you are and something you have for authentication. When a user puts in their gesture swipe (something they know), the API will simultaneously perform